re-booting – creating your body in the kitchen

the best bodies aren’t made in the gym…they are created in the kitchen

we’ve had a lot of requests on the 5 w’s and h’s of how we are eating so i thought i would try and give you the LOW down first and what to expect


::here is what to expect on our blog once a week:

weekly menu’s for you to pick and choose..or not:)
our own documentary in all its!
helpful links and recipe’s
we would LOVE your input .. recipe’s, books, links, etc
let’s support our LOCAL FARMER’s MARKETS
and FARM to table


**the GOOD news is there is SO much we can do to make change!  
yes – it can be expensive to eat healthy BUT it will save money in so many other places PLUS
if we take money from frivolous things and apply it to our nourishment…just saying.  i know:)
yes – it takes more time and we are a time crunched people BUT lets find ways to work around that
let’s do whatever we can to make it easier for everyday moms to fix real food
if we all work together instead of judge each other and put each other down

can you imagine?

why not start here…NOW?  together?


we don’t have any of the answers we are determined to forage it out though

before we get into this i just want to say I BELIEVE that there are many ways to nourish your eat clean
there is NOT ONE right WAY..we are each uniquely handmade don’t forget:)

i DO believe that the processed food and fast food is killing us.  numbing our brain..our thinking and making us sick.
i believe it is an addiction from what they put in the food..all the’s..etc.


while Crohn’s ( an auto immune bowel disease ) and the decision to have my colon removed and the risk of colon cancer for me is super high is what has motivated me to finally pursue the adventure of nourishing my body and nikki’s was her the health risks she was having from being overweight most of her life.  there are many reasons why people change their eating lifestyle whether yours is disease, cancer fitness or just to be takes time and baby steps to find your niche.
and that is OK!

have you experienced when you start something new, that months down the road you alter it because you’ve learned more?
well..that is kinda what is happening for us.  we have been dabbling in several ways of eating
paleo, very low carb, scd, wheat free & primal for the last several months


it has been …. weeks since i have not had WHEAT and processed or fast foods and i wholeheartedly believe this is why
my brain is coherent and remembers!

WHEAT FREE has been the biggest positive change thus farfor me
i am learning new ways to cook with nut flours and coconut flours to make muffins and cakies

nikki is my resident researcher.  when she sets out to do something she finds out any and everything she can.
i love that about her
we have been watching documentaries to educate ourselves so i thought i would share some with you

i can’t tell you enough how informative these are.  eye openers for sure.  it does challenge you to THINK
to use your BRAIN:)

while i don’t agree with everything in all of them there is something in each of them that i take away

I DO believe it is my responsibility as a person & a parent to know what i am eating and feeding my family
i believe it is time to stop sticking my head in the sand and engage in the grass roots movement of my fellow sojourners
and stop allowing the government and the media to tell me what is what and start using my
unfogged brain to think for myself.  ( if we all were unfogged..can you imagine?)
a food Joan of Ark…lol!


:here is my heart:

i don’t want to be judgmental toward others who do not eat the way i eati have been in that seat saying “i don’t care what they say i am eating mcdonalds!i don’t have timeit is to expensivei do want to be transparent-informative and encouraging to others who are looking to make changes

it is a personal decision and one that is so very hard to break

as i said.  i truly truly believe what they are putting in our food is highly addictive.

we thought it might be helpful to share our adventure here weekly
how we have set our hearts and minds to eat to
nourish our bodies so we can live the best life we can not only to benefit ourselves but others

i also believe it goes hand in hand with our spiritual selves

i am finding the cleaner i eat the lighter my spirit feels
it is as if i can hear and see with my spiritual sense even better



  • wheat belly
  • the gerson miracle

after watching the gerson miracle nikki and i are going to begin to juice daily and lower our intake of meats
adding more of a vegetarian lifestyle and less paleo…we’ll keep you informed


we will be putting our weekly menus on here as well.  i am really experimenting with EASY meals that don’t tax me
and that aren’t going to break the bank to bad.  our grocery bill has defintely gone up BUT we are not eating out but maybe once a week and at CHIPOTLE.  that is about the only place we feel good about eating.


ok..that about sums it up
ANY THOUGHTS?  more of what you would like to see?  know?

let’s do this – together
let’s set a Becky with 50 miles…something…anything
i will leave you with my new mantra



Denise - I am so excited for this Tiffini!! I was just telling my husband yesterday that when school was out I was going to get serious about this eating clean stuff. I’ve heard so many people talking about it and it intrigues me – because we do not eat well at all. I knew I needed to do some research though so I am happy to know I can get the info I need here!! Thanks so much for sharing – can’t wait :)

Rhiannon - Good for you! I am happy that you are feeling better and proud to be part of your journey. I’m right there with you in my quest for better health. I learn new stuff every day and I’m hopeful for a better, healthier life. I think it’s great for you to share. You never know what struggles people are going through and you may really be able to help others. Blessings to all of you! :)

Mary - go girl!
i so agree with you!
what we put into our bodies matters and it is so hard to break the cycle and mind set, but WE HAVE TO.
there’s a reason why cancers, ADHD, and all disease is at an all time high and GROWING rapidly.
eating raw and proper food combining has completely changed how i feel.
i feel more alive and alert and energetic…my skin is doing amazing things….HEALING!
my big cysts are shrinking…scars are fading. it’s so wonderful(thank you Jesus).
i am praying for you, sister.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - SO proud of you!!! I am readjusting my whole thing about eating and spending on food… what an adventure. LOL

Barbara - Yes, I’m a total believer quality vs quantity and you get what you pay for, it takes a bit longer to plan and choose but worth it! Keep up the good work!

christy - Hooray for you! This is great!

littlebitsofsunshine - Good for you! Loved this post :) I’m wheat free and dairy free…helps me so much. I was wondering if I could have the recipe for those cupcakes? I’m always on the lookout for new yummy recipes that I can eat :)

littlebitsofsunshine - oh, and maybe the muffins too if you have a chance?

farmgirlchaos - “if we take money from frivolous things and apply it to our nourishment…just saying.” I totally agree….. But how is that suppose to happen when you have all these fabulous signs and this farmgirl line of shirts and totes I’m impatiently waiting on? :)

But honestly, no sarcasm included….I’m definitely looking forward to the menus {and recipes?} you’ll be sharing!

LLH Designs - Amen to the lighter, more sensitive spirit with cleaner eating. I think the less stressed and burdened your body is by food {and trying to digest stuff that inflames it}, the more free you are to give energy to other things. So proud of you! xoxo!

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