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House of Belonging Shirt Shop is OPEN!

we are so excited to share the House of Belonging SHIRT SHOP with you all!  we are beyond thankful for your continued love and support


having the shirts with the signs was becoming hard!  so nikki and i decided to separate the two and viola!

House of Belonging Shirt Shop " Though she be but Little she is FIERCE" baseball t-shirt

lots of you are asking for shirts and please know we are working on designing those and getting them into the shop

House of Belonging Shirt Shop " I

as well as putting the several of the designs on childens shirts..we will be doing ALL of that…so keep checking back daily and

House of Belonging Shirt Shop " Jesus Loves Me" DEconstructed t-shirt

follow us on INSTAGRAM @houseofbelonging to be the first to know of new designs.

House of Belonging Shirt Shop " Oh Darling let

House of Belonging Shirt Shop " This Girl is on FIRE" over-sized t-shirt

we went with a new supplier as well as getting the shop ready for fall…while your there take a look at

the new v-necks
slouchy fit t’s
well as our super fun deconstructed t-shirt too!

we think you will really like them…xo


how i am saving time & money with online grocery subscriptions

i literally sneak out of the house so i don’t have to take my teenager with me shopping.  i always spend more.  i know all you mom’s can say amen!

but i can’t blame it all on her.

saving TIME & MONEY with Amazon Prime Pantry - delivered right to my doorstep for 5.77!  Fill a box with whatever for a flat shipping charge!  i LOVE i


/here is what came in my first order/

honestly though, as i am slowly rearranging some areas of my life…a piece at a time.  i am aware that i spend frivolously at times
not all the time and i am not beating myself up by any means

just acknowledging i have a choice to tweak things to make it healthier for me View full post »