using a trader joe’s roasted pepper jar flower vase

i love fresh cut flowers especially in the winter { i suffer from no light blues or something;) }


  Flowers remind me of spring and summer when mornings are full of birds singing and nights are long with adventure.

we were at Trader Joe’s Saturday and these little ranunculus were 5.00 a bunch.  In my younger days i would never buy myself flowers.  Spend 5 dollars on something that will die?  no way.  frivolous.

then 40 came..and went.
i have learned to buy flowers “just because”

I don’t have to wait for a husband or boyfriend to buy me some flowers..:) so liberating!
treat yourself to a bouquet this month because

the home is the centre and circumference, the start and the finish, of most of our lives
–Charlotte Perkins Gilman 

take off the wrapper and trim the ends and place them in anything
a vase
a milk bottle
a coffee can
or a roasted red pepper jar from Trader Joe’s like we did here.”

smile today…smile lots…even if you don’t feel like it do it anyway ok?  and I will too!

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hand making signs and sharing my heart


sheri - cute! love trader joes. xoxo

Ter'e Crow Lindsay - I was at your Trader Joe’s 3 weeks ago! Don’t you wish we would have bumped into one another????? Can you just hear the squeals???? LOL.
I love Trader Joe’s!!!!! Been shopping there, every single trip to California. We finally have one down in Sarasota, which is not too far from me.

Amy - So agree about treating yourself whether it be flowers or a little extra time for yourself. I love the flowers in the jar. It’s such fun to use unexpected things around your home.

Glenda Childers - This label is so cute.

I bought myself flowers this week, after the study was over and I came home to an empty house, with Dave out of town. Little yellow roses.


tara - i think i might go buy some today when i pick up milk. :)

your home is beautiful.

Stephanie Smith - My favorite flower! Very cute way to display them.

Beth F - A friend sent me a link with your post remarking that “it seems you two have a think in common.” I’ve been using the TJ yellow and red peppers ever since I found a wonderful recipe for Red Pepper and Gouda soup and the jar became a sweet little vase for my garden flowers! Now, I shall have to go buy myself a little springtime to fill my jar!

Your blog is so cute…can’t wait for morning and my cup of coffee to sit and browse!

Mindy - So cute!

Barbara - I’m with you I have an imported spaghetti sauce jar I use, love it adds so much color!

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