a confession: i am a Thistlewood Farm groupie

confession – I am a Thistlewood Farm groupie

you know .. ohh and ahh over every picture..and gasp and omg at her stories..and that house!
Karianne is iconic.  period.
the way her words tell the story of her heart and home is on a whole other level-
Karianne really did have me at hello

today ya’ll I am so excited to share Karianne

so grab a cuppa somethin hot and head on over and read all about it:)
and if your not a groupie already…you will be

and we’ll be back tomorrow with the winner of the curtains

oh yeah…one more thing
Karianne calls me a rock star she calls everybody a rock star..and there is something about the way she says it
that I almost believe it’s true;)



sheri - ah haaaa – I am too! Too funny! We MUST meet.

terri - tiffini did i miss the link to her blog? xo

Lemonade Makin' Mama - You ARE a rock star!!! :)
I never heard of her until the other day… lovely blog!! Wowza.

tara - you are a TOTAL rockstar.

I adore her, too…really enjoying getting to know her.

Suzanne - Funny, I just heard
about her blog, recently,
and have been meaning
to check it out ~ thanks
for the reminder : ) !!

xo Suzanne

PS: Do not doubt an icon
if she says that you rock, girl!

Thistle - You know.

That I know.

And now everyone knows that you are…..


Love your heart :)

Happy day sweet friend!

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