what is in our gym bag..or diaper bag?;)

re-booting’s genesis– is in the heart and branches out like a big oak tree..or that is how is see it anyway

nikki and i joined planet fitness.  SHE is rocking the weight loss girls.
nikki has lost over 50 lbs.  i am trying to get her to share her story on here….help me out!  THAT is a BIG deal!

she becoming a uber crazy clothes shopper now…which is how she ended up with a Kate Spade diaper bag for a
gym bag!  she thought it was a bag until she got home and found the changing pad inside!
HILARIOUS…isn’t it just adorable?  thanks to tjmaxx:)  the days when one is young with nothing to tie her down…you can
buy a Kate Spade bag…it still made me gasp…just a little.  i would have to be a bazillionaire and who knew who kate spade was
if you didn’t have a 27 year old fashionista in the making yes?:)

here are some things we are putting in our gym bags.  I won’t show you my silly little bag and no it isn’t a target
sack…but pretty darn close  ha!  i am looking for something just haven’t found it yet.  i added some lip smacker’s vanilla chapstick to mine
and some ear buds..in purple.  i am looking for a fun little towel and one of our headbands we make…what are some things we might
be missing?  suggestions?  oh… deodorant..for sure!


(i shot this and it is bright.  i am not nikki – i really suck at photography..wink)

we had to cancel the Moxie photo shoot for the weekend bOO! due to a snowstorm we had on thursday and another big one

we are designing up some awesome workout T’s ladies…you ARE GONNA WANT THESE…ok back to the bag

getting my body moving might be a way to help stress..my health..and get the endorphins unclogged.  it has been

almost 2 years ( after failing Remicade infusions my body just couldn’t take the daily pounding )
i was doing Insanity mixed with a little P90X and i threw in several miles on the treadmill a couple of days a week…

adorable little keychain from the fabulous farmgirl paints ( she opens back up on the first ladies )

ah yes..the pendulum swung way to the extreme side…ding ding ding

my live is very full so i am coming at this from a new angle.  S L O W
I am doing it for myself.  giving me an hour 5 days a week.  no more no less
that is where i am beginning.  do you feel guilty about giving yourself time to be fit?  I sure do!

i picked up a little notepad at…yes you guessed it…target for keeping track of my daily workouts and jotting down
little notes while at the gym.

what are your thoughts on exercise…do you give yourself time to move during the week?


Becky - Running my business through Etsy and facebook, keeping up with my 2 little girls, and another full time job doesn’t leave me much time to work out. I know there has to be a way to “work” it in :) I just haven’t figured it out yet… I will get there and I am open to any suggestions! I thought about incorporating it in with something like dance time with the girls (since they love to dance). But it’s good to hear I am not the only one who feels guilty about it!

sheri - so proud of you and your sweet Nikki! Wow! Good for her. post pics :0) Kick butt at the gym this week! xo

Barbara - Well you are just so full of life and congratulations to your daughter on her weight loss, yes she must share I would love to loose 10 and for the life of me can’t find the inspiration. I so hate to exercise HATE and this is why I can’t loose the 10, my sister has joined a gym and has a trainer she has done really good for the last two weeks. I pray that I get the courage to get up and do it!
Have a great day!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I wish… I have no extra $ for a gym membership right this minute in life… dangit. And the rain keeps me at bay from doing my thing outside every day. Double dangit. I don’t get very motivated by videos… so basically I’m a blob. LOL

tara - I’ve wasted a gym membership this year because of my back….so hard to fit it back in.
Actually, I’ve frozen the account bc of the back injury, so it isn’t exactly wasted. :)

I plan to fit it back in this spring…in April. This is the first time in my life I haven’t worked out 3-4 times a week. I think we owe it to ourselves to fit it in…our health matters.

Way to go for making it a priority…so proud of you and of your girl for her weight loss!!!!

You rock!!

Alicia @ La Famille - i’m struggling so much with trying to find time to work out. i know it’s only going to get worse when i have another baby!!! i used to be so good about getting up super early and going for a run before the sun came up, but over the last year i’ve fallen out of that. need motivation. maybe in need a cute bag :)

becky - That is amazing! So proud of her!! I have fallen off the wagon. So wish I had an accountability partner to help keep me motivated. I think about my bestie back in mn when I workout here and it makes me sad.

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