wood floors…what a HUGE difference!

Today I was gifted with more focus…the lens of my heart was able to capture it with a small turn of my hand and as the shutter clicked and

it was as if there was no one else there but I could here talking cousins and baby Aden laughing and I could look around and see everyone’s faces smiling and I thanked God

because I knew it was a gift.  I was living and enjoying life

In between goals
is a thing called
life, that has to be
lived and enjoyed
-sid ceasar 

I have been dying to share where we are at with the living/dining room.  We call it real life on a budget home renovating…lol

slow and steady cause there is all kinds of real life that happens….like clogged sewer lines….that happen in between

can I have an amen?

Here it was the week we were moving in..ugly with a capital U

over the summer I tore up the carpet in the both rooms and oh my gosh was that hard…being a girl I had to cut small strips so I could carry them!

and then I had to take up all the tack strip.  New and old.  The original tack strip was brittle and hard to remove.  I swear there was a million small staples!

Underneath all the old stained carpet was real hard wood!  The house had termites at one time that have been treated and there is minor damage here and there

but nothing that isn’t fixable….a squeal and some hand clapping commenced.

After tearing up the carpet we lived on these floors for months…there was space between the floor and bottom of the wall and that

disgusted me too but what I learned from tearing up carpet without having the money to proceed means you will be taught a lesson in contentment.

and boy was I…ok…still am (ha!}

When I would catch myself complaining…and I would…I would think I am lucky to have a floor and a roof over my head and yada yada.


What we did do in the in between time to help make it livable was to paint all of the siding white and as much trim as we could.  You can read a little more about it HERE.

Now mind you it wasn’t a perfect job

because we knew it was only a temporary fix and white paint doesn’t cost much so it was an inexpensive and  manageable fix.

You can see here when we first revealed our dining room what some paint, elbow grease and chalkboard paint can do

Still a work in progress but just having the floors sanded down to the original wood ( and what a blast hardwoods are that are in good shape yes? ) is absolutely a blessing!  I can’t even tell you in words

how much cleaner it makes the house.

I think it maybe red oak?  Nikki and I liked the color it sanded to so we just left it raw and then gave it 2 coats of Varathane.

I think I am going to give it one or two more soon though.

We also bought wood for trim that I will be sharing in upcoming posts.  We are now giving our home some fall

loving and Nikki and I are excited to show you more soon.

And I just can’t keep a secret … I sat here the other day and just cried over you all’s sweet comments and was beyond thankful for you so we are doing a giveaway

on September 22 to kick off the official first day of fall and giving back love to all of you….It will be a party day for sure.

oh — and don’t laugh at my ugly lampshade..just another project right?;)

Do you have goals that you are following hard after..if so..what are some little things you are doing to live and enjoy life in between?

I’d love to know:)



Rachel - I love the floors. I am dying to rip up our carpet, but I am terrified of what I might find. Our house was built in 1901, so I am sure there’s hardwood under the carpet, but I doubt its in that great of shape. We have a 7 year old and a 3 year old, so exposing all those staples would be a mess for us. Your reno looks great! You and Nikki keep up the good work! Looking forward to the give away.

Kim - The floors look so good. I know you are loving them. Don’t know why back in the day everyone was covering up those fab floors with carpet.

sheri - Wow – great job. That looks awesome. Can I borrow you for a few months? I have a “to do” list that doesn’t seem to be getting checked off :) Have a blessed week sweet friend.

kristin - I love the floors, you are so lucky to have them under the carpet. I know how hard it is to tear up the carpet, I too did the master and had to cut them into small stripes becuase how heavy they were. Hope you have a wonderful week.
Oh and I like your lamp shade :)

Ursula DeMoss - Absolutly amazing, great work!…Love it so much, that I would like for you to come over (you really don’t have far to go) and start working on this ole floor….want mine to look like YOURS.

tara - It’s so pretty, Tiffini!
You are SO right….paint can make a world of difference!
And having real hard wood floors underneath all that carpet sure can add to the beauty, too!

You have literally worked your can off….so impressed!

We all have so much to learn about contentment, right? we’re all works in progress…so grateful for a gracious and patient God.

Ter'e Crow Lindsay - What a difference. I am jumping up and down for you. Love those floors!!!!! Tiff, honey!!!!!!! Take a deep breath and look at what you have accomplished!
WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!! Looks awesome.

Khadija - Awesome wood floors! Makes you wonder why in the world people covered them up.

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