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going coastal cottage..the paint

hey there ya’ll-

nik & i are changing everything up because they tell me it is a woman’s prerogative.  name it and claim it i say

we are thinking of a more of a coastal cottage vibe.  I am already thinking I may have to change my blog header … again! ugh!
anyway…back to the subject–what always draws me in magazines and blogs is coastal cottage.  i seem to be able to come undone-

there is no rhyme or reason for this other than i know when i walk in my home i want to sigh.  i want it to embrace me

whispering let all the dirt and grime from the days struggles fall away.  this is your safe place

is it that way for you to?

and the red gingham curtains weren’t doing it for me so into the shop they go



i don’t have that gift
you know the one?  the choosing the colors- furniture…the one that makes those crazy amazing boards…yeah…i am so not that girl

so what do you do?  you copy and give credit

so laylaashley — we applaud you for using your gift in a way that helps others and not only that you do it so selflessly & and are sweet enough to share
it.  we love you..thank YOU!

our small main living area is painted benjamin moore’s ashwood.  ONE of our favorite colors… we haven’t tired of it yet.  we found the color in this post

it is high time we start loving on the rest of the house don’t ya think?

so we scoured our favorite blogs and our pinterest pins and came up with these coastal cottagey colors

so what does one do when they suck at painting?  well they hire their sis in law.  the perk in this is that you don’t have to get just climb out of bed and open the door!


nikki’s room was painted behr’s irish mist

my office was painted benjamin moore’s gray owl lighted 50% per layla’s instructions:)
and the bathroom will be painted benjamin moore’s gray lake — the demo will take place over the fourth of july weekend…yay!!
now in dakota’s room we ( meaning nikki & I ) painted gray owl and we planked one wall.  he told us the truth that the gray owl looked to blue and he wasn’t happy so this time I let him choose. not sure what to stain the plank wall yet…..gotta do more scouring…ha!


here is a sneak peek at our bathroom floor tile…eek!  it should be in any day so be watching Instagram for the in between stuff k?


Carissa my sis in law has been an answer to prayer.  you’ve had those right?  it was just timing.  she has also been helping
me catch up on all our sign orders so we can re-open june 28 with a blank slate..or darn near anyway.  we have been kickin  some butt!


girls!  i am putting down roots in this home.  it isn’t ours we rent.  it is the kids nana’s home so there is a long history here.  I have struggled with for the last year but for whatever reason God placed us here and i am going to choose daily to trust His plan.  it has made all the difference to just rest in that trust instead of fighting it.


carrissa has talked us into a summer painting party.  to paint the outside of our house.  our BRICK house?  doesn’t everyone have a paint party?  be watching cause we will ask for your input on the color we paint it k?

are you taking advantage of summer to change things up a bit in your home?  do tell…it’s your prerogative who sang that song?


we RE-OPEN again the 28 of JUNE — there are some goodies this time.  there will be LOTS of new signs to choose from.
REMEMBER we are only open for 10 days!


I am succumbing to the wall planking craze…

have you noticed besides the chalkboard craze that planking is taking off like gangbusters?  You can plank ceilings, fireplaces, floors and walls.  Horizontal, vertical or both.  The possibilities are endless!

Lettered CottageHome Interior Love Where You Live 

Sometimes it is a waste of time to try and reinvent the wheel and planking is no exception.  I really really love the feeling of planking so I decided to join
the masses and plank a room…or two.  With our walls in such bad shape I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

Tiek Built Homes

The cost isn’t bad..I just had 3 boards of 1/4″ sandeply hardwood cut today in 4″ planks for 60.00.  I am doing a wall in Dakota’s room and either side of our
fireplace.  If all goes well I will proceed with planking my whole room!

Owen’s Olivia

I perused Pinterest and came up with some inspiration pictures.  I know in the living room I am going to paint the planks Behr’s Ashwood just like the living room but in
Dakota’s room I haven’t decided whether to use a light stain –like in his inspiration picture here– or Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl and distress it a little..jury is out on that one still?
What do you think?   Or maybe go 3/4 the way up like she did in Owen’s room? cute huh?

Sweet Pickens 

  Sweet Pickins

Better late than never I say to learn that to make my house a place of belonging I must put action to my heart  instead of talking/dreaming.
For me…there is a big connection and I mean BIG between my heart and my home…almost as if they were an extension of my inner self.  My home reflects me–

And that is scary ya’ll…but seriously I am beginning to understand the connections and why it is so important to me this stage in my life..that I create a home
a House of Belonging if you will.

While I am busy with our sign making I am saving up materials for projects over the holidays!  I am so ready to jump in…
I can’t WAIT to share them with you!

what about you?  are you joining in the planking craze?  are you too–making the connection between your heart & home?

Here are a few links to some how to’s I found just in case you can’t wait on your man…lol!!

Lettered Cottage

Sweet Pickens

Take the Side Street

Domestic Imperfection


Pinterest is giving me my MOJO back!

we made’s Friday!  thank you for all your input on IKEA!  Nikki Grace & I have been oogling the magazine.. but I got some funny coincidental news to share.
This has been my inspiration picture for Dakota’s bedroom and guess what?  Nikki found out most of what is in here is from where?
IKEA!  a God thing?  I think so!

lovely image sources are Just a Girl & Handmade Home...thank you:)

This weekend we are going to be prepping Dakota and Grace’s room for paint on Monday..and I am super duper excited!!  not to move stuff but just to begin in
another part of the house.  I am going for it girls.  I’m getting my MOJO back…we all get in slumps sometimes but what is important is that we get back
up right?  So let’s get started…Here are both inspiration pictures.

I don’t want to pin just for pinning sake…I want to use my boards to make my visions come true.

I believe that is one of the biggest uses for Pinterest is

::a tool in our virtual toolboxes
::the gasoline to our fire
::its the first kick start to our motorcycle
::the yee in our yeehaw

What are your projects for the weekend girlies? How are you “using” Pinterest?
If your not–then let’s get busy and fix that..the holidays are coming:)

oohhh…and the blog redo?  is coming along AMMMAAAZZING!  I cannot stand it!:)

I leave you with this song if you watch it picture us all as the girls in the video…and then laugh..and laugh HARD!
( this is the kinda music I listen to when I’m creating signs…thank goodness ya’ll can’t see me )