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coming very soon…xo


Deborah Carlson - So glad to meet you!

Kerrie from sea Cottage sent me your way.

Im looking forward to getting to know you.

Im following in friendship (purehunnybee)

Deborah xo

Ter'e Crow Lind - This morning I took a quick peek at your blog post. I instantly felt at home. Like visiting an old friend, whom I had known for years.

Then I read your "About Me" and I knew I had found a blog I would love. A blog about truth, friendship, humbleness and life, as it really is.

Way to go Tiff. Nice…………………real nice to see the truth. Now I have to peek thru your blog and see if I can find a picture of the "Grandma" I so respect, already!

Gloria@ The Long Awa - Tiffani,

Your blog touched my heart today. I just started a blog, and so far it is just superficial stuff, but I hope one day to be as transparent you are here. My husband and I were separated for 2 years, and are now back together through the grace of God. I will be praying for you Tiffani, it is good to meet you!


Tiffany - Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your writing and heart are beautiful. I am sorry to hear of your marriage and will be keeping you in my prayers as you search for and wait on God's plan.


Lori - I just came across your blog while surfing around looking for inspiration for a Valentine mantel…I am touched by your blog and feel a "sisterhood" ….I love your reference to strong prayers by warrior women! Specifically, I also have read and am reading Jesus Calling daily-each day always speaks to me!…You are a favorite now! ;)

Ter'e Crow Lind - Now I can follow from the beginning. I need to give up sleep so I can follow just your Pinterest alone! Anxious to read your story and better understand the little darling you have grown to be.

terri - tiffini~ i found your blog thru farmgirl paints, and i just have to say i was immediately drawn to your writing and your sweet verses! i signed up to receive your emails and can not wait to read more! your artwork is gorgeous! i am off to read more! xoxo

Amanda - I love your style and shop! Praying for your marriage <3 Here is an awesome video of God's amazing grace in a marriage that looked like it couldn't be restored but was:http://jimrichards.tv/video/50165124

Genelia Santanelli - I recently began to follow you on your IG. It was one of your [signs] that I stumbled upon on another IG’s friend’s page that caught me. Today is the first chance I have found to open your blog. I just read your About page and I am writing as the gentle tears fall down my face. The kind of tears that flow because someone else shares your hope and search. Because you can feel the honesty in someone’s words. Because you are sharing a journey that will inevitably inspire others. I look so forward to following your blog and seeing you rise above.

Cathy B*****y - YOU are such an encourager! Thank you!
Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

cheryl - Just found you and LOVE your blog!!! Prayers are comin’ for your healing!!!!!

Dawn - God’s healing be yours! I am glad to find another Christian blogger!! Yaaayyy. Hahaha I have been collecting bloggers. Keep it coming Tif ;-)

Barbara Haisten - Your words have been an inspiration to me this morning……making me look at life and other that I love. Seeing that God indeed is in charge and I need to shut-up and just pedal. (Words from a Poem that reminds me… He is on the front of this bicycle built for two! ) But there are days when I want to be in front and in charge…lol. What a mess I can get us in…..He moves me to the back and tells me hang on…you see he knows bike secrets. So I must shut up and pedal. Watch and learn! No talking…..


Stacy - Hey Tiffany,
HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! I am Stacy Albert and I am coming with a very interesting thought. But before that let me tell you that I was looking for some Fall Mantel posts online because I needed some help with that and I came across you! So I thought of stopping by and asking you around and also telling you that you are doing a wonderful job!
Ok, so, There is a graphical image which I feel is the right fit for your blog. I would love to be sharing it with you, Here it is http://www.yorkshirelinen.com/blog/2013/12/seven-myths-of-home-decor/. I was wondering if you could share it on your blog in any of these forms : (a blog post, a guest post, a sponsored post)
If you are interested in this, please let me know and we can figure a way out about this.
Hit me back if we can work together.

somnath - Our lives teach us who we are…… GOD BLESS YOU….

Dawn - I’m off to the natural stuff!

Rachel - I was really encouraged by your posts and your prayers. Your ministry is beautiful! I am sharing it with so many of my friends.

Debbie - Great site. I’m having to be very courageous after over 30 years with my soon to be ex husband.:( glad I found you.


katie wethor - Hi Tiffini,

I sent you a message a while back. I want to order 2 of your signs- Better Together and Brave. I am struggling with the finish for each. Was hoping you could clarify the difference between the HOB frame and the wood frame- deciding between the 2 for the Brave piece. As for the Better Together piece- I think I like the lettering and frame shown on Ava’s She is Clothed in Strength 4×4 sign…

Please advise. Thanks!!

Frankie - https://www.facebook.com/HellonheelsAB?fref=ts

Someone on that page is using your arrow picture, just thought you would like to know. :) I don’t think it’s right to use other peoples pictures as their own.

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