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shop closes & 20% off sale going on!

happy friday friends!  the day after christmas and i can’t believe it is over can you?

our Trust Without Borders wooden sign -

i really hope you got to take some time and slow down and be present in the moments.
it is hard to do in the days we live in .. at least for me

i think as i have gotten older and lived through so many “sad” christmas’s that the meaning for
christmas has become more about the finished work on the cross and the freedom
that i now have in christ.

practicing daily to trust, let go, make courageous choices rather than fearful ones…that sort of thing

a spacious and free life being chased by God’s beauty and love…now that is the mindset i want to have as we
enter into 2015!!

our All That Glitters wooden sign

ok…our Etsy shop is closing at midnight on december 31 and leading up to that we are offering 20%off
on the entire shop ( excluding customs )

use code jesuscalling20 at checkout

have a beautiful weekend…xo


sources from our 2014 holiday house walk

good morning!

first off, i want to thank you for stopping by and sharing your time and love with us
like seriously, it made me smile from ear to ear and if i am being totally honest i am crying my eyes out reading all of your sweet comments

  i could never just be a home decor person..the heart’s journey has always taken
precedence over anything else.  however, i am noticing now that i am almost an empty nester
and nearing 50 that i intentionally enjoy creating a cozy environment for us.

if you haven’t taken the tour of the homes yet, you MUST start at the beginning

i want to give God the offering of JOY and peace…it all goes to Him, seriously..i wouldn’t be here in this place today
without His grace and mercy

 today i want to share some of the sources for our home since so many of you asked

2014 Holiday Housewalk - House of Belonging

these mugs are my favorite.  i first saw them over at my friend lissa’s house.  i love her heart.  she is a kindred spirit and God is weaving our hearts together in a way
only God can right girl?  love you.  they are ray dun’s creation and we purchased ours through sterling place

nut bowls from anthropologie - i couldn’t find them online when i looked:/

 the LOVE letters we got at hobby lobby at 50% off


the rug we got at 75% off. at RUGS USA we have been eyeing it since last year
our carpet is old and this cozy’s it up until we can replace it with hardwood later


this is the third years we’ve enjoyed our Names of God garland from sweet sasha.

we thrifted our barn doors & vintage gold frame this summer down in the Ozarks

the words on the sign are from the movie Elf

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

we will have information on our signs on our instagram soon;)


our pottery barn 2014 ornament is precious to me.  it is a memorial to God’s faithfulness and provision.
this has been a crazy hard year on so many levels and in so many ways
( i didn’t see the white one only the gold one )


ok..this has to be one of my favorite places.  grace’s room.
i was instantly in love with these pillowcases.  you can buy yourself a pair from two little bugs clothing..super cute!

 my girl aedriel.  so much to say about her.
God brought us together for sure.
she designed a collection of signs for us this summer and we have been so blessed
by her and know you all have too:)  you can find her signs in our Etsy shop under Aedriel.
the angel wings are from decor steals last year
we turned them over to the backside rather than the white metal side.
the sweet crocheted stars are from alice remembers etsy shop


the throw is from anthropologie.  a total splurge.  no excuse.
i must confess that the creamy one is on my christmas list too….

stay tuned to our IG feed for more information on our sign shop…xo


the pillow is from sugar boo.  love love it!
the chandelier is a DIY project we shared over at jenniferrizzo’s

the bedskirt…lots of you asked about that.  my mom made it and it is my favorite.  her Etsy shop is here.
i know she is busy and her turnaround is long but it is well worth the wait because you cannot find redshifts like this in stores:)

ok…did i cover everything?  if not, check out our instagram and ask me there
that is where you will find me everyday:)

love ya’ll!  friday i have a few of my favorite things to share with you along with an update on my health and surgeries



Becoming|the unfolding of YOU {FREE STUDY STARTING IN JANUARY}


i have held a dream in my heart since i was a little girl watching my grandpa write on yellow legal notepads.
sneaking into his closet deciphering his handwriting amongst a stack of notepads as almost as big as i was

i have wanted to write.  to tell a story.

this writing hangs over me like a dark cloud.  i still can’t pinpoint what “it is” exactly or what it will look like even


years flew by and i spent well over a decade in the wilderness. a wasteland i now believe created to translate what i knew in my head but
didn’t know “how-to” in my life.
maybe for me to build trust and endurance?
occasionally, i could hear God on the sidelines saying, “all of this is for a purpose”
“I am doing something new that you wouldn’t believe even if i told you”

but the pain was numbing and i couldn’t receive anymore than i could give


i was broken in my mess and i needed to be restored before i could help others

i remember reading

that you cannot teach what you do not know

when i received the email from jeanne ( i love this friend so much )
i ran for the comfort of
i can’t speak
i will feel and look stupid
i won’t make sense
blah blah blah…

you can read her heart behind the study HERE

fears keep us safe but they also keep us from doing what we were born to do

long story short i said yes
and felt terrified ever since
i may chicken out…(wink)
but i know it is a God gift
and if i said no it would be selfish because it doesn’t only depend on me

God promises says to me

Don’t be afraid, for the I will go before you and will be with you; I will not fail nor forsake you.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

i am learning that each step of the journey i am given the choice to step through invisible walls of fears and leave what is comfortable
i feel like i have lived most of my life under water.   i could see light but i was dying a slow death
my obstacles were my deepest fears
my hands were raw and bleeding from trying to hang onto the rope of my life the way i saw it
the fairytale i so desperately tried to create
was dying and i felt i was dying right along with it
maybe i was…

but God had a whole different fairy-tale He was preparing me for

i didn’t know it but God did, that my knight in shining armor was not my husband or any man for that matter
it was a love-story between Him & i

and i can’t wait to share a little piece of my story with you

YOU and i have to live the life we were born to live…

-the sound of music


This January 6, 2015  join 21 women for an 8 week study all about finding your true identity in Christ.

Each week you will hear unfolding stories from the women in this study.

We will be sharing truths about who the Lord says we are and our personal journeys to accepting and living out these truths.

To register for Becoming | The Unfolding of You click HERE


** All of the details are on the page and you are all set for the study to begin on January 6, 2015

Tell your friends!




2014 holiday house walk

To begin the 2014 holiday house walk from the beginning go directly to Jennifer Rizzo.

hello…welcome did you guess who the surprise house was?

it is lilypad cottage! To begin the walk from the beginning go directly to jennifer rizzo

i am super nervous and excited to have you over…crazy right?
i am most comfortable behind the scenes aka…wallflower this is risky and vulnerable but to be afraid and do it anyway
well that IS what living courageously means to me
besides this is just SO fun to be a part of sharing our unique personalities in our homes and give JOY and encouragement to others

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

come on in…would you like a cup of hot chocolate…coffee? i have christmas music playing and candied pecan & pumpkin pie candles burning my kids get told they smell like syrup or pie at school…i always laugh i may have a candle burning addiction…hmmmmm

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

i like to feel cocooned.  safe. i am learning that neutral, woodsy and words do that for me home is good..but to me..the heart is above all things that is what i love to talk about

decorating a home for Christmas is a lot of work and time so with that in mind we decorated our home to keep everything up all winter long when we take the tree down it doesn’t look overly christmas

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
 i believe laughter is medicine we do it a lot in our home Elf is one of our favorite christmas movies and it just made sense to use buddy’s famous words and what sums up winter more than SNUGGLING?

after eating a whole roll of tollhouse cookies right? throw the scale out until january 1!

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

i am so happy with the balsam hill flocked tree.  i wasn’t sure which to choose flocking or not but i think we made the perfect choice for our ornaments and the comfy feel we wanted

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

compared to the last two years our mantle is very subdued and we LOVE it

But for right now, until that completeness, we have three things to do to lead us toward that consummation: Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love I Corinthians 13:13

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

2014 has been a year of overcoming, taking risks, battling the giant fear, forgiveness and new beginnings BIG changes.  big.  i want to remember every christmas this specific year God’s faithfulness provision and protection

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

isn’t it really about being present? i have to prACTice this this lindsay letters print is one of my favorite gifts from my brave friend lissa..xo

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

i LOVE my bedroom it brings me real joy to come in here.  i answer Etsy convo’s from here every night:) someday i will share why this wasn’t always the case it is a God-story

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

when i read the book atlas girl by emily weirenga it truly changed my heart i saved these words for our vow renewal STORY does that doesn’t it?  puts skin on words and goes out and heals people thank you emily for being so brave to share your story..xo

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging
2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

one of my favorite things is my drop cloth bedskirt that my mom made for me since it is custom she could make it long and full you just can’t find that in store bought bedskirts i

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

ok…aren’t these pillowcases from house seven darling? i couldn’t resist getting a pair for grace

2014 holiday house walk - house of belonging

it was lovely having you over!!  thank you for spending time with me and i pray that whatever your circumstances God’s LOVE finds you right where you are wrapping His arms around you tight and that you know KNOW know that YOU are not alone!…xo

click on over to unskinny boppy for me…i know you will just love her!


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