fasting during re-booting our family

while instagraming last weekend i ran across this from AEDRIEL on rhonna’s IG feed…thank you for sharing:)

which then proceeded to pick at me..then gnaw and so I
made a choice.. to take the day off from social media – email AND ETSY!

i knew i needed this.  at least until i find a place of balance i am fasting  every sunday from

technology = instagram, email, etsy ( work:)pinterest…

so if you see me .. gently remind me to get back to the moment

it is just a teensy thing really but it might just….i will let you know


what are your thoughts on fasting technology

3 days until

DISCLAIMER:  i do not say this from a place of judgement..ever!  you know that right?  this is just my story and i always pray that in some way it will inspire you.
just while we are going through re-booting i think it just might be something small i can take off my plate even if only one day a week.

wait until you see what i am having the kids wear on Dumpster Day…beards .. ducks .. camo  HINT HINT:)



Ter'e - Step One – CHECK!
Atta Girl Tiff!!!!!

Glenda Childers - Even God took that day off :). It is always good to copy Him.

So proud of you, dearest. Enjoy the rest.


tara - You’ll love the day off.
I took a break from Facebook that I thought was going to be temporary, and I’ve never gone back.

Praying for you as you head into this weekend…praying everyone stays healthy so they can help! You know I’d be there in a NY minute, if I lived closer. :) I LOVE to clean out and purge.

Rachel - Tiff, I love this idea! Lent starts in just a few short weeks, and I have already decided what I will be giving up, but I will be incorporating this idea into the mix as well. Thank you for your inspiration. Love how you are Re-booting your family. God Bless!

Sarita - Great idea! Don’t forget to turn the sound off the “thing” so you won’t hear pings or whatever lets you know that you have mail. Just a thought.

Barbara - Oh that is a good one sometimes it’s crazy that we could spend so much time on this darn internet so many places and thing to see all at our hands, we all need a break from what ever it maybe.

Deborah Carlson - You are adorable!
Praying this fast turns into a greater blessing!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxo

sheri - Great idea. I gave up Facebook for Lent last year. 40 days and it really wasn’t hard. Love you sweet friend. xo

terri - good for you! i think it is a GREAT idea! sometimes we just need a day to re-group and bond with home and family! i just removed myself from facebook for some personal reasons and i can say that i do not necessarily miss it. i felt that it was more of a bragging ground then anything else. i do not know if i will ever go back. maybe in time, but for now, it is what i needed to do!
blessings to you and your reboot! cant wait to see the pics!! xo

Chrissie Grace - I saw that on IG…I need to do it. My hubs complains that I’m always on my phone…so I’m declaring Sunday no digital day for me too! :)

Jenigrl - Hello Tiff…

It has been awhile since I have been able to post any comments or even read your posts,(even though you are my homepage!) lately…I am so glad I chose this post to read!!! I left my marriage of 20yrs the end of Sept and I left with some clothes and some of my 3 yr old grandson’s toys (I have custody of him) and that was it…no car, no job, no savings, no nothing…but me and my grandson! I knew it wasn’t the most responsible thing to do but I just could not take anymore! I am totally amazed at how much stuff I have accumulated in 3 1/2 months!!

(I have been able to go back to the house and get things as I can and then we had Christmas…and my Grandson got toys and clothes from EVERYONE this year because of my situation…even people we really don’t know all that well! I am totally thankful for them and to God for being so generous with His Blessings however, I don’t have room for everything!!!)

Luckily I have exceptionally wonderful God fearing parents who took us in and are basically taking care of us until I get on my feet. It is extremely tight quarters and lately I find myself standing in the middle of a huge mess in the very small space we have and bawling my eyes out! There are clothes, toys, tampons, socks, shoes, boxes, makeup…you name it and it is in a pile here somewhere!!! And my “good” clothes which need to be hung are on the back porch because I cant fit the portable rack in the house!!!!

TALK ABOUT TOTALLY OVERWHELMED! And no wonder…I am the one who left it get this way!! It, along with other issues, have been making me think of giving up and going back… BUT after reading your post, I have decide to clean out and get organized!! This lack of organization is for me, is pure sloathfulness and a ploy from Satan to keep me oppressed as I have been for many many years!! (I have a big list of excuses that God is helping me get rid of right now and I am sure He is the one who made me stop and read the post!!!) PRAISES TO GOD!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you my friend for sharing your life issues with us because I was on the brink of going under and when I read this it was like a slap in the face, in a good way lol :) I will let you know my progress as I know you and hopefully everyone else who has decided to re-boot will!!

I know this is such a long post but when you get that GOD Moment it just has to be shared!!

I can’t wait to get to heaven and see how many crowns you will receive!! I am sure God will say to you…”Well done my good and faithful servant!”

Many Blessings to you Sweetie!
Sweet Sleep Everyone!
Your Sister in Christ

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