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anyone up for swapping your gift?


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hello girls–we have been buried in 20+ inches of snow around here.  it has been rather nice and cozy but now i am itching for
school to be back in session and to go to the gym…you know this crazy thing called “my life” to resume.

i just wanted to throw this out there and i can’t take the credit for it….littlebitfunky
i shared about her here said this…

Do you love swapping handmade goods you make for the ones someone else makes?  leave your shop link in the comments
( or a referral in the profile) if you’d be up for trading ( with me or anyone else on the list) please do not pressure anyone to swap
or be offended by a “no thank you”:)  approach each other on the list with kindness please!!  i’ll visit you all so no need to contact me directly.:)
have fun trading talents.

so here is my proposition

i would be open to trade signage for your gift

for example

i have these 2 way ugly chairs that i was going to sale but what they really need is recovered and i would be happy
with that.  i can supply the drop cloth if someone could make some slipcovers for me and in exchange i can make you a sign of your choosing.
something like that…

that kinda thing


it could be so helpful to all of us from time to time

and if you would be open to trading feel free to leave your shop in the comments and if there are enough to start a list
i can put it on my sidebar and so could those offering to swap??  would love to hear your thoughts……


what is in our gym bag..or diaper bag?;)

re-booting’s genesis– is in the heart and branches out like a big oak tree..or that is how is see it anyway

nikki and i joined planet fitness.  SHE is rocking the weight loss girls.
nikki has lost over 50 lbs.  i am trying to get her to share her story on here….help me out!  THAT is a BIG deal!

she becoming a uber crazy clothes shopper now…which is how she ended up with a Kate Spade diaper bag for a
gym bag!  she thought it was a bag until she got home and found the changing pad inside!
HILARIOUS…isn’t it just adorable?  thanks to tjmaxx:)  the days when one is young with nothing to tie her down…you can
buy a Kate Spade bag…it still made me gasp…just a little.  i would have to be a bazillionaire and who knew who kate spade was
if you didn’t have a 27 year old fashionista in the making yes?:)

here are some things we are putting in our gym bags.  I won’t show you my silly little bag and no it isn’t a target
sack…but pretty darn close  ha!  i am looking for something just haven’t found it yet.  i added some lip smacker’s vanilla chapstick to mine
and some ear purple.  i am looking for a fun little towel and one of our headbands we make…what are some things we might
be missing?  suggestions?  oh… deodorant..for sure!


(i shot this and it is bright.  i am not nikki – i really suck at photography..wink)

we had to cancel the Moxie photo shoot for the weekend bOO! due to a snowstorm we had on thursday and another big one

we are designing up some awesome workout T’s ladies…you ARE GONNA WANT THESE…ok back to the bag

getting my body moving might be a way to help health..and get the endorphins unclogged.  it has been

almost 2 years ( after failing Remicade infusions my body just couldn’t take the daily pounding )
i was doing Insanity mixed with a little P90X and i threw in several miles on the treadmill a couple of days a week…

adorable little keychain from the fabulous farmgirl paints ( she opens back up on the first ladies )

ah yes..the pendulum swung way to the extreme side…ding ding ding

my live is very full so i am coming at this from a new angle.  S L O W
I am doing it for myself.  giving me an hour 5 days a week.  no more no less
that is where i am beginning.  do you feel guilty about giving yourself time to be fit?  I sure do!

i picked up a little notepad at…yes you guessed it…target for keeping track of my daily workouts and jotting down
little notes while at the gym.

what are your thoughts on exercise…do you give yourself time to move during the week?


re-booting this family…an invitation


re-booting this family

when i make my heart available to him..leaving it wide open he is able to work his way in and draw me tenderly into his arms it then begs the question —- what does that LOOK like…how is that carried out in the flesh…inside my circumstances..this is where i have spent the last three years…learning relationship rather than doing religion.
Jesus is not a product
that will make life perfect,
He’s a living being that 
wants a relationship and 
relationships are hard.
-Don Miller

am i willing to change and grow when i push up against pain?

RE-BOOTING is more than organizing my clutter…it is digging deep into the clutter of my heart and taking his hand as i do.  i’ve always been drawn to look back at my story..much like a nagging wife …this deep urge to know more of him and be known by him has compelled me much of my life.

i can’t explain it.  i don’t understand it but one thing i am doing is opening myself up to it.  why?

re-boot this family

because i am beginning to believe that to know more of my abba and for me to be known by Him there will be pain but it is in that pain that he meets me and does his healing work. so that in turn i can be ready when he calls to take another’s hand and join them in their journey.  their story.

RE-BOOTING today is an invitation.  to step out of religion and into relationships.  

to step out of the routine rigidity of ritualistic checklists of the modern day American church and into the biggest story being written.  American life.  it is letting down my judgemental thoughts that my sin is different than anyone else’s and accepting the invitation to walk among the crowds.  it is in a way…an invitation to freedom.

there is a battlefield out there.  it is the unknown.  frightening i know.  there will be pain and mess and ugly for sure.  but i feel so compelled to be there.  i don’t know how he will be able to use me in that yet.  i don’t.  all i know is i can be available and pray and then listen and watch.

re-boot this family

he answers in ways we don’t expect doesn’t he?

how can we close our eyes and ears to the cry of the orphan and widow?
they don’t all look like the poster child for compassion.  they come in all shapes and sizes and their stories are all different
but they all have a common denominator — they have a hole in their heart to know and be known.

and who will tell them that if we aren’t willing to lay our hearts out there with courageous vulnerability – risk being hurt.  

real life isnot everyone’s story ends happy.  not everyone is healed.  not every marriage is saved.  people die, get sick, lose jobs, cheat, lie and refuse to hear and stay in the same vicious cycle of dysfunction their whole lives.  some stay in the hope God will rescue and change and i have seen them die… sick in their own mess of abuse that if they would have had someone help them walk out..given them tools and they themselves been willing to open up to the pain of learning how to walk differently their lives would have been very different.

re-boot this family

this is where i walk.  15 years of the same cycle opened my eyes to a choice.  i could either walk the same way i’d always walked and that generationally i was pre-programmed to walk OR
i could choose to learn to walk differently.

while psych books would tell me i have learned helplessness
God tells me that Ephesians

i watched chasing mavericks yesterday and frosty ( the mentor surfer dude ) said this to jay ( the student surfer dude)

jay had panicked under the water while diving and seeing a 15 ft shark..when they got back on the boat frosty asked him what happened down there and jay said he panicked.

frosty said fear and panic are two separate emotions.

fear is healthy
panic is deadly

it is how you “surf’”when everything goes wrong

that reminded me of life.  hurt, betrayal, pain…is all going to be there as a normal part of life but it is how we handle those emotions when faced with them that makes all the difference in our stories.

it is what we do with the fear when it comes when everything is going wrong…

Re-boot this family

i am beginning to.  just the tip of the iceberg
RE-BOOTING this week has been all about the internal.
mapping out my heart a bit.

really listening and looking for an invitation

 and yes…a little bit of cleaning out the basement is happening too:)…happy saturday

***all photos are taken by Nikki:)







what i am..reading-buying-loving

i am waiting to receive Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.
i was perusing her blog last week and it caught my eye.  i love brene brown.

i really like how the ulta brow girl “mapped” my eyebrows.  Have you ever had your eyebrows mapped?


i have been watching Chasing Saturday’s – Kim & Kloey in Miami – Downton Abby -The Bachelor
and oh my Duck Dynasty can’t come fast enough!  and some sweet genius, a little hgtv….

found this spray lotion that we really like after tanning.  you REALLY can put your clothes right on afterwards

we purchased this curling rod after elaine ( she does our hair) used in on Nikki and Grace.  we really like it.
gives you those imperfect loose curls.  kinda funky to use at first though.  only 30.00 at a coupon and it is even cheaper!


loving my new converse for 10.00 at Target!  the only way i think i would have bought me a pair.
i had permission when i read this that i wasn’t to old.  hip hip horray!  now i want a white pair…and maybe a hot pink!


i am ready for spring.  are you too?  i picked up this flowy blouse that i thought i wasn’t going to find anymore.  nikki spotted it at
target this weekend.
looking at my pinterest board it will pair nicely with white tailored shorts, maybe some cute denim shorts
and boyfriend jeans..rolled once..with flats


i found a new perfumeok two.  i haven’t bought them yet.  i have to think about these kinds of purchases.
they are totally different..maybe like the two parts of me?  i don’t know.

the first one is betsey johnson’s too too pretty…..this one is more fun and out for a weekend with the girls
and the second is acqua di gioa for women.  this one may make me feel more….seeexxy:)


LOVE love these little hoho’s.  i follow her on IG now.  love her blog too…she is a little bit funky
you bet i added this onto my must have list this year.  the grand babies will love them!

we just had to have glenda’s (from the wizard of oz movie) eyeshadow pallette!  are you going to see the movie?


my pink chevron coffee travel cup.  love.  target.  enough said

anything you have been loving, buying or reading lately…do tell


all that glitters–a NEW Sign

some posts ago suzanne left wrote this to me in the comments and i sobbed.
words hit me that way sometimes.  deep down.  to my core.  where only abba can touch.
i knew then that was to be a sign.  all of our signs are birthed in my heart first.

these words remind me of a verse that God spoke to me years ago in Isaiah 42:3.  I don’t know why.
A bruised reed will he not break, and a dimly burning wick will he not quench: he will bring forth justice in truth.

Nikki (if ya’ll are new around here is my oldest daughter).  she just turned 27.  we live together.
when we are out and about and i call her honey or babe..i think people look.
she is beginnning to put together her bedroom and has had a pinterest board for it.

and it is all things gold and glitter
so i knew i had to do this sign for her in gold glitter.

 fast forward to this weekend.

here savannah shared her own glitter monogram art and nikki was like EEK!  i want one.
savannah is selling them to help offset the cost of a trip.

so in the middle of our breakfast at waffle house we ordered one.  that is how we roll.
perfect for any glitter room.

if you want to check out nikki’s pin boards click here.

The All That GLITTERS Sign is 2′ x 4′ and framed.  this one is old white background and gold glitter with a stained oak frame.
you can customize it to your hearts content.  pink, blue, red glitter…whatever
framing is a fun way to add color as well.

if you want to purchase one click here.

::::::::::::Our new Etsy shop MoXie opens February 28::::::::::::

MoXie….a ridiculously courageous clothing co.

we have a big photo shoot this weekend…beyond humbled for the week.  LOVE LOVE this one…have you heard it?

jason aldeen The Only Think I Know

praying the words of this sign light upon your heart today….xotiff