“my secret” to the No Bake Cookie

I have had so many questions on my Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies that I thought I would share my secret.”
Are you ready?

HEAPING tablespoons of Peanut Butter – I don’t level it AND 
extra OATMEAL ( about 3/4 C more than recipe calls for)

This is Grace’s Nana’s recipe and we’ve used it for years!!  I printed it out at the bottom of the post for you.

Once I melt the cocoa, milk, butter and sugar down and boil for two minutes I then pour in the vanilla, peanut butter and oats.
you do have to work quickly here.  Once I stir the initial 3 cups of oats in I get a ‘feel’ of the mix and add about
3/4 cup more in and stir and then I immediately begin plopping down heaping tablespoons of cookies.
by the time I get to the last bit it is already pretty crumbly and won’t stick together very well and this
is the part I eat…

I love No Bake Cookies and so does my step dad so I am taking this batch to him since the last two we all ate before they got to him!

A little bit of SHOP NEWS

We have this 2×4 CHOICE SIGN sign we just created.  We have this ONE that is ready to ship today if you catch me before 2:00 PM.  Of course you can order one from the SHOP too.  It is a creamy background with graphite lettering.  We created it as a reminder to CHOOSE good things within each day.  I am going to change out signs to say CHOICE signs or something…I don’t like the word RULES…ugh!  We all know we can’t keep all the rules right?smile

We sold the I AM HIS one that was ready to ship but you are welcome to order a custom one.  I want one for my bedroom!  The words strengthen my heart when I read them reminding me WHO’s I am.  I don’t know about you but I need some of that everyday!  I love the way Nikki laid it out so that the I AM HIS really stands out.

REMEMBER – you can customize all of our signs.  We offer Annie Sloan Chalk Paints as color options now.  Need a specific size?  we can do that too.

 enjoy you Wednesday..the weekend is almost here.  I want to take the girls to see Les Miserables.
has anyone seen it yet?  good?


Nana’s Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies

2 cups sugar
1/2 cups butter ( I use real unsalted butter)
1/2 cups milk
1/2 cups cocoa
3 cups quick oats ( plus extra) i sometimes use old fashioned oats for a more chewy cookie
5 HEAPING TB of peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla

boil sugar, butter, cocoa and milk for two minutes.
pour in while hot – oats and peanut butter and vanilla.
mix well and fast and drop by spoonfuls onto parchment paper and let dry.

eat the crumbs wink;)


tara - Hey girl…those are my most favorite cookies…grew up with my mom making them almost every week. I’ll have to see if her recipe is similar to yours.

And, I love your new signs! We’ve always kind of hated calling our sign the family rules sign, too. It’s that rules part!!! Jesus came to set us FREE….rules are so 200 years ago. :)

I LOVE your mom’s panels hanging in your dining room…..she is doing a great job!! Is she staying busy with orders? YAY!

Jackie - I absolutely LOVE your “I am His” sign! The layout, the font, the words…everything!! What a wonderful reminder every time you see it.
Have a lovely day!!

Kelly - I saw this on Pinterest and had to click over. My dad makes THE BEST no bake cookies (except he calls them oatmeal fudge cookies). It was always a special treat growing up when we would hear him clanking around the kitchen and smell the cookies not-baking. :) He even used to mail them to me when I was in college. Anyway, as I got older and started making them often for my kids, he shared his “secret” with me – heaping (crunchy) peanut butter! Makes all the difference!

Glenda Childers - I have my grandma’s recipe box … I have to go see if her no.bake recipe is in there. A part of my childhood memories.

Love the new signs.


Barbara - YUM, I’d eat the crumbs too, happy Friday!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - This was for ME!!! I know it was. (I know other peeps asked too…LOL)

Peanut butter!! Well of course…w hy didn’t I think of that?!!

Anonymous - I love the sign, where is that quote from?

Krysten Stasny - Hi, just wondering how to order a custom sign like the, “I Am His.” I’d like to know prices, etc. thanks :)

Kate - Hi! Please let me know how to go about ordering an ” I am His” sign! Love it!

April - I stumbled upon your “I am His” sign on Pinterest and immediately fell in love! If you accept orders, do you ship to South Korea where I currently live?

Autumn - I love your “I Am His” sign. How can I order one? Thanks!

kristie - I NEED one of your subway art signs. Love the, “I Am His”. Where do I find the information for ordering? Dimensions? Price? All that good stuff. Also, you mentioned you use ASCP, love it. Are the letters painted on the background? Just curious. Amazing! Thanks!

christina - Hello!!!! I fell in LOVE with your I Am His sign.

How can I order it?!? Thanks!!

Heather - I love the I Am His sign too! Can I still order one? I’m wondering if it’s available in square and how much? Thank you!

Grace - Hoping to get an I Am His sign. Still on sale?

Priscilla - Are the I am His posters still for sale? And how do u go about buying one?

Danielle Vaughns - I’d love to special order the “I am His” sign. What is the cost?

sarah - how canI order the I Am His sign?

Meghan - Can you please send me information in regards to buying the I Am His sign? Thank you.

Tina Betancourt - Please send me info on orderung I am his sign. i think its beautiful <

Katherine - I’d like to order the ‘I am His’ sign.

Beth - I would like to order an “I Am” sign. Where can I find prices? Also, if they are custom, can we get one that has some girly colors? Would love one for my daughter but she would love some dark pink or purple in the letters if it’s an option.


Cathi Onley - I would love to purchase an I am HIS for my daughters graduation gift

Angelina - I LOVE the “I AM HIS” sign!!! How can I order it for my ladybugs?
Thank you!!

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