a ridiculously amazefest GIVEAWAY goin down here


ever in the hiSTORY of HOUSE of BElonging!

i adore the way her her and her do such sweet little GIVEAWAYS & FREEbies.

i also love this AMAZEFEST of favorite things and i thought WOW! wish i could do that.

and then there is this kinda GIVEAWAY..i lerve reading about how people met and fell in love

SO — i kinda made a combobulation of all THREE..within my means of course.  If I weeere Oprah we’d all
be at some swanky resort sippin green juice in our hats and little bikini’s all tanned up AND wearing heels of course cause
we all aspire secretly to be like the Beverly Hills wives don’t we? yeah ok…movin on { you know i’m not serious right?  k..just makin sure }

:::to kick it off:::  

1)  i put in 3 of my favorite little things beginining with Target’s newest mug line that I know has been on all my friends
instagram including mine:)

2)  I heard about Revlon’s lipbutter here and true to form ran out on my next outing and picked up a tube.
love it! love

3)  Valentine’s day…winter toesies…well had to go with Essie’s JAG-U-ARE


we had some new Buffalo Plaid Check curtains made up for our living and dining room.  These are here to stay.
I ordered the fabric here.  My ever so talented mom sewed them all up nice and lined for me.  She also
sewed drop cloth curtains and grace’s curtains for me.  and I thought –

MOM..would you love to giveaway something from your shop for a Valentine Day Giveaway?  SURE honey.
She pitched in a 100 dollar gift certificate toward anything in her Etsy shop
Shades Up & Co


Live Your Dreams - Custom Hand Painted Sign


we’ve added some new signs to the shop and gave some for SWAG over at WHATEVER craft WeekEND.  Ya’ll….I
WANT TO GO!!..they made out like bandits;;))  I will share more on those signs soon because there is a heart story behind
them.  Here are a couple more of our new additions

and we had to put something from the shop in the pot right?

so we are offering a 100.00 gift certificate good for any sign in the shop.  YAY! right?

and now the DRUM ROLL….


moxie…a ridiculously COURAGEOUS clothing CO.


we are giving you a teensy peek at our newest adventure in WORDS

shirts for girls of all ages and all sizes…women with boobs and no boobs. HA!!
we are all uniquely woven together and we want everyone to be able to wear our

much like proverbs says to keep their words always in your heart. tie them around your neck.

is what we envision for moxie.  words, when seen – can often spark a conversation.  a time to share
and refuel not only for you but others.  all of our shirts have been sown in our hearts first..each shirt
means something to us.  it is not just random words.  our heartbeat is that it helps to equip & empower you to

::take the next step
::do something that you are afraid of
::keep going and not go back
::love your dream into being
::to grow up into the woman you are becoming
::to be reminded  who & WHO’S you are
::that YOU are strong & COURAGEOUS and are never alone

be a catalyst to empower you & those within your influence
make a difference with what you wear

you get the gist?:)

and now the shirts

Our words are married on top of vintage”y” feel good comfortable eco friendly & organic shirts.
You will seriously want to live in these.

stay tuned cause we will be instagraming lots in the coming days before the opening!!

and we are giving ONE SHIRT to the blessed girlie who wins the GIVEAWAY…

our grand opening will be February 28, 2013
so be watching INSTAGRAM for look see’s of what we are working on

well..what do ya think?  is this something you would love?  leave us some feedback.  we’d love to have your input.

::::what do you have to do to enter:::

to enter - tell us a love story in the comments.  one word..two words WHATEVER…what is love to you?
how have you shown LOVE..what is your LOVE language? how has someone LOVED you and changed your life?
what are three things you love…ok there are some jumping off points…go!

for an extra entry - follow us on INSTAGRAM

and that’s it.  ok..have fun!



Giveaway includes

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting
Esty nail polish in Jag-U-Are
Target Red Dot coffee cup
100.00 Gift Certificate to Shades Up & Co
100.00 Gift Certificate to House of Belonging toward sign of choice
one Moxie shirt with ” she believed she could so she did” ( will need your size)

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Christa - love is JESUS. I have come to know Him through some very special ones in my life – and through some dark times too. Now I know what real love is, because I know Him and His heart for me. Still rough around the edges, but full of hope for the future because of the One who is Love. :)

Sandy A - Love for me is Family. My husband and I have been together since we were sixteen, married at twenty and were blessed with three children to raise. We have five beautiful Grandchildren who bring us such joy.We are filled to the brim with love–and so thankful for our blessings…

Glenda Childers - My love story is two words … DAVE CHILDERS. :) (Oh, and Jesus, too.)


Manarose - My husband is such an example of love to me! He is in the Army and deployed right now. I am in awe of his selflessness! I think of John 15:13, There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. I know that verse is ultimately talking about Jesus, but I think of my Hubs and him choosing to be Christlike too. He freely is choosing to serve his family and country and leave his comforts and loves so we can enjoy the freedoms we do everyday.

Manarose - I follow you on Instagram :)

Christie - I follow you on IG!!!

Christie - Love- it’s that He loved me first. Enough to die for me, enough to slay the biggest dragon, enough to bring me back to life forever. He’s the greatest Prince Charming, the greatest hero, the greatest rescuer a girl could ever know. Love is Jesus. I’m so thankful that I’m loved and that the man I love on earth looks so much like my Jesus.

Ariean - Follow you on Instagram.

Ariean - Love for me is my three little boys (and one big boy) all snuggled in bed…I am truly blessed.

Pam Ballard - My love story,
I was 14 when I met my husband. Married him at 15. In May we will be married 26 years. I had my son Noah at 17 he will be 24 in May, my daughter Jordan at 18 she just turned 22 in November. She gave me a grandaughter three weeks shy of my 37 birthday. Londyn is her name. She is my saving grace! God was in control of my life from the beginning. My faith and family is the greatest love of all. My mother just gave me the greatest gift of all as she passed 1/21/2013 and even in the end she gave me the desire to meet her in heaven and I cant wait.. Although my family says I must be patient. I miss her so very much. Thanks for this generous giveaway.

sheri - I follow you on IG

sheri - Love is meeting so many wonderful Godly women through blogging – JUST.LIKE.YOURSELF. What an awesome giveaway – you have the best heart – so proud of you sweet friend. Keep up the good work. xoxo – p.s. box on the way this week!

Jennifer - Love is more than just words, but is seen in your actions. It is how you bring those words to life. I was recently sick with the flu and my husband took great care of me. I saw him living out the words he spoke to me.

Nikki Perry - When I met the love of my life I almost passed him by. Why? Because my wasn’t a rollercoaster of emotions – it wasn’t hedonistic highs, followed by devastating lows. It wasn’t joy, pain, ecstasy and heartbreak. Instead it was peace. It was that feeling of coming home to a pair of arms that fold around me and hold me close, both on days when I deserve it and days when I don’t. It has developed into a deep, abiding love that encompasses my faults (and there are plenty!) as well as my strengths. Rollercoasters are overrated – give me abiding love anyday!

Nikki Perry - Followed on Instagram!

susan - Oh this is so exciting!! I have been waiting for your giveaway! You follow me on Instagram so you already know that I am completely in love with my 12 year old daughter. She is my best friend, my soul mate, she wears my heart on her sleeve. A true gift from God. Yet I have another little love story – I know I should include my sweet husband in this. But I am going to tell you about my puppy Gus. After the birth of our daughter I suffered from unexplained infertility for 10 years. We tried IVF, IUI, acupuncture, standing on my head – everything. We even had a failed adoption. My grief brought me to my knees, which is probably just where God wanted me. So I talked my husband into getting me a puppy. I have never been a dog person, so I am sure he thought I had completely fallen off of the deep end. Bu this pup has healed my heart. He sits on my feet, rides next to me with his big lug head on my arm in the car, and he even laid curled up next to my back when I had mouth surgery a few weeks ago. He has healed my grieving heart. Yes, I know, a love story about a dog. Crazy. But he loves me without condition, when I am ugly, tired, mean. He was a gift to heal my broken heart. And I love him, with all of my heart(: Susan

Tracy - Three things I love?…,, yellow lab puppies, pink tulips in a white pitcher and my amazing family!

maryJean - true. lasting. love is very. veRY. vERY. (and the most very kind of very) hard work.

and excruciatingly wonderful.

Becky - GOD!!!! With out Him I would be helpless and He has given me the best support group anyone could ask for:)For that I will praise him:)

Amanda - love is….my amazing husband doing the grocery shopping when I don’t feel like it,surprise flowers just because, telling me I’m beautiful when Im wearing sweats and haven’t showered all day, driving to 2 different grocery stores just to buy creamsicles,not complaining when I put my freezing cold feet on him at night :)

Ellen Breth - Love…faith, grace, discipline, forgiveness, sacrifice, peace, joy, peace, choice, patience…all of the above.

abby - love is friends & family

Shelley Davis - I see all things love in my daughter. She reminds me of love’s purity, innocence, and selflessness. She is the beat of my heart. ❤

Christy - Wow, what an awesome giveaway!! Looking forward to the new clothing line.
And I would love to have some of your mothers beautiful curtains. What a talented family.

My love story isn’t about my hubby it’s about someone else special in my life,
someone that loved me when she didn’t have to and that would be my step mother.
My mother gave up custody of my brother and I when we were 11 and 7 and my father
had just met this great lady and long story short. She took care of us like we were her own and I am not sure where we would be now if it wasn’t for her.
So grateful for God bringing her into my fathers & our lives..

Rachel - My husband Daniel and I met the summer after I graduated. He and I are complete opposites but it works. We were married in 2001 and were blessed with our daughter Grace in 2005 and then Sophia in 2009. My husband is the most amazing man in the world and he loves that I have Moxie. Of course I follow you on IG, you were actually the reason I joined.

kate@stillroomtogrow - being a mother taught me the meaning on unconditional love. I follow you on IG too.

Anonymous - Just followed you on IG!

Ellen Breth - Oops…that was me…just got so excited about the giveaway…following you on IG!

cassie - love is around us on so many levels…. our children, our spouses, our family, our friends, our pets… love is a multi faceted thing. there is a reason there is no a word for it in the eskimo language, and that’s because even the word itself “love” can’t fully get across its deep meaning.

katie greenlaw - I am a follower on IG. Love your photos!

katie greenlaw - Love: 1. Jesus 2. My amazing husband 3. My ever growing broad of kiddos 4. anything else that is left.

Becca - Love is the way our God loves me each and everyday so that I can shower my husband and 2 little boys with love. Love so many things: my Lord and Savior, my family, and chocolate

LeAnn Chavis - Love is God bringing me to tears this morning on the way home from taking my kids to school. He loves me more than I deserve and shows it when I’m least expecting it. I would normally already be at work but I was running late, feeling bad, and trying to find a bright spot on this not good morning and there He was! That is what Love is to me. Him helping me keep my heart and mind focused on Him!

I follow you on IG!

JEN HARTRANFT - To me, love is all those sweet little moments, whether it’s with the LORD, my hubby, my beautiful children or friends and family members that I cherish. I am truly blessed to know love in such ways!

jerusalem - My grandparents. They taught me what unconditional love looked like as best as human hearts can. Because of them I have moxie, and I believe I can fly, and I have learned that love is more than words and creeds. It is actions and attitude as well.

Diane - I have learned about a new love I never knew before….LOVE for my Joy Boys!!!! My three grandsons, 3, 21/2, and 1! Being a grandparent is a new love I can’t describe, you truly just have to experience it…..feel so blessed!

meredith - best love story of all is loving a father/own husband who tirelessly devotes time to his children!

Sarita - I love all of my sons,even the one I gave up for adoption in 1976. My prayers over the years were heard by God. My son and I have had no relationship per his request. Through the Internet I know that he has a wonderful life. so through my love and prayers and Gods eternal all powerful love my son is alive and well and loving his family and friends.
Thank you for a chance to win some goodies. Especially looking forward to that lip butter!

Chelsee - Love… is my Savior who takes care of my family even when we dont always make the right choices. 2. My wonderful hubby who loves me even when i have let all my stress out on him at the end of the day. 3. My 4 beautiful kiddos i have been blessed with in such a short time. 4. My extended family who helps when they can and still loves me for my craziness:)

Chas - Love for me is my family. My children, my nieces and nephews, my siblings, my parents. I learn the lesson of unconditional love through them.

Jaime Scott - I follow you on instagram

Janie Fox - Those curtains make me weak in the knees. Seriously want.
The shirts are awesome. I love all kinds of words. They have such power. I joke you can read your way thru my house!
Love to mne is knowing that God is always ther, aklways loving even when I realy don’t deserve it or pay attention to his awesome gift. That is one reason I love words. It keeps present and reading his scriptures and wquotes about his love just make me so at peace and feeling so loved.
I follow you on IG. xoxo

Jaime scott - Love sets you free to be who you were created to be because there is no fear in unconditional love.

Small Town Joy - Love is the daily rescue of my heart and my Redeemer who provides it.

Sarah@ This Farm Family's Life - Love is someone who stands beside you through life’s ups and downs. Someone who you are completely comfortable around and who loves you no matter what.

Sarah @ This Farm Family's Life - I follow you on Instagram.

Christina Boswell - I have 2 love stories. The first is Jesus. The second is about my husband Jeff. On March 4 we will be married for 13 years. He deserves an award because he hasput up with me. My health is very bad and that man has stuck with me. He makes me feel so cherished. He is still here after countless hospital visits (9 in one year) and many surgeries. He works so hard, giving so selflessly taking care of ne and our 2 girls. He is such a wonderful man and I am so blessed because he is mine.

Courtney Ramsey - I wanted so badly to be in love. I looked for it everywhere, thought I saw it in many places, but it was never true. It felt like I would never meet someone. And then I met him, over the phone. The most unlikely of situations became my love story. You can read more about how we met and got married on my blog! :)

xo, Courtney

Karen - B, A, and J….. My 3 kiddos…the greatest love story I have ever known! Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

Becky J - Hi Tiffini…what a giveaway..thanks :) Love..well, foremost I think of Jesus…that He could look ahead in time and see us and LOVE us while hanging on that cross…it has given meaning to every second of my life! From the womb He spared me {my twin did not survive}…I have been witness to miracle after miracle..including my husband breaking his neck in a serious car accident 5 years ago-and all the surgeons and specialists said he SHOULD be paralyzed..they have no explanation… we do, though, HIS NAME IS GOD!!! In the beauty and in the pain HIS WORDS have sustained…I so strongly feel that connection with your love and use of words…they can bring life {or death}…but, we choose life, we choose the Living Word…we choose LOVE!! You are a blessing to me…I am purging my own spiritual basement..thanks so much for your blog..love, a sister in Christ, Becky

Karen - I followed you on IG!

Cathy B*****y - WOW~ am so broken reading all the amazing answers… You have an incredible beautiful community of women here ~ am blessed to have found Y’all! How much more can be said…? These women have said it all! Love is ~ He who loved us first! We are blessed! His love IS the one true love.. it is the deep calling to the deep and the one love that can fill our hearts to love others, and ourselves, in the only true fullness of real love… Thank you for your kind and thoughtful giveaway!..
Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

Chrissie Grace - Jesus is my love. The one who provides me with daily grace as I stumble through…The one who lifts me up when I least deserve it.
My family is my other love. I am so blessed to have my husband and children!

Chrissie Grace - I follow you on IG too :)

Rachel Salinas - Love to me is epitomized by my Savior’s love for me by His death on the cross. My husband demonstrates that love to me on a daily basis, and I am so thankful.

Rachel Salinas - I also follow you on Instagram. {RachSali}

Karen - One word: Jesus. How can I possibly explain all He has done for me and my family. Amazing love…

Mindy - Love perseveres! I feel so safe in the love of both my husband and my heavenly Father. I am blessed to know they will never walk away :-)

Patty Page - What a super fun & fantastic giveaway. I love the name of your new clothing line! OK–here are 3 things I love: God’s grace; my family; and a fragrant cup of coffee!

Melinda - We love because He first loved us and all the love I have flows from that. We were married on Valentine’s Day so it’s always a fun season for us but one we strive to live all year. Our love isn’t all hearts and flowers – it’s real. We have ups and downs and laughter and occasional tears. Over the years have loved each other through tragedy and triumph, joy and sorrow. We are empty nesters now, in a new season of life, yet love from God and for each other continues to grow.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - GIRL!! You have outdone your little self!! What a fabulous giveaway. I am so excited for you about the tees and how funny- about the comment who can wear them. You always crack me up. Your photos are gorgeous and your signs are even better! LOVE!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh good grief I forgot to follow the rules. I do that.

My love story in a nutshell. I was the new girl, a junior in highschool… he was captain of the football team and obnoxious. He teased me unmercifully, looking so cute in his muscles and letterman jacket. He finally coaxed me into going out with him and I made him work for it for months! We dated (and basically ignored the world) our Senior year of highschool, then he left for college and asked me to marry him at Christmas. We got married his sophomore year of college and never were there two more broke but happy people. And here we are today, married almost 18 years, with two kids and a dog. Ha! (And we still love each other to pieces.)

Jenna at Homeslice - I LOVE my husband, my little boy, and our baby on the way- chocolate ice cream at the end of a loooong day- and your new buffalo check curtains! Great giveaway!!

Cindy A. - Being a child of abuse I never really knew the true meaning of love. My father was a cruel man who would hit you and then turn around and say he loved you. Even as a small child I knew that people who really loved you wouldn’t hurt you, but at that time love was just a word. It wasn’t until I met my partner that I finally found out what love really meant. Not only did he treat me with kindness and respect, but he also risked his life to save me.

Several years ago I was involved in a serious car accident that could have easily taken my life had my partner not been there. He had been driving in front of me and witnessed the whole thing. Without hesitation he ran to my car and tried to get me out. Unfortunately I was so addled I couldn’t figure out how to put my car in park, unlock the door, etc. Again, without hesitation, he ran to the front of my car and pushed it out of the way of oncoming traffic. He risked his own life to make sure I was safe from further harm. Needless to say I am very fortunate to not only be here, but to have someone who truly loves me in every sense of the word.

Amy - When I think of the word Love, I think of Agape Love, which is God’s unconditional love for us. I am so thankful that He loves me in spite of me.

I also think of my husband and children and how much they truly love me and love to show me how much they love me. What a blessed lady I am.

Blessings to you, Amy

Mary - i am LOVING those new curtains!
AND the new signs! WOWZA!

i have been humbled lately by the thought of how much God loves me.
i wouldn’t truly know love had HE not interrupted my life and transformed me by His saving grace.
a wretched sinner like me.
now THAT’S love!!!

also, i love YOU!


Jackie - Love always looks for the best,
never looks back,
but keeps going to the end.
Love never dies.

I Cor. 13:7-8 (The Message)

Jackie - Oh, and I follow you on Instagram, too. :)

Excited about your t-shirts!! Hooray!

Jodi Hammond - I love Sweet words from my daughter, baby laughs from my son and that look my husband gives when I know he finds me beautiful!

Jodi Hammond - Following on Instagram!

Jodie - Love is constant.

Ter'e Crow Lindsay - Ok, love story you got. I have a short one.
34 years ago, I met my husband thru the workplace.
I kept seeing bits and pieces of him, during the day, as he went office to office.
WOW! Cutie. Reminded me of my dad.
That evening over cocktails with the brass………I ask a friend to re-introduce us. Somehow………my hand reached out and kinda patted him on the bootie.
3 months after that ………he proposed to my children. Age 8, 12 and 14.
6 months after that……..we got married.
That was almost 34 years ago!
We still hold hands. Do everything together. And I still pat him on the bootie?
Happy Valentines Day all.
Good Luck to us. Great giveaway, Tiff!

Vanessa - Oh so many ways to talk about love…. My daughter has Rett Syndrome and is nonverbal. She can’t say “mommy, I love you” but when she stares into my eyes I can just feel her love!

Vanessa - I already follow you on Instagram!

Pam McD - I have been loved deeply and well by SO MANY people throughout my life! I can get overwhelmed just thinking about it! BUT it ALL comes from a Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally and extravagantly…more than I will ever be able to fathom. HE IS ENOUGH! But…He has blessed me with so much more!

Barbara - What an awesome giveaway everything is so pretty!
So I met Bruce on a baseball field one day after work but he had a girlfriend, one year later a mutual friend said that he was single and we would hit it off, I called him up and asked him to pick me up from work he did and we dated for a few months, one day a high school friend came into our office on business we ought up and he asked me out I told him I would get back to him you see I had a party to go to with Bruce already so I call the friend and nicely told him I’d have to pass, and 27 have been married for 25 years and I still meet him on the field he plays every Friday night after all these years.

Lauren - love is putting someone else’s desires, wants and needs before your own. it is patient, kind and not boasting.. my hubby is the best example of love to me and our kiddos everyday. he is the most humble and giving person, a true servant, and a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for us….

Jackie - Love to me is Jesus! He is perfect love. He calls me to love like He does and it is hard! Learning to love is where I am. Wanting to be more like Him every day.

mandy - how sweet! LOVE the shirts.LOVE.

love to me? two arms stretched out on a cross, feeling the pain and agony i deserve but won’t endure, and knowing He would do it again just for me<3

Stephanie - My husband and I met at work and he was NOTmy “usual”. He asked, I said No, he asked, I said no.. He finally said just lunch.. I agreed.. And that lunch.. Well that was it for me.. He may not have looked like my “usual” but he was everything I didn’t know I wanted!

Amy - Love is… when my hubs comes home from long day at work & has dinner with me & our crazy munchkins… he then gets up & does the dishes to show me he loves me. Every. Single. One. Melts my heart every time!

Sara R - Love for me is snuggling with my furr (Westie & Westie-poo)babies. They love you no matter what!

Lindsey Howard - “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. THIS IS LOVE: not that we loved God, but that HE LOVED US and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” 1 John 4:7-12

Perfect definition of love, in my opinion ;) I have already been following you on Instagram. Have a blessed Valentine’s Day!

Lolo - Love is….. My husband, for saving me from a dark and lonely spot 11 years ago. I didnt know I needed a friend, and he stumbled into my life to be my bestie. I will love him forever for bringing sunshine into my life when I needed it most – and that is why I married him 5 1/2 years ago :)
Would love to win this LOVELY giveaway! Thanks XOX

Lolo - I follow you on IG too :)

PS – 3 things I love: butter, flowers & bacon

Kate Ray - Love is snuggling up to my toddler in bed this morning and nursing him back to sleep, love is watching my son and husband snuggle up and read books together on the couch, and love is watching evening thunderstorms with my family and a nice glass of wine :)

Kate Ray - Following you on Instagram!

Suzanne - Tiff, since I won one
of your past giveaways
{love love LOVE it!}, I
am not going to enter,
even though YOWZER
what a win in would be!!!

Just wanted to send some
Valentine’s love your way : )

And I am off to check
out your mama’s shop!

And, LOVE the idea of
the shirts. But you knew
I would, right? A fellow
word lover!

xo Suzanne

Tracey H. - Love is simply stated the feeling I have when my 2 kids, husband and doggie are all home and we are together. Instant gratitude, thankfulness and happiness!! Thanks for the chance to win, what a great giveaway! Happy Valentine’s Day:0)

Tracey H. - Also, just started following you on instagram!! So much fun:0)

Jennifer - I fell in love with my college sweet heart, and 10 years later we are still swooning for one another. We have two young boys, and we enjoy each and every day together. Some are better than others, but we rejoice in knowing that God loves us and we love one another.

Christine Briscoe - Let All That You Do be done in Love. 1 Cor. 16:14

Jennifer - I looked this up yesterday; Valentines is derived from Valens, which means strong, worthy and powerful. Thought it so fitting for love…that’s part of my love story! The strong, worthy and powerful love of my savior! My only hope is to love in the very same way.
This is such a generous giveaway, you guys. And I am beyond excited about your line of shirts! Did you know that Maine is semi-obsessed with a drink called Moxie? I’ll send you one if you haven’t heard of it! :-)
btw…new to instagram; just started following you! xoxo

Les Johnson - Love to me is my daughter. I wanted her so badly and almost died having her, but I would do it all over again in a heart beat. She is a calm, smart and caring little girl. She puts others before herself and tells me something inspiring every day. She makes me want to be a better person so that she will have something wonderful to look up to. That to me is love…when another person’s well being means more than your own.

katja9_10 at hotmail dot com
Les Johnson

jackie Haney - Love love your red gingham curtains!! Can I ask where you bought them??

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