I forgot to tell you about our planked walls!

dark ~depressing ~ dirty
my 3 adjectives that described this room when we moved in a year ago last month

last Christmas we had painted the walls and it looked like this


a little paint, ripping up the carpet and our most recent project

::: planking the walls on either side of the fireplace :::

 completely changed the vibe of the room

and we didn’t even fill the nail holes!
we painted the planks Benjamin Moore’s Whispering Spring

in which I TOTALLY stalked Ashley and stole the color from one of her favorite’s…couldn’t help myself
and you would do the same thing!  she has a happy home!!  and I love her…and her home:)
isn’t it amazing what little projects .. over time .. can do to change the heart of a home?


what little projects do you
lurking around in your heard?

have you planked any walls?
I love it so much I am going to do my whole bedroom!

you can click here here and here for planking tutorials
and remember…a little bit at a time makes a big difference a year later!!

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SmithShack71 - I love that room. It looks a lot bigger, too. Right? Love the planks and the color. That is one happy fireplace!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage - So light and bright now..just beautiful!! Merry Christmas!

cassie - i really want to invite myself over to sit in that blue chair with the red blanket on my lap by the fire- it looks like sucha happy place!!!!

susan@avintagefarmwife - Love what you have done, Tiffany! I saw a reference to you on another blog yesterday, and I am wondering….do you paint cows? Have a great day!

Sarita - Love the plank walls! I think the flash cards on the tree are very clever!

Mindy@adandeliondiary.blogspot.com - I love the planking! Your home looks so inviting.

Barbara - Well this have turned out so good, love the work you put into it. That is one of the lings on my list tare out the carpet in the living room, yikes.
Have a great day!

Kris - Tiffany,
Oh my the room looks beautiful. Love the planks great job. So bright and pretty. Have a beautiful holiday time with your family. Merry Christmas.

tara - I am blown away by how much you guys have done to that room…to the whole house!

You know I’m DYING to see the kitchen! The last thing I heard you say about it had something to do with rat poop. :(

It’s beautiful, friend!

Suzanne - T, this looks
so crisp and
happy and FUN!

Your determination
is infectious.

I do have a project
lurking in my
heart, and hope
to dig down and
move forward with
it after the holidays!

Not gonna jinx it
by saying what it
is…..yet : )

Merry Christmas,
sweet friend! May
your holidays be
filled with joy.

xo Suzanne

Lemonade Makin' Mama - They’re so planky… and pretty! Someday I will have a fireplace and then I’ll be stalking your entire makeover. :)

merry Christmas sweet girl!

Ter'e Crow Lindsay - Hi my cutie,
I have disliked my island from Day one. We did change out the sink and the countertop, but I have never really liked the “shell”. I love planking. just love the look. Cannot convince my DH that it is ok to plank a new house! So, I have finally convinced him to plank the island in the kitchen. Once planked, we will decide whether to paint it room color or accent wall color. I am excited!

Then we shall decide what to plank next!

Natalie - The walls are beautiful! What a wonderful way to dress up your fireplace. I love the addition of the handmade looking star. Such a pretty way to celebrate the holidays.

Thirkellgirl - I LOVE your blue chair. It’s almost exactly like my Basset sofa that I had done in blue denim, but which is on its last legs (13 years…I got my money’s worth). I’m replacing the sofa with an Ektorp loveseat but would also like a side chair, and yours is perfect. Can you tell me about it?

Amy - I would love to know the colors of your walls and trim! Your home is lovely!

phyllis - Awesome from top to bottom! So warm and happy and fun…good job!

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