i am loving…are you?

Ha ha!  I know what I will do…blog about some of the little things I am loving!  why you ask?
because I would love to know those things about YOU silly!  so here we go


pinning for some of my house projects.  Light, texture, soft color layered all against a neutral background, layers of all sorts — just a few words that
would describe my decor style groove.. you kinda can see these words taking shape in our dining area and soon our
living area…so much happening:)


 vintage, cottage dining room


passiondecor-de-marieclaude:    ethanallen.com




Penstemons and other blooms from the garden beside a family heirloom breadboard from Germany.



Vintage Style Bathroom with sweet colors!


36th Avenue coat closet


Brights Closet




now for my house… ( not quite the same is it…yet my friends…yet!)

talk about being uncomfortably real.  I am taking off the doors of our kitchen cabinets to see if I can give these 50 year old things a face lift or botox or something!  I will show you progress soon.  I got a few color samples to try inside the cabinets.  We are doing some open shelving on either side of the sink.  We also tore out the overhead cabinets above the stove!!

here I said I had two goals for the week with one being cleaning out the hall closet.
CHECK..done!  explains the above pins for closet ideas.  I am turning this into a
“mud closet”.  I picked out the paint for stripes girls!!  going with stripes…i think

and last but not least is my refrigerator! and the spill that happened the other day–
see why Instagram is so cool?  you find stuff like this out right when it happens…lol!


trying new hair styles like twisting the hair and secring with bobbi pins but it doens’t quite look the same on me as on Grace sot I keep going back to the hat.
LOVE hats…


trying new food and eating cleaner

tiff’s big bowl – plain shredded wheat, grape nuts & banana’s swiming in vanilla almond milk peeps:) ( inspired by Engine2 )

tried Nutella for the first time – wonderful all wrapped in crescent rolls and baked all soft and gooey!
Grace got a cooking lesson..more on this subject very soon:)

my weird lunch one day…apples, peanut butter and pepperoni


watching documentaries all last weekend.  Nothing wrong with being educated on what we are eating.
I highly recommend watching all of these.

Forks over Knives
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


DUCK DYNASTY..where has it been all my life!  This is for you Becky:) I am seriously in love with this family.  We watch them over and just laugh.  The good laughs..the kind that makes you forget we live in a merry go round society that goes so fast and you just wanna get off and escape to another place and time kinda laugh…

my camo pants that i will not get rid of..now i call them my duck commander pants


my INSTAGRAM friends

Sasha’s Etsy store to re-open and Chrissie opened her store again for the new year with some adorable pillows for those kiddos in your life.  And the ever amazing meg’s mercantile shop and Ashley’s home projects that just make me sick..in a good way:)…always something fun going on there.

Instagram is my fav thing happenin right now.  It is instant and fun!  We are houseofbelonging by the way:)
I am on it WAY more than Facebook now.

ok..now your turn–what are some things YOUR crazy little self is loving….


Amy at Fig Milkshakes - Beautiful choices for home pins! Think I’ll have to grab some of those up!

LOVE the camo pants – so 90′s (which, by the way, is the best compliment I can give!)

Sheri - Love it all. Good luck with your cabinets – we need to talk – I want to paint mine too – have you used the liquid sandpaper that you can paint on? I want to try it. xo

Barbara - Love this I too love IG and I am a follower that loves you daily glimpse into your life. Duck Dynasty I have not seen but have heard so much about it will need to tune in soon.

Mary - i am LOVING those pins!!!
and you, of course!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I am loving a ton of the same things my friend!! I am mainly loving bright colors. I splashed a bunch of prints all over one of my walls today and I keep looking at it! So fun. :)

Thanks for the sweetNESS!!

Glenda Childers - Sounds like you are having fun … this makes me happy.


tara - I loved this post so much…they are always my favorite…well, these and before and afters.

Your house is in a major renovation!!! We’ve done 4 MAJOR renovations…like the kind you’re doing. They are HARD work but in the end, you look at the after pictures and just about die that YOU did it all.

Still dying to know what you’re doing in the kitchen with the chalk paint on the floor. DIED when I saw it.

I always love your instagram pictures….I love it so much more than any of the other social medias…Honestly, i like it more than blogging. :) it’s instant and i feel more connected to people on there than I do on the blog.

You’re a hat girl. the end. i want to pull it off so bad. it’s on my list for this year. :) i want one of those adorable knitted hats like becky and sasha wear. :)

duck dynasty. we’ve watched every show…sometimes twice. laugh hysterically. the kids watch it with us. we all pile up and watch it and laugh til it hurts.

phil is hilarious. did you see the episode when the real estate agent took him and kay house shopping? hilarious.

honestly, that family reminds me of my ENTIRE extended family. I have uncles that could be one the show, and I’m not even kidding.

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