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mms milk-paint chippy chandelier makeover


i was not born a natural diy’er
my love for the art & soul of creating my very own home has evolved into a passion..where only jesus and food come before it

diy miss mustard seed milk paint ( in linen ) chandelier.  Philippians 4:7-8 sign...good words to see each and every morning! old door turned headboard..drop cloth bedskirt

call it a mid-life crisis or just getting closer to dying but i am becoming a risk-taker and adventurer seeker in my middle age.
making intentional choices to make the art of living courageously a lifestyle.

sooo i just figured my best bet would be to just be “me” here each all my awkward authentic glory
the words of maya angelou come to mind when i think of my purpose here each month

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”

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homemade breakfast pumpkin butter…


rather on purpose today i took time to make 2 recipe’s
ONE because i am #fallingforfall and it is my favorite time of the year and in a blink it is gone
so in this 90 degree weather i cooked…on the stove top some homemade breakfast pumpkin butter
to slather on hot muffins or toast in the morning


and TWO — pumpkin coffee creamer & coffee + being still before God each morning is enough to drive me from my slumber
and blurry eye my way to the coffee cup.  it is THE reason i wake up every morning…authentic statement

i pinned this pumpkin spice creamer on my fall pinterest board so click on over if you don’t want to by the refridgerator kind this week.  yes it is more work but restorative

i shared my new gooseberry patch hometown harvest cookbook on my instagram feed a couple of weeks ago and found this little gem of a recipe in there
it really is good!

breakfast pumpkin butter

29 oz can of pumpkin
3/4 c. apple juice
1-1/2 c. sugar
2 t. ground ginger
2 t. ground cinnamon
1 t. nutmeg
1/2 t. ground cloves

now…combine all ingredients in a large saucepan; stir well.  bring to a boil over medium heat; reduce heat to low.  simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently,
( don’t step away to long it splatters everywhere…this is tiff speaking ) until thickened.  transfer to containers; cover and keep refrigerated.  makes about 3 cups


when i say intentionally here is what i mean…

being intentional .. for me.. means doing what is a priority { one } and {two }what i can manage within that day and still have a quiet mind
not being driven all day but able to do simple small things to bless my family..and others.  it means that has boundaries and i have to fight for them.
not yesterday.  not tomorrow or even next month.
but simply TODAY


and not just my priorities but what i feel in my heart that God is putting back on my plate

i am letting go really is in the doing of the letting go.  really!
practicing it until it becomes automatic friends = acting until it becomes auto…ha!

yes–there are many things that don’t get done lately and i am learning to be ok with that
it is the season of grace i am in and i must be teachable if i am to be taught…soooo


i am choosing daily to step off the merry go round or maybe i should say tilt a whirl would be more precise.
and this letting go ..this stepping of is looking like fresh coffee and muffins with homemade breakfast pumpkin butter

how about you?  what are you being more intentional about at the commencement of fall


drum roll…..the winners are

and the beautiful girlies who won the spots in the creatively made home { home for the holidays } are
can you both EMAIL me please at pretty please…thanks!:)

comment 3 – pam ballard  ” Tweeted this great giveaway also. Thanks! ”

comment 20 – rhiannon ”  What makes me feel the best is not all of the craziness that surround it all, although I do love the decorating and food making, but what I LOVE the most is just a chance to be with my whole family. We’re a big group and it’s tough for us all to be together, so it’s great when we can. It makes me very happy!”

thank you soooo much all of you who took time to comment and tweet and pin.  please consider taking the course anyway…i think it will be restorative and down right FUN with a capital F!!  thanks jeanne!!




we are like old houses – our updates in pictures

i have some pictures to share with you from the long holiday weekend.  i am getting around to sharing it midweek i know.  the days are just flying by..are yours too?
throwing my heart into my home and my life into the world of technology to be honest is a love hate relationship.  some days weeks i long for the simple life before
all of this.  sometimes i stand back and think it is so crazy and self centered.


how can story matter?  how can what i have to share be any different than anybody else?
i am surely not a home dec blog…my heart runs deep and wide and i often struggle to make sense of i mesh that in with the decor
and gosh darn i am one of those persons who makes a lesson out of everything.  i just.can’

i need an anonymous class for it.  


so as we have been throwing our heart and soul…and sweat into this old house that is not even ours…what the heck?  is that sane?  i don’t know yet.

ask me in a year…

i am learning that old houses can have good foundations..they just need lots of tearing out things and putting in new.  a little at a time.

it is called saving up for something that matters.


you matter and i matter and we are like old houses.  we have good foundations we just need a little gutting now and then and some new habits put in place right?


that is just what we did to the bathroom–we gutted it then put new tile, tub, sink, faucets and a light.
and we ran out of money…oh the floor tile comes in friday!!


but that was all we could do at the moment.  we we are walking on concrete board floor and living for a bit wit
the green moisture resistant sheet rock until we can save up more money for planking etc.



it is lesson in patience. and being thankful for what we do have and what we don’t have anymore….mold!!

there is lots to be learned from old houses…so i am sure you will be hearing what that is as we go…ha!

don’t you buy things for the packaging?  me too!
we painted the stained shelves annie sloan old white and sanded them.  they are as soft as a baby’s butt i swear!

i touched up all the walls…well except for one with ashwood.  my absolute favorite neutral color.ever!

i will be putting this dining room lamp up for sale in my etsy shop if anyone is interested let me know…

with childlike glee i clap at the transformation taking place within this home and within my heart. there are hard places.  there are stop places..and places where i am so sure i will not be able to face tomorrow.
that it will never end
days can fill with hopelessness and spiral out of control if i am not focused and intentional

but then i remember whose i am
i am a warrior woman after all
and warrior women are scared courageous
and worn weary they run the race set before them

so we run today girls.  we run.  



i will be sharing more of our inspiration pictures and where we are headed with this house each week from now on.   we are also working on some fun things in making our guest room an office as well as finishing up the bathroom and then to tackle
that kitchen…my my my.  and on the cheap too!

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a cookie recipe you will fall of the wagon for…



it is the first sunny day in five.  the cotton ball clouds are exploding in the bright blue sky the perfect recipe kinda day to initiate the fire pit.  the kids built it from left over stones from the neighbor who so generously gave us their old pool last summer.  remember that?  ( which has a hole in the liner .. bummer )
so we made a run to wal-mart and got the need supplies.  it turned out to be a shorts and sweatshirt kinda afternoon though.  my favorite kind:)

while at home depot yesterday nikki spotted this picnic table.  we bribed dakota to put it together for us underneath our two ginormous trees.
right next to the firepit.  perfect.


i am seeing it now.  lights strung along with some oilcloth bunting.
some colorful aidorondack chairs circling the pit
and painting and/or staining the picnic table

we are all set for a summer of spontaneous gatherings
the smell of fire…the crackling of the logs!
ok maybe not the smell of fire..i smelled it all night in my hair.  yuck


just what i imagine for a simple summer of fun
are you ready for backyard summer fun?


here is a recipe for the most amazing iced sugar cookie ever known to man.  it is a break your diet for one kinda cookie..
and that sour cream frosting is to die for.  she says the key is the cookie has to be chilled and the frosting room temp.  and she’s right!  if you make them be sure to stop back by and let us know


URGENT - the 1 T of salt is 1 teaspoon…NOT TABLESPOON!!  thank you ERIN:)

here is the link to the recipe i found it from.

don’t forget to find us in the in between’s and for instasales on MOXIE shirts and signs follow us on INSTAGRAM..we’d love to hear from you:


i am loving…are you?

Ha ha!  I know what I will do…blog about some of the little things I am loving!  why you ask?
because I would love to know those things about YOU silly!  so here we go


pinning for some of my house projects.  Light, texture, soft color layered all against a neutral background, layers of all sorts — just a few words that
would describe my decor style groove.. you kinda can see these words taking shape in our dining area and soon our
living area…so much happening:)


 vintage, cottage dining room






Penstemons and other blooms from the garden beside a family heirloom breadboard from Germany.



Vintage Style Bathroom with sweet colors!


36th Avenue coat closet


Brights Closet




now for my house… ( not quite the same is it…yet my friends…yet!)

talk about being uncomfortably real.  I am taking off the doors of our kitchen cabinets to see if I can give these 50 year old things a face lift or botox or something!  I will show you progress soon.  I got a few color samples to try inside the cabinets.  We are doing some open shelving on either side of the sink.  We also tore out the overhead cabinets above the stove!!

here I said I had two goals for the week with one being cleaning out the hall closet.
CHECK..done!  explains the above pins for closet ideas.  I am turning this into a
“mud closet”.  I picked out the paint for stripes girls!!  going with stripes…i think

and last but not least is my refrigerator! and the spill that happened the other day–
see why Instagram is so cool?  you find stuff like this out right when it happens…lol!


trying new hair styles like twisting the hair and secring with bobbi pins but it doens’t quite look the same on me as on Grace sot I keep going back to the hat.
LOVE hats…


trying new food and eating cleaner

tiff’s big bowl – plain shredded wheat, grape nuts & banana’s swiming in vanilla almond milk peeps:) ( inspired by Engine2 )

tried Nutella for the first time – wonderful all wrapped in crescent rolls and baked all soft and gooey!
Grace got a cooking lesson..more on this subject very soon:)

my weird lunch one day…apples, peanut butter and pepperoni


watching documentaries all last weekend.  Nothing wrong with being educated on what we are eating.
I highly recommend watching all of these.

Forks over Knives
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


DUCK DYNASTY..where has it been all my life!  This is for you Becky:) I am seriously in love with this family.  We watch them over and just laugh.  The good laughs..the kind that makes you forget we live in a merry go round society that goes so fast and you just wanna get off and escape to another place and time kinda laugh…

my camo pants that i will not get rid i call them my duck commander pants


my INSTAGRAM friends

Sasha’s Etsy store to re-open and Chrissie opened her store again for the new year with some adorable pillows for those kiddos in your life.  And the ever amazing meg’s mercantile shop and Ashley’s home projects that just make me a good way:)…always something fun going on there.

Instagram is my fav thing happenin right now.  It is instant and fun!  We are houseofbelonging by the way:)
I am on it WAY more than Facebook now. your turn–what are some things YOUR crazy little self is loving….