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I am selling our Betts..Antique Farmhouse Cow print

happy happy Tuesday…we are selling Betts.  We have only had her for a few months…

click HERE to read all the information about her.  I am selling her for 50.00 and that includes s/h.

First comment that wants her..has her:)

I am sad to see her go but to be honest..she is just to big for our little house.  This has been a learning curve for Nik and I..choosing things that are proportionate to our house.  We have some fun new things to put in her place though so no worries!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is 9 days away?  geesh .. me either.  Well off to work girlies…hugs…xotiff


let’s be adventurer’s together…

wanders but is not lost


tucked all under the covers and riddled with pain gives place for my mind to wander on these words from Sarah Ban Breathnach.

 “a vicarious route to some essential part of herself that she does not yet fully recognize or understand”

The Beloved becomes ” the heroic territory she longs to occupy.”

Is there a deep longing within that longs to be the heroine of your story?

would you be willing to begin an adventure on how to?



printable Gift Card & my new crush…Chrissie Grace

  Hey:)  a happy Friday–I need coffee…a new brain…to be cloned…my toenails painted..uh yeah..forgot I’m not alone–my brain is always making lists

I was at Target last weekend and the mood was quite festive.  I heard children squealing ” mommy…and running to the bling”y” clothing ” and couples sharing that would make a nice gift and another rather harried shopper telling her companion this is a Christmas gift. is upon us.  I have vowed to shop earlier and handmade as much as possible.  I thought I would share with you my new handmade shop crush with you.  I LOVE love LOVE shopping from friends and small handmade shops because I know first hand what time and love they put into their work.  It makes it SUPER me:)

**See the end of the post for our printable House of Belonging Gift Tag to slip into a stocking or under the tree**

In His Grace

 my new friend..I LOVE her heart for God..for home..for her gift
she is bursting with joy and it spills out all over her makes me smile
it makes me inspires me…in turn it makes me want to inspire others..kinda like ripples
yes…you will love her too:)  Oh..she opened for just two week..until November 15
I believe…so not much time!

HOW TO USE this Printable Gift Card

(This is just one way to support handmade businesses if you do not know what to have created for your special person)

~Go to Etsy and purchase one of their gift cards.
~Then send us an email at and let us know
~and we will do our part and email the gift certificate to you.
Easy peasy!  Or if you have any questions or need us to create a gift certificate with more specifics all ya gotta do is ask.

***I am slaving in the kitchen today making over 100 cupcakes and a small wedding cake for my sisters wedding tomorrow…I can’t wait to share it with you next week
***we have deactivated the shop for two weeks to catch up but have some exciting news around watching our FACEBOOK page and follow us on INSTAGRAM
@houseofbelonging to be the first to know:)

with all my love….tiff



I am succumbing to the wall planking craze…

have you noticed besides the chalkboard craze that planking is taking off like gangbusters?  You can plank ceilings, fireplaces, floors and walls.  Horizontal, vertical or both.  The possibilities are endless!

Lettered CottageHome Interior Love Where You Live 

Sometimes it is a waste of time to try and reinvent the wheel and planking is no exception.  I really really love the feeling of planking so I decided to join
the masses and plank a room…or two.  With our walls in such bad shape I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

Tiek Built Homes

The cost isn’t bad..I just had 3 boards of 1/4″ sandeply hardwood cut today in 4″ planks for 60.00.  I am doing a wall in Dakota’s room and either side of our
fireplace.  If all goes well I will proceed with planking my whole room!

Owen’s Olivia

I perused Pinterest and came up with some inspiration pictures.  I know in the living room I am going to paint the planks Behr’s Ashwood just like the living room but in
Dakota’s room I haven’t decided whether to use a light stain –like in his inspiration picture here– or Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl and distress it a little..jury is out on that one still?
What do you think?   Or maybe go 3/4 the way up like she did in Owen’s room? cute huh?

Sweet Pickens 

  Sweet Pickins

Better late than never I say to learn that to make my house a place of belonging I must put action to my heart  instead of talking/dreaming.
For me…there is a big connection and I mean BIG between my heart and my home…almost as if they were an extension of my inner self.  My home reflects me–

And that is scary ya’ll…but seriously I am beginning to understand the connections and why it is so important to me this stage in my life..that I create a home
a House of Belonging if you will.

While I am busy with our sign making I am saving up materials for projects over the holidays!  I am so ready to jump in…
I can’t WAIT to share them with you!

what about you?  are you joining in the planking craze?  are you too–making the connection between your heart & home?

Here are a few links to some how to’s I found just in case you can’t wait on your man…lol!!

Lettered Cottage

Sweet Pickens

Take the Side Street

Domestic Imperfection


move over Ziploc–a sweet little bread wrapper for giving

there is something about red & white
that makes my heart swoon.  So much so that I want to do a red and white Christmas this year…but I’m not
That’s the way I kidding – I may…geesh!

November 2 is official.  I can start holiday nesting…cozying up the home.
Pulling out the family recipe’s
Making the lists
marking the calendar’s
listening to Christmas music….what?  ok..not yet but soon

SO when I saw the Ziploc commercial the other day..I objected..I stood up..on the inside and vowed to bring back handmade!
No more plastic lay in the landfill for decades Santa Claus baggies for me.  I was inspired by a how to in Better Homes & Garden
Food Gifts.


I had everything on hand but the parchment paper.  If you have a sewing machine and a needle you can DO this!
I need to practice before actually giving…
While on the parchment run I picked up this cake mix -

instead of following the box directions I used my favorite way to bake cakes now.

How to make cupcake from mix taste like scratch

source Tidy Mom

I took the parchment paper and measured around the bread to see how much to cut off.  I cut two pieces the same size and simply sewed them together
using a zigzag stitch.
I then wrapped the stitched paper around the bread and marked where the two buttons were to be sewn on.
Then I sewed the buttons on.
Wrapped the bread in saran wrap to keep it moist.
Wrapped the paper around the bread.  Cut a long length of twine and wrapped it around several times and then wrapped it around the buttons

and viola!  I had a tag from our sale days…and stamped an X & O on it.

Pretty gosh darn sweet.
Waaayyyy better than Ziploc.  Sure to get ooohhs and aaahhs:)

and the bread was DELISH!

I also made these Oreo pops sprinkled with orange flakes and packed them up with…you guessed it … twine!
i could seriously have a twine fetish

are you with me?  Maybe a little more handmade this year…it is quite that a word that would fit in this sentence?
anyway…you get me don’t ya? 

 :: and the winner of the sweet ruffled curtains is ::

Kris from Junk Chic Cottage!  I will email you for your address:)!!

TODAY is the last day our Etsy shop is open…then we are closin her down to paint and paint and paint!  So get your orders in:)

Happy Friday sweet sweet friends…oh how I am thankful for each of YOU!