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i am loving…are you?

Ha ha!  I know what I will do…blog about some of the little things I am loving!  why you ask?
because I would love to know those things about YOU silly!  so here we go


pinning for some of my house projects.  Light, texture, soft color layered all against a neutral background, layers of all sorts — just a few words that
would describe my decor style groove.. you kinda can see these words taking shape in our dining area and soon our
living area…so much happening:)


 vintage, cottage dining room






Penstemons and other blooms from the garden beside a family heirloom breadboard from Germany.



Vintage Style Bathroom with sweet colors!


36th Avenue coat closet


Brights Closet




now for my house… ( not quite the same is it…yet my friends…yet!)

talk about being uncomfortably real.  I am taking off the doors of our kitchen cabinets to see if I can give these 50 year old things a face lift or botox or something!  I will show you progress soon.  I got a few color samples to try inside the cabinets.  We are doing some open shelving on either side of the sink.  We also tore out the overhead cabinets above the stove!!

here I said I had two goals for the week with one being cleaning out the hall closet.
CHECK..done!  explains the above pins for closet ideas.  I am turning this into a
“mud closet”.  I picked out the paint for stripes girls!!  going with stripes…i think

and last but not least is my refrigerator! and the spill that happened the other day–
see why Instagram is so cool?  you find stuff like this out right when it happens…lol!


trying new hair styles like twisting the hair and secring with bobbi pins but it doens’t quite look the same on me as on Grace sot I keep going back to the hat.
LOVE hats…


trying new food and eating cleaner

tiff’s big bowl – plain shredded wheat, grape nuts & banana’s swiming in vanilla almond milk peeps:) ( inspired by Engine2 )

tried Nutella for the first time – wonderful all wrapped in crescent rolls and baked all soft and gooey!
Grace got a cooking lesson..more on this subject very soon:)

my weird lunch one day…apples, peanut butter and pepperoni


watching documentaries all last weekend.  Nothing wrong with being educated on what we are eating.
I highly recommend watching all of these.

Forks over Knives
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


DUCK DYNASTY..where has it been all my life!  This is for you Becky:) I am seriously in love with this family.  We watch them over and just laugh.  The good laughs..the kind that makes you forget we live in a merry go round society that goes so fast and you just wanna get off and escape to another place and time kinda laugh…

my camo pants that i will not get rid i call them my duck commander pants


my INSTAGRAM friends

Sasha’s Etsy store to re-open and Chrissie opened her store again for the new year with some adorable pillows for those kiddos in your life.  And the ever amazing meg’s mercantile shop and Ashley’s home projects that just make me a good way:)…always something fun going on there.

Instagram is my fav thing happenin right now.  It is instant and fun!  We are houseofbelonging by the way:)
I am on it WAY more than Facebook now. your turn–what are some things YOUR crazy little self is loving….


thankful prayers & a free journal printable

I have been behaving like an orphan..a child with no least in my head
but let’s be honest.  What’s in my head comes out in my daily living.  Have you noticed that too?

perusing through several books I use during my quiet times a theme seemed to emerge

don’t quit
I AM here – very real
very present
you are not alone

and in the way only my Abba who knows my heart intimately can do
I immediately sensed my hand in His
as His Spirit breathed new life into these two little words

Thankful Prayers

as I’ve shared here many times Jesus Calling is my favorite devotional ever.  This is my third year using it
so I’ve read these words three times- I know them but how easily I forget it!


When you bring Me prayer requests, lay out your concerns
before Me.  Speak to Me candidly; pour out your heart.  Then thank
Me for the answers that I have set into motion long before you can
discern results.  When your requests come to mind again, continue to
thank ME for the answers that are on the way.  If you keep on
stating your concerns to Me, you will live in a state of tension.
When you thank Me for how I am answering your prayers, your
mind set becomes much more positive.  THANKFUL PRAYERS keep your
focus on My Presence and My promises–Jesus Calling January 11


so there is my direction for today.  KNOW that He is already answered and I am to be thankful ( whether I feel it or not )
so instead of redundant asking for the same things throughout the day i will instead say thank you and go about my

i am soooo not God..
and i laugh because so often i think i am

I made this for you.. I believe it is an excerpt from a book that changed my life and I wrote it in front of
my journal last year and recently typed this up to tape in this years journal.  I tweaked some of the words to make it personal and
added a few words but I LOVE starting out my quiet time reading it.  It seems to get my focus in a  good space and I pray it
will bless you too:)


I intentionally move into your space…Your presence

and listen to recognize Your Voice..Your Spirit and

move into the Light of Your Being

in my consciousness

and open my mind to share all

my thoughts, plans, pain, joys and worries

as I look to You as

my teacher

my guide

my sanctifier and

my Giver of assurance

concerning my “daughter”ship before you—

click HERE to print the Journal Prayer


do you ever find yourself living like an orphan?


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“my secret” to the No Bake Cookie

I have had so many questions on my Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies that I thought I would share my secret.”
Are you ready?

HEAPING tablespoons of Peanut Butter – I don’t level it AND 
extra OATMEAL ( about 3/4 C more than recipe calls for)

This is Grace’s Nana’s recipe and we’ve used it for years!!  I printed it out at the bottom of the post for you.

Once I melt the cocoa, milk, butter and sugar down and boil for two minutes I then pour in the vanilla, peanut butter and oats.
you do have to work quickly here.  Once I stir the initial 3 cups of oats in I get a ‘feel’ of the mix and add about
3/4 cup more in and stir and then I immediately begin plopping down heaping tablespoons of cookies.
by the time I get to the last bit it is already pretty crumbly and won’t stick together very well and this
is the part I eat…

I love No Bake Cookies and so does my step dad so I am taking this batch to him since the last two we all ate before they got to him!

A little bit of SHOP NEWS

We have this 2×4 CHOICE SIGN sign we just created.  We have this ONE that is ready to ship today if you catch me before 2:00 PM.  Of course you can order one from the SHOP too.  It is a creamy background with graphite lettering.  We created it as a reminder to CHOOSE good things within each day.  I am going to change out signs to say CHOICE signs or something…I don’t like the word RULES…ugh!  We all know we can’t keep all the rules right?smile

We sold the I AM HIS one that was ready to ship but you are welcome to order a custom one.  I want one for my bedroom!  The words strengthen my heart when I read them reminding me WHO’s I am.  I don’t know about you but I need some of that everyday!  I love the way Nikki laid it out so that the I AM HIS really stands out.

REMEMBER – you can customize all of our signs.  We offer Annie Sloan Chalk Paints as color options now.  Need a specific size?  we can do that too.

 enjoy you Wednesday..the weekend is almost here.  I want to take the girls to see Les Miserables.
has anyone seen it yet?  good?


Nana’s Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies

2 cups sugar
1/2 cups butter ( I use real unsalted butter)
1/2 cups milk
1/2 cups cocoa
3 cups quick oats ( plus extra) i sometimes use old fashioned oats for a more chewy cookie
5 HEAPING TB of peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla

boil sugar, butter, cocoa and milk for two minutes.
pour in while hot – oats and peanut butter and vanilla.
mix well and fast and drop by spoonfuls onto parchment paper and let dry.

eat the crumbs wink;)


using a trader joe’s roasted pepper jar flower vase

i love fresh cut flowers especially in the winter { i suffer from no light blues or something;) }


  Flowers remind me of spring and summer when mornings are full of birds singing and nights are long with adventure.

we were at Trader Joe’s Saturday and these little ranunculus were 5.00 a bunch.  In my younger days i would never buy myself flowers.  Spend 5 dollars on something that will die?  no way.  frivolous.

then 40 came..and went.
i have learned to buy flowers “just because”

I don’t have to wait for a husband or boyfriend to buy me some flowers..:) so liberating!
treat yourself to a bouquet this month because

the home is the centre and circumference, the start and the finish, of most of our lives
–Charlotte Perkins Gilman 

take off the wrapper and trim the ends and place them in anything
a vase
a milk bottle
a coffee can
or a roasted red pepper jar from Trader Joe’s like we did here.”

smile today…smile lots…even if you don’t feel like it do it anyway ok?  and I will too!

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hand making signs and sharing my heart


how to organize your pinterest boards

 organizing my Pinterest boards?  I know right?  my daughter Nikki informed me that mine .. were .. in need of improving

i am all over the organizing frenzy that happens in January aren’t you?  i know you are because everywhere I visit I read someone is organizing something-

and lets admit it that when things are organized we feel lighter – are less stressed and are able to function better.  I know I am!!

one of my goals for this year is to organize every inch of my home and computer (since I work from home an spend a fair amount of time on it)

so lets get on with Pinterest shall we?

 I have listed some reasons why organizing your pin boards might be beneficialfeel free to add more reasons or helpful things you have learned in the comments

really good reasons to organize you Pinterest boards

::change cover photos


::delete multiple pins

::delete pins in a wrong category

::delete boards that were no longer needed/necessary

::re-name my boards * cause when i began i had no idea what i was doing

::make it easier to pin because it is all alphabetized

::easier to use when need a board for a project

 Here is how you alphabetize your boards.  See the button next to the EDIT PROFILE button..kinda looks like a little SD card?  I have a black arrow pointing to it. click that.  Then you can move each board around.  Cool right?

ok done that?

 proceed to place them alphabetically by clicking on each boards EDIT or the big EDIT PROFILE button.

I had some boards that I wasn’t using and a few like from my sisters wedding that were no longer needed so I deleted those.

YOU can also change the title, delete the board, select categories, give a description and mark who can pin.

I went through each board and changed each title to lower case letters…just a personal preference.  You can do whatever you love!
now I am in the process of changing each of my boards cover photos.

Now some of you may say this is trivial and time consuming and you could be very right:) BUT
I know now that it has helped me feel so much better about my Pinterest boards since I really do use Pinterest on a daily basis.
Now everything is alphabetized and so much easier to pin than having to scroll down dis-ordered words


starting this month I am going to do a monthly post on DE-CLUTTERING my life.  We will start with once a month..if it wants to expand it can but for now–baby steps.

I am giving myself 2 goals each week to de-clutter.  No hurry – I have a busy life and lots of other responsibilities so this is manageable for me.

This week my two goals are

the hall closet
kitchen cabinets

I will take before and afters and all the details when I post.  I of coarse will Instagram it first….lol so you can follow us at


you are welcome to join me if you want–

let me know if you make your Pinterest pretty….happy weekend friends….xotiff