store closing…explained:)

hello all of you delightful hearts:)  how has your Tuesday been?  I’m going slightly mental but I am sorting it out.  It is a good mental..if there is such a thing.

here is to hoping I make sense….

I have had lots of questions on the shop closing and I wanted to clarify — here are the main points

:::YES – we are still open and accepting orders until the end of October…so get em in!  This includes custom orders too.  Don’t forget our 15% off coupon over at Becky’s


::: Our last ship day is December 16

:::Believe it or not we have trouble with customers reading that these are hand painted signs…they literally take 6 to 8 weeks.  I cut, prep, paint and build each sign by myself.

I haven’t changed over to vinyl or stencils yet.  Not sure if I even want to.   I am a single mama for the most part but am blessed to have my oldest daughter Nikki with me who I swear we are two people that make a darn good “person”;)  I still have my home to-do’s like laundry, cooking, cleaning and kids to take care of and go see their activities and I enjoy and desperately need time to spend with Jesus everyday AND I am starting to fit exercise back into my day.  ALL of these things need to come before my work and to be honest …. they have not.  I put so much of my life on hold to paint.  I am literally working from the time the kids go to school and often in bed painting while I watch DVR’s of The X Factor and such.

I am working on balancing out all of the above so everyone is happy…you the customer included:)) YOU support our family in a big way.  Much like Sasha I’m sure you do so much for us you will never ever know this side of heaven.  Someday I am going to write I book…not kidding!  and I want to mention every single one of you!  I think that is why I am so consumed with working.  I’m thankful and honestly…a little fearful.  Honestly I want to give each sign my special attention.  Yes..there are 30 orders ahead of you and I don’t think customers realize that:)

:::We are in process of creating our Winter Collection .. yet to be named .. for January 1 and I need some time to create and wrap that up so it is ready to go without worrying about orders.

:::The reason I want to be done on December 16 ( last day we ship ) is so I can concentrate on my family only!  Kiddos are off school those couple of weeks and I just want to be a mama

make memories and just enjoy the holiday.  I KNOW all of you totally understand this–

my Conundrum!

Do I still take orders through our off time knowing those customers will be first in line when we re-open in January?

 My fear is they won’t read and know we are not working on new orders until we re-open and then be upset?


I hope this helps a bit explain the shop closing for two months.  


Pinky Promise that we are re-opening with some amazing new creations…I wish I could share but I can’t…yet!  you will have to wait for it.

We will be offering some sort of coupon…or something fun for the new collection as it draws closer.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

don’t forget….start checking off your Christmas list early!

Isaiah 9:6 Christmas sign GIVEAWAY– there is still time to enter

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gotta take little miss Grace for a highlight today…geesh!

We have another giveaway in the next week or two from my momma!!

so be sure to sign up via email and follow on Instagram @houseofbelonging to be the first to know.  Happy fall Tuesday…hugs and squeezes!


kristin - I am so happy you are taking the time off to be with family and for yourself, we all need it!

Mary - I totally understand this!
You are so wise to put God and family first! It will ALWAYS pay off.
I think about you often, and how you are doing this ALL BY YOURSELF from start to finish. AHMAZING!
I even didn’t read your shop updates on no rush shipping, so I can see how people get mistaken…they just think that these amazing signs are there and ready RIGHT now when the truth is, they are each lovingly and painstakingly crafted by hand.
That’s what I love about them and they are gonna be SO worth the wait! YAY!

Abby - WAIT – are all of those signs painted free-hand? No stencils at all???? That just makes your talent even more extraordinary!!!!!!!

becky @ farmgirl paints - girl you don’t have to explain. i can ONLY imagine how much work goes into every single one of your gorgeous creations. that’s why i’m beyond thrilled to have my very own!

i’m doing the same thing. haven’t said anything yet, but i’m closing shop mid-december and keeping it closed until feb. i feel God telling me to get started on illustrating that book. the one i’ve had on my heart forever and to be honest…the etsy shop is a huge distraction. love it but that’s the truth. okay enough about me. so proud of you! love ya girlie.

sonyamacdesigns - our gifts, need us … feel guiltless my sister!

Jenigrl - Miss Tiff,

My thoughts…do not take orders while closed. There is a very good reason why you close for two months over the Christmas Holiday and if you take orders YOU WILL NOT REST OR RELAX!! I think we all know you well enough to know that you will have to go check on the orders coming in and then feel like you need to start working on them and it will defeat the entire reason you are closing!! I am sure that your Customers will understand and be considerate of your well deserved time off! While we absolutely love your signs…WE LOVE YOU MORE!!!

Now if it is stressing you to a point of craziness…then allow folks to place there order with the understanding that their sign/signs will not be started until after you reopen…NO EXCEPTIONS!! Send a confirmation that the order was recieved and remind them that they will not be ready until sometime in February 2013.

Whatever you decide…you MUST PROMISE that you will not be worrying about the shop while you are on Holiday Break!! God will take care of everything…including you!!

Hugs and Kisses my Friend!!

sheri - awesome – I better hurry and order mine – you are such a good mama with a huge heart – and I PRAY next year we are going to connect – perhaps Pearls and Grace is it happens??? xoxoxo

Amy - If you truely want time off to spend with family and rest, then do not take orders!

Glenda Childers - I hope you can take two months off to recuperate from your busy painting schedule, with no orders hanging over your head. So happy your business is booming.

Sarita - As others have said,I would advise taking no orders when closed. Enjoy your time off with all that you are going to do.

terri - thank you for sharing with us your reasons why. i think this makes us love you even MORE!!!! you have such a kind heart and beautiful soul and i am so happy to have found your blog!! xoxo

Barbara - How awesome is that looks like you are in for a great holiday season. Just started reading your blog it is just so inspiring and bright love your style.

Chrissie Grace - I’m not blogging right now but I found your instagram through Becky and made my way over here.
Everything is beautiful and inspiring and I’m so glad to have found you! :)
Chrissie Grace

Anonymous - I’m not blogging right now but I found your instagram through Becky and made my way over here.
Everything is beautiful and inspiring and I’m so glad to have found you! :)
Chrissie Grace

Lemonade Makin' Mama - I’m closing my shop down in December and I totally get it. You get orders and it is such a blessing but it’s crazy too. I say do what you feel is RIGHT and it will all fall into place. Isn’t it amazing what these shops provide? I know we would not be making ends meet without it so I feel humbled and blessed by EVERY order… and I hate turning people away!!

tara Lowry - I can attest that each sign takes so much time!!!
We aren’t taking a break but ONLY bc we work together every single week on the signs. Although, your break during the holidays sounds like a perfect plan for next year!!!

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