when your child tells you she’s unhappy…

mommy..i’m unhappy — i sensed there was more so i laid on the bed with her and out it came.
to protect her heart i will not share here but the words she said to me rang true
and this is what they were

we need to re-boot our FAMILY

reboot mean to restart-put in a new operating system and turning it on

so we talked and decided that our first course of action to our new operating system is to do a major de-clutter!
the kind when you bring in a dumpster
we are cleaning out the entire house peeps..no small feat!
throwing awaygiving awayor storing in our shed

because here is the keeping it real part
i am up to my eyeballs in work which takes over my living room due to lack of space downstairs
I work seven days a week
have very little time to really cook..or clean
I have all the bills, doctor visits, phone calls, errands and you know all the stuff us mom’s do

and I am full of stress and that is not good for my health

Does God use our children to speak to us?  I do believe so
and that is what it took for me to “hear”  We need some major re-booting in this family.
since i am the mom it is my responsibility to do something about it.

The first step to rebooting one’s family

1.  find the main thing that is causing a bump in the road and start there
take action

the dumpster is coming Friday and the kids and I have all agreed to work all weekend cleaning the basement out
there WILL be pictures…:) and LOTS more on this subject as we begin the re-booting process:)





Deb - We have been de-cluttering over the last few months and I have to say it feels so good! Good luck! I look forward to hearing about your re-booting since we are working on that at our house too.

Ter'e - Now wait justa minute! Can I not come up and sit by that dumpster? I bet you are going to have some cool stuff. Can’t we, at least, have a garage sale? LOL.

TIF! Slow down and sell the roses! You know you cannot possibly work 7 days a week and take proper care of yourself and your family. You have to take care of your health first!

Don’ t make me come up there !
“Mama “

tara - Re-Booting is good. We all have to have those talks as a family and make changes.

Purging is good…..
stress is not.

praying you find the balance you need to stay healthy..nothing else matters if you’re not around to be their mama.

love you friend.

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek - Wow, a dumpster! Good job!!! Keep us updated! I need to do this, too. I just read on Ms. Mustard Seed’s blog that she was “trying to fit 10 pounds of flour in a 5 lb bag.”

Lorraine@Miss Flibbertigibbet - I have worked with children for years and anxiety and unhappiness is definitely associated with over stimulation! A crowded, unorganized environment can cause irritability, anxiety, sadness, emotional outbursts……so the de-cluttering will likely make an improvement!!

Rhonda - I am a professional organizer and I see this scenario in homes all the time. Our Creator is a God of order and He shows us many examples in scripture that order is what He expects.

When we do things in order everything else falls into place. Pray and ask Him to help you.


SmithShack71 - I just cleaned out my utility room and now I can’t find my kitchen! But at least it’s making its way out in steps.


becky - we need to declutter too. our storage room which is HUGE is filled to the brim with stuff i don’t want or need. how in the world does that happen?? i’ve got extra tv’s, a sofa, a recliner…bedding…art…just sitting there. need to find a place to take it ALL! so glad you were listening girl. can’t wait to read along.

Denise - It seems like we are all in the same place – get rid of the stuff that is closing in around us!! I’m right there with you, working through most rooms in our home. It’s much easier to keep clean and organized when there is less stuff to clean and organize. You go girl!!

terri - God works in mysterious ways. I definitely think he uses our children to speak to us…Congrats on the re-booting. so many of us need to do this! you will feel so much happier after cleaning and clearing out clutter in your life! xoxo blessings

Lemonade Makin' Mama - You are really completely adorable… I hope you know that.

Girl this is a HUGE undertaking… I’m cheering you on!! And yes God does use our kids to talk to us. I firmly believe that. Go GIRL!!

Sharon - Good for you and good for you little girl. I’m glad y’all have that kind of open communication in your relationship. Says a lot about you, Mom! I’m rooting for y’all!
And right there with you on unloading. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your progress.

Glenda Childers - It is always a good thing to listen to our kids when they are hurting and help them contain their feelings.

Sounds like some rest is in order. You might enjoy it.


Christy - Your post defiantly sparked my interest, our family needs a reboot

Rachel - Tiff, this is such a great idea. Lent starts in just a few weeks and although I have already decided what I will be giving up, I will adding this into the mix as well. Thanks for posting this and God bless you application as you Re-boot.

Alicia @ La Famille - hey there :) i’ve been reading your old posts for about an hour now and i’m so glad i finally came over here! you are a beautiful person inside and out and i’m so happy to finally “meet” you!! looking forward to reading more…


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