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a confession: i am a Thistlewood Farm groupie

confession – I am a Thistlewood Farm groupie

you know .. ohh and ahh over every picture..and gasp and omg at her stories..and that house!
Karianne is iconic.  period.
the way her words tell the story of her heart and home is on a whole other level-
Karianne really did have me at hello

today ya’ll I am so excited to share Karianne

so grab a cuppa somethin hot and head on over and read all about it:)
and if your not a groupie already…you will be

and we’ll be back tomorrow with the winner of the curtains

oh yeah…one more thing
Karianne calls me a rock star she calls everybody a rock star..and there is something about the way she says it
that I almost believe it’s true;)



what does a baby cow being born have to do with STORY?

THE anticipated day trip had finally arrived dawning all crispy..a made to order day for wearing boots-crocheted hats and plaid scarfs.

Nikki Grace and I headed over to pick up my mom and met the other sisters for the hour..ok hour and a HALF drive to Osborn, MO Shatto Dairy Farm.. you kinda get lost out in them there sticks
but it was a farm/barn/cow/landformiles kinda girls dream.  Someday…looong sigh


she was a little shy about squeezing…although very funny to watch

but not Evan…

he got his my sister good…ha ha ha

Things like this make my heart want for simpler days.  The memories of that day I will treasure.  I didn’t expect to enjoy myself so much..Nikki and I sat on a front porch swing and wished it were ours:)
I wondered about the owner’s story.  Did he know this was his dream?  did he work years for it..starting small and watching it grow only to stop at a certain point knowing that this was enough and more would
be greed?  Did he sacrifice ‘years’ to work hard building the dream?  did he have deep valleys and high mountains too?  would he..if he could..go back and do something different?  does he wake each morning with a peace
knowing he did what he could?  does he have integrity knowing he did it the right way?  or does he wish he wasn’t doing this at all and not yet have found his passion..his purpose?

they showed us how they bottled the milk.  The milk in our stores can be same day milking?  crazy huh?

I wonder about his story..someday my kids might wonder about mine
and I want them to be able to witness to..dream building and what God can do with a heart that trusts Him.
to teach them about STORY..their story..their dream..their CALLING
cause my job really is to hold their hand so far and then give it to the One who knows their dreams
I am to be the one who wipes them off..dries tears..and cheers them on again as they venture out
writing their stories.

pure craziness – we got to see a first time mama have her baby.  See the hooves sticking out?

I have no idea what a baby cow or visiting a dairy farm has to do with STORY but the owner has one and so do we..and that kinda stuff
just makes my mind ask all sorts of questions:)

and this girl just HAD to finish her dairy farm experience with a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich
right from miss Audrey the cow…the end

Grace’s last “real” costume…October 2011:(

Enjoy your evening fun tonight…I am staying in and working.  I’m not much of a Halloween holidays are fast approaching though:)



GIVING away a sweet pair of ruffled curtains…

hello there:) I have been anticipating this giveaway for a wee bit now!
I am super excited to share my mom and her gift of sewing with you.

She is giving away this pair of curtains made out of a poly/cotton fabric.
They measure 41″x90″ with 4 rows of 5″ ruffles..all ruffles finished.  They have a 11/2 ” rod pocket
and are white but she can make them in any color. 

Have you ever struggled with buying window treatments because of the price?  I know I have and that is why my windows never had curtains.
we always had naked windows with those ugly metal mini blinds.

You can put an end to naked windows and have Shades Up & Co. create reasonably priced window coverings made just the
way you want them!

but more importantly I am letting you know they are NOT
out of the average woman’s budget!!  You won’t have to hide the charge card bill is what I’m sayin!  We can realistically prettify our homes without
breaking the budget and that’s a good thing.

I had an aha! moment once I started seeing our windows here being dressed so pretty with curtains on what a difference curtains make!!
It changes the whole vibe of the room…warms it up..softens..makes a statement and puts that little pop of pretty.

He is Jealous - Hand Painted Wooden Sign

and my dropcloth long ruffled curtain for my dining room…which I am LOOOOVING:)

I have a blog + mom is starting her drapery business again = help share her drapes with all my friends AND have drapes for each window in my house!

a kinda give and take…hehehe!

Which is why I am waiting for this post to let her know my order…see below

2 slipcovers for my ugly chairs…something like this

ruffled drapes like these for my living room window only with some fun material ruffles?

FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE: Double Ruffle Drop Cloth Panels

and some fantastically fun curtains like these for my bedroom?

sounds pretty fair..;)

I know you are going to LOVE them & her as much as we do:) plus my mom is able to bring to life most any vision you have in your head!!

Here is what you do to ENTER..

For one entry visit Shades Up & Co. Etsy shop and come back and tell us what is your favorite pair of curtains…all named after her kids and grand kids btw..
For an extra entry you like Shades Up & Co’s FACEBOOK page and come back and tell us
simple as that.  WINNER will be announced in Friday’s POST…


we are closing shop November 2 for the year.  Re Opening January 1 with a surprise!!
SO get your orders in by Saturday…if you do order now orders will ship December 16…in time for Christmas:)..xo 
happy Monday…xoxotiff

photo sources in order – -  the nester  - french country cottage -  house of turqoise


Pinterest is giving me my MOJO back!

we made’s Friday!  thank you for all your input on IKEA!  Nikki Grace & I have been oogling the magazine.. but I got some funny coincidental news to share.
This has been my inspiration picture for Dakota’s bedroom and guess what?  Nikki found out most of what is in here is from where?
IKEA!  a God thing?  I think so!

lovely image sources are Just a Girl & Handmade Home...thank you:)

This weekend we are going to be prepping Dakota and Grace’s room for paint on Monday..and I am super duper excited!!  not to move stuff but just to begin in
another part of the house.  I am going for it girls.  I’m getting my MOJO back…we all get in slumps sometimes but what is important is that we get back
up right?  So let’s get started…Here are both inspiration pictures.

I don’t want to pin just for pinning sake…I want to use my boards to make my visions come true.

I believe that is one of the biggest uses for Pinterest is

::a tool in our virtual toolboxes
::the gasoline to our fire
::its the first kick start to our motorcycle
::the yee in our yeehaw

What are your projects for the weekend girlies? How are you “using” Pinterest?
If your not–then let’s get busy and fix that..the holidays are coming:)

oohhh…and the blog redo?  is coming along AMMMAAAZZING!  I cannot stand it!:)

I leave you with this song if you watch it picture us all as the girls in the video…and then laugh..and laugh HARD!
( this is the kinda music I listen to when I’m creating signs…thank goodness ya’ll can’t see me )


have you shopped at IKEA…your thoughts?

when life throws me lemons I am working on learning to make lemonade…
let’s just be honest  here that none of us live in a perfect Pollyanna world..that is TV and books and it sure isn’t my life.
SO this week when the moldy disgusting bathroom and kitchen..both have to be gutted and the only pretty little spot in my
house is the dining room despair finally pulled my foot hard enough to pull me under and there I stayed for several days.

Once in awhile seeing the light of the surface but one trip to the bathroom or pouring Drano down the kitchen sink pummeled me back under.
Self kept telling self that I am 45..I am more dead than alive and I just want a house that is clean gosh darnit!  I know there is no possible way to afford
a new kitchen or bathroom in the near future.  Keep dreamin girlie…well…I do dream:)...often  If you have children then you know that the last straw can come
when one of your offspring tell you how disappointing you are as a mother…ugh and geesh!
( and I am almost certain I never did that..wink )  Suffice it to say I was an unraveled heap of flesh needing some serious God intervention.

but you know what kept looking at me?…our Grateful sign!  please and really?  I have a valid point here and I can still see myself stomping my
imaginary ungrateful toddler foot all the while my Father who knows me knows me…waited.

Didn’t I have a roof over my head?
weren’t there so many people all over the world that had it way worse than us?
didn’t you want a house you could remodel..well yes but I don’t have an unlimited credit card or any credit card Father
I can almost hear his lips turn up..and his breath exhale

and by the way sweet child…do you know the future?  and again…do you know what plans I have for you?
how do you know tomorrow isn’t the very day everything shifts?  do you really think it is all about you?
…and it occurred to me that I was being quite disturbingly like my child who had his own fears and wounds

so where does the lemonade come in?  cause I am sure looking at some lemons…

well in this little gem of a magazine that came in the mail of course!  the gears of my mind are turning again..thinking of ways to accomplish a kitchen/bathroom
reno with very little money and NOT look like it.

so here is where you come in sweet friends…

have you shopped at IKEA and is the quality of things as nice as I hear?

do tell…fill me in.

oh and one more thing…

I began praying again for God to help me with our kitchen and open my eyes.
funny how I forget to go to Him first and nothing is to HARD or to silly.
After all our God holds the whole world in His hands…

would you love a glass of lemonade?…..xotiff