i have a new friend and her name is moxie..have you met her?

I am a heart girl..i have tried to separate home and heart here on the blog and it just won’t work.  I can’t do one without the other.
they are magically connected..period.  ( for some weird reason Lucky Charms popped into my head…hummm)

i had to stop trying to take the heart out of the girl and just let her evolve you know what I/m talking about?

I am going to whisper this…come here..it is such a precious piece of truth..sacred no doubt..i want to treat it with the honor it deserves

and dare I say ever so humbly that I am  figuring something out…

you want to know what the difference is in someone who makes beauty from ashes ..
someone who refuses to quit..to not see thier dream come true
the underdog become the top dog?
those stories that have you on the edge of your seat holding your breath that she will be the heroine of
her story?

—– they make it their own —–


just like our sweet Ann Voscamp.  She took the truth of gratitude and made it hers.  An intricate part of her authentic real life with its painful stories, hard places, raw emotions…everyday.

Solomon really is spot on when he wrote there is nothing new under the sun.
It isn’t something only for the Ann’s of the world as I am sure she would want us to know.
It is for the YOU’s and me’s…too.
and what is really blowing my mind is this applies to all truths not just  gratitude

Ann made gratitude her own forever changing her hiSTORY..

and you know what?  there are millions of biography’s just like hers!

i will be sharing so much more on this…but this moment..right now
this season of celebrating life-family-friends-heart & home

here is one thing I am making my own ::  making sacred connections in my heart and home

to take what I have where I live right now..not in my dream world
my home.. as enough (verb)  and create it ( verb ) into a place of true belonging for my family.
right where we are and I am taking YOU sweet friends with me because I am bound and determined to show that this is for anyone
who is teachable.  I want to show you how I do it so you can do it too!!

because girls I have found a new friend and her name is moxie..have you heard of her?

—————- MOXIE means

the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage…don’t you just LOVE that?

reminds me of fried green tomatoes…tiwanda..what was it she said?  that is the spirit I am talking about!

so while I can’t take the heart out of the girl I can implement the moxie in her and get down to business turning this house into a place of belonging by looking for the sacred connections each and everyday as daily markers guiding me along the journey.

there is SO much to share about our new blog design..it is coming–just SO much but today I am content to chew upon making things mine..this is what changes my heart and re writes my STORY!

love you friends…so much…thank you coming alongside me.  I do SO look forward to the next leg of the journey…wherever that takes us and I am humbled to have so many uniquely created hearts to help lift each other up.

to moxie! and less steroids…for crying out loud I almost ate a whole medium pizza in bed last night!


Ter'e - Baby Girl Tiff!!!!
You sound so much better! I am thrilled to hear our Tiff rearing her little head.
So PROUD of you!
Question………..where are you finding all these darling silver items you are giving the Christmas Spirit to? Whoa…….there is some bad grammar!
I’m in Florida………so I won’t be shopping at your neighborhood stores…….and taking all the silvery goodies!

Mary - you are an absolute treasure, you know that, right?
God is molding you, Tiff, and we are blessed to be able to encourage and be encouraged along the way.
i know that days aren’t easy, and that there is a road ahead, but all i can think of is, “for when i am tried, and purified, i shall come forth as gold!”
ooooohhhh……He’s gonna bring so much goodness out of this!
xoxo love you.

one day at a time.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - GO girl!!! I’m a heart girl too… it’s all just vomited out there for the world to see. LOL

Rachel - I agree with Lemonade Makin’ Momma, You Go! I love your honesty. Your holiday decorations look beautiful. Merry Christmas, my friend.

Chrissie Grace - Yay for you…I love your heart and spirit.
I am searching for more truth, and the courage to be authentically me, all the time, in every situation.
You are an inspiration to me!

tara - Hey friend…
I am totally in love with all the things you are adding to your home, but the heart work that God is doing in you is a million times more beautiful. I can’t wait to hear more of the story HE is unfolding in you.

I’m so proud of you for allowing him to do this heart work.

Sarita - Everyday in everywhere you’re getting better and better.

Patty Page - I can’t wait to see the new blog design and I’m praying for you as you “Moxie”!

Glenda Childers - Ah, Moxie, I mean Tiffini … these are beautiful words.

I am studying Nehemiah right now and am being struck again and again with the balance between the actual work of rebuilding the wall, that the Jews did (sweat and tears, I am sure), and the truth that God is the only True Builder.

I am wrestling with this balance. Your words reflect both … your work and God’s part. Beautiful.


Laura @ Finding Home - Thank you friend – because I need moxie today! I am gonna bring her right with me! Take care, Laura

Suzanne - Gosh, I so admire you,
girlie. Your journey
lifts me and your sweet
words always resonate.
You rock and it’s an honor
to bear witness to your
moxie. Love it, and you!!

xo Suzanne

Barbara - That sounds like a great plan I know you can pull it off with no doubt and ease. Love your decorations your home is so bright and happy you have a great gift for this.
Have a great weekend filled joy and fat free pizza!

ps I’m sure you have had many suggestions given to you but here is one more maybe you’ve heard of her Caitlin from Roost blog her husband has Crohns and tells the story of his journey http://www.roostblog.com/

Shaunna - Love it & love you for having heart. Totally my kind of gal.

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