Target Meal Plan…anything Target must be good right?


target emeals

Each Weekly Plan Includes

::7 dinner meals & side dishes

::Simple delicious & healthy recipes

::Organized shopping list

::Grocery store savings AND the BIGGIE for ME


those 3 words had me at HELLO.  PEACE of MIND ya’ll.  I need some of that.  As you know we are taking 2013 and doing an experiment.
What do we have to lose right…my mind if I don’t make some serious changes.
It is not my job, my home, my issues or circumstances….no not really
It is an inner struggle known to each of us and we are given the responsibility to be the curators of our lives.

(if only i’d known this at 16…isn’t hindsight always 20/20?)  

I have chosen to intentionally RE-BOOT this family.  You can click here to read the beginning.  There is piles upon piles
of clutter..and honestly – I believe it represents stuff.  More on that coming before I go off on a rabbit trail
let’s talk dinners.

I have been dabbling in several eating lifestyles like Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, low Carb & Vegetarian but here’s the kicker for me
Menus.  I mean – I do work a full-time job and I don’t have time to spend in the kitchen half the day or planning all this healthy
menus only to run out of food to eat come Wednesday.  I mean – when the kids open the fridge and there is spinach leaves, apples, oranges,
fruit….some cheese and pepperoni…they look at me with the mom…really?  there is NO food in this house.

oh how entitled we American’s have become…so when I saw this new plan from EMealz with Target as the grocery store
and you KNOW my love for all things Target…I know your with me:)
I don’t know if it is a sign from God or not ( wink ) but I am going to try it for 1 month

one month…if it doesn’t pan out…ditch it and try something else until I find something that works for me.
key word: me
what works for your family may very well be different and that is OOOKKKKKK:)

I will keep ya posted..i would love to know if you have a menu plan that really works and that is easy to stick to and
the kids have enough food for the week.  I also pack their lunches everyday which does add expense…
I’m all ears



Barbara - Well Target really has it all don’t they, one more reason to visit them a little more often. Have a great weekend!

Sarita - When boys were home I always made menu for grocery shopping. Then could,mix days to cook if I wanted to.i was very busy being stay at home mom!
The menu worked for us. I too love target!! Now that its just me to cook for I don’t cook much. If I do cook I share with neighbor who is also a widow. That’s fun to do. I can’t wait to hear how this plan works for you.

tara - I have several friends who use the Emeals plan, and they love it. It works so great for their families……hope it’s a good fit for you guys….it sure would be awesome if it is!

Happy Weekend, Tiff

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