prayers please!

Hello, its Nikki here:)I wanted to write a quick post asking your prayers for mom. We had to take her to the hospital this morning due to complications with her Crohn’s disease.  I will keep you updated when I know more.


Kris - Oh my gosh. Your poor mom. I hope she is doing better soon. Keep us posted. I am a nurse and I know how that Chrohn’s can effect your life. My prayers and best wishes go out to her.

sheri - Sending prayers her way. So sorry to hear this. xo

Rachel French - Praying for your mom and your family!

The Domestic Fringe - Saying a prayer of healing for your mom.

Deborah Carlson - Lifting your sweet Mom up before His throne now.
How sweet of you to ask for prayer for your Mom \o/
Hugs and peace ofr you and your family.
God’s arms are wrapped around your Momma

In His love,
Deborah xo

Laura @ Finding Home - Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. Please let us know how she is and she is definitely in our prayers. Blessings to you all.

Take care, Laura

kristin - Praying praying praying…Sorry, I just left a msg on FB.. Hang in there my friend. big hugs and lots of love.

Mary - PRAYING!!! Love you girl!!!

becky - Keep us posted! Praying!!

Chrissie Grace - Praying!!!

Patty Page - I’m praying for good treatment, quick healing, and comfort for all of you!

terri - prayers for your mom, nikki. i hope she has a speedy recovery and feels better soon! xo

Sarita - Thanking our God for putting His healing arms around your mom.

brenda - prayers for sure. so sorry to hear of this relapse. she has been making such progress with business and her Life Journey with her Savior.

LLH Designs - Just seeing this on Saturday night and wanted you to know I’m praying for you RIGHT NOW. I know the Lord is with you, and He is mighty to save. Hugs and love to you.

tara - Oh my goodness…we had a staff retreat with our church and just got back today. I haven’t been on my computer, so I completely missed this information!!

I’m praying for her!!! Please let us know as soon as you know anything….

Ter'e - Nikki:
We are with you……….
Your family will be receiving many prayers from those who love Tiff and follow your lovely family.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.
Hug her for us…….

Ter'e - It’s Sunday? Any new news on how Tiff is progressing???
I hope she is feeling SO MUCH better.
Yes, you can tell, we are all worried.
Thanks Nikki.

Becca - I am praying! Becca

barbara - My prayers an all the best to your mom and all of the family.

Jen - Praying for your Momma and your family. PLEASE update us all as soon as you possibly can…we are all concerned for her…:)

brenda - just had to ck back to see if there were any updates on your mother.

Ter'e - After this many days and no word – I am really worried sick about our Tiff. And I am concerned about Nikki too. This is a load our “special family” did not need, right now.

Please, if anyone hears something…….will you please post a note here?

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