all that glitters–a NEW Sign

some posts ago suzanne left wrote this to me in the comments and i sobbed.
words hit me that way sometimes.  deep down.  to my core.  where only abba can touch.
i knew then that was to be a sign.  all of our signs are birthed in my heart first.

these words remind me of a verse that God spoke to me years ago in Isaiah 42:3.  I don’t know why.
A bruised reed will he not break, and a dimly burning wick will he not quench: he will bring forth justice in truth.

Nikki (if ya’ll are new around here is my oldest daughter).  she just turned 27.  we live together.
when we are out and about and i call her honey or babe..i think people look.
she is beginnning to put together her bedroom and has had a pinterest board for it.

and it is all things gold and glitter
so i knew i had to do this sign for her in gold glitter.

 fast forward to this weekend.

here savannah shared her own glitter monogram art and nikki was like EEK!  i want one.
savannah is selling them to help offset the cost of a trip.

so in the middle of our breakfast at waffle house we ordered one.  that is how we roll.
perfect for any glitter room.

if you want to check out nikki’s pin boards click here.

The All That GLITTERS Sign is 2′ x 4′ and framed.  this one is old white background and gold glitter with a stained oak frame.
you can customize it to your hearts content.  pink, blue, red glitter…whatever
framing is a fun way to add color as well.

if you want to purchase one click here.

::::::::::::Our new Etsy shop MoXie opens February 28::::::::::::

MoXie….a ridiculously courageous clothing co.

we have a big photo shoot this weekend…beyond humbled for the week.  LOVE LOVE this one…have you heard it?

jason aldeen The Only Think I Know

praying the words of this sign light upon your heart today….xotiff


christy - Wow!! Thats awesome

Jackie @ Roots & Wings - I love it! What a great idea. :) Love your creativity.

Rachel @ Meadowlark Prairie - Beautiful, simply Beautiful!

becky...farmgirl paints - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Fabulous photo shoot. Was this at your house??!! It is stunning!

deb ~ accessoryalamode - WOW!! I love the sign and the decor. So beautiful! Congrats on your new shop opening. I will be looking forward to seeing it!

tara - I love this new sign!!! Is that Nikki’s room up top?
absolutely love what y’all have done in there!!!

Okay……tell us about this photo shoot!! Are you guys doing one or is your house getting shot for a magazine???? spill it, friend!

paige - tiffini,good gracious alive. this is stunning. i am blown away.
i was so intrigued by this that i googled the analysis of this poem! #goober
you hit the ball right out of the park baby!!
& oh my gosh, you gave my savannah a shout out! she’s gonna die. i’m sending this over to her right now! she’s going to flip over this sign too.
so tell me…is there actually glitter on the letters? is the paint a metallic gold? i love it!!

Suzanne - LOVE that you took
that quote and gave
it new life as a beautiful
sign! I remember when
I sent it ~ seemed so
perfect for how you
expressed your feelings
that day in your post : )

I especially love,
“Deep roots are not
reached by the frost.”

Gives me chills.

Gonna check out
Savannah’s stuff….

Happy Monday!

xo Suzanne

Laura @ Finding Home - Wow – everything is so beautiful – the table, the bed, the sign! And I am so excited to see your new clothing line – can’t wait to see it! Take care, Laura

Rachel - Oh I love this – those words are amazing and powerful. I love the sign. And I’m smitten with all of the gold shimmer – so so so pretty.

Seymoursl - Hey Danke fuer die schoene Zeit auf dieser Webseite. Macht weiter bitte so. Da kommt man gerne wieder vorbei.

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