We KNOW you wanna win this! Fall House Giveaway:)

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Happy Autumn..isn’t it a delicious time of year?  to me it is a pulling toward the home again.  On the heels of summer when we are all out and about autumn beckons us home again.

Preparing us for the winter…time to begin gathering.

We wanted to share our heart with you and thank all of you for stopping by and sharing your heart in words.

In our Love for People Everwhere Fall Table post were were asked where we got the cow paintings ( post coming on the cows ) and our GRATEFUL chalkboard.


Nikki & I were having a pow wow on what words we wanted in the dining room this fall and after many a no..no not that one..mmm maybe

we both heartily agreed on these words

turns what we have

now what to put the words on..finally!  the perfect use for this old window frame leftover from our space at RE.

Off I went to cut and paint a board ( with chalkboard paint ) to fit inside after knocking out all the glass of course

and we chalked the words on and then dolled it up a bit with hooks, clips and an old cheese box ( all of which we had around the house)

hey Karianne…maybe we could add another store to the “side of the road store”… Bargain Basement?

whatcha think?

 the wise woman’s first two stops before hitting Home Goods, Target, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx { wink wink } 

We had so many emails asking where we got it and suggestions that we ought to make it a sign

and so we did and are offering it to you…our sweet friends


being content with what we have is a truth that one needs to practice like breathing..and a truth our family has been working on….hard!

The really cool thing about this sign is you can keep it up all year because one doesn’t need to be grateful only at the holiday!

- here is what you need to do to enter to win the Grateful sign

leave a comment telling us one thing you are grateful for — that’s it girls.  Super simple.

oh…and tell your friends on Facebook, INstagram and Twitter will ya?  pretty please:)

thank you ever so much

hugs and happy Saturday

Giveaway ends at midnight next Saturday September 29.  We will post the winner on Monday September 30!





Whitney Sigler - Our health & family. Thanks.

Lizy - The health of my loved ones, family and friends. Thanks for the giveaway!

Dori - family & friends ~ thx for the chance at this beautiful sign!

stacey poche - My family, a job, all God has blessed me with, to live in a free country & for those who sacrifice to keep it free.

Hannah Mason - I am thankful for my sweet baby girl, Ayla! I love that sign! =)

Rebecca - Health and family

Teresa Gunn - My second chance at Life.

susie mann - I am grateful for my two puppy dogs and my husband. My family.

Laura @ Our Prairie Home - Oh my gosh! So awesome! I was totally crushing on that sign when I was reading your blog last night! I am thankful for my family, forgiveness, and second chances. :)

christa - My sweet family that God has entrusted to me…my eclectic vibrant 13 year old Brianna, my bright and sunny 10 year old Alyssa, my room changing sweet 6 year old Kevin Jr, and my hard working precious best friend and husband, Kevin :) they make life so full and abundant!

Rosann - Hello to you and your beautiful family and thank you for this awesome giveaway!

I am GRATEFUL to be able to spend each day with my family.

Julie Schott - Grateful for my health and all the loved ones in my life!

LaKeta - I am grateful for healthy children….

Jaken Williams - I grateful for Jesus

terry - I am grateful that I finally realized I am enough, just as I am.

Sarah Rutschke - I am soo grateful for my amazing children and my wonderful husband!

Anne Poe - I am so thankful for my family. After being separated due to a deployment, you are reminded of what is truly important in life and you learn not to take each other for granted.

Vanessa {BloomRightHere!} - Oooooh, I love that sign! I just became a reader of your blog this week when I saw the wonderful pictures of your dining room. So many things I am thankful for…. Today I am thankful for the beautiful fall temperatures.

Natalie - I am grateful for the unconditional love of my family.

scotta anderson - Thankful my husband who has end stage renal failure is still my husband, for what will be our 34th year together. It’s not great but it is very very good.

Michele Boyd - I am thankful every day for my healthy family.

Stephanie Blackman - I am grateful for life, family, roof, and soul.

Stephie - I am thankful to our Saviour for His unconditional love, for His comfort during a very difficult and lonely year, for teaching me and surrounding me with a wonderful community of believers to love on me, helping with any need…I am blown away by His love for me and pray that I may be able to extend this same grace and love to others!

Becky O' - I am thankful to stay at home with my children.

Gwen Waite - thank you for the chance to win! Love it!

Alisa - I am grateful for my Mom. She was diagnosed with cancer this year but she has a great prognosis and her strength is so inspiring. My family is everything to me!

Patty - I am thankful for my sweet family…and can’t wait to meet the newest member any minute now!

Gwen - oops for got to be thankful! I am most thankful for my amazing family and adopted daughters! xoxo

Hillary - For what we have!

Natalie Johnson - I am grateful that we have enough. We have been trying to cut back on our spending and be better stewards of our blessings. I love seeing that even without all the extras, we have enough – even enough to share with others. And I am incredibly grateful for that.

Jennifer L. - I am so very thankful for my 3 wonderful children who make each day amazing!

suzanne merrill - I am thankful that Jesus died for me!

Tonia - Grateful for God’s daily grace poured out on my behalf! And for my five children and husband who leads our family well!

tamara j. - I am most grateful for my husband and three sweet children. I am also grateful for my home and God’s beautiful handiwork that surrounds me.

Kitty Breed - I am grateful for having medical insurance while going through some health challenges.

Melissa - I am grateful for my wonderful husband who cleans the house without being asked : )

Jayme C. - I’m grateful for my wonderful husband and 7 amazing children. :)

cherie gilbertson - my family .love them.

Patricia Rezzonico - As a two-time cancer survivor I am most grateful for every day that the Lord gives me. I begin and end my day in thanks for this precious life and I know that in times of need or fear, The Lord, my Gentle Comforter, gives me the strength to carry on. I thank Him for my many blessings and challenges.

Kate @ Chic on a Shoestring Decorating - So very thankful for my healthy little family. :)

Becky - I am thankful and greatful for my family. So blessed and just love them all to bits!

Jennifer Burns - I am grateful for Husband Johnathan who not only gave me my three wonderful children, but has been my rock since our oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes three months ago. It has been a difficult time for me and I can not imagine getting through it all without him.

Lisa Sandberg - I am grateful because I “have
enough” maybe even more than enough but so very thankful for all I have, especially my family who loves

Ruby Stone - Is thankful for God’s never ending, unconditional love.

Lindsey Givens - What a blessing to read each post and see what others are grateful for! We are all blessed beyond all that we can imagine or wish for! God is faithful in the good times and in the bad. i am so very thankful for my family: my five daughters, three sons-in-law and eight grandchildren! I am thankful that God has promised a glorious reunion in Heaven so my husband will be able to enjoy his family again! Come, Lord Jesus!

Renee Corley - I’m grateful for my three healthy and active boys.

karen hoida - I am grateful to be on the road to understanding daily gratitude. Thankful that I am learning to be in the moments of my life and not the last one or the next one.

Emily H - I’m grateful for my son….we brought him home from Ethiopia three weeks as of yesterday. So blessed.

Jen Shrewsbury - I’m grateful for my entire family and that they all live close by so we can spend lots of time together

Jen - I’m so grateful for the gift of today– for sand-eating, castle-building girls and a husband to laugh with while we watch.

Tammy H - Grateful for my family and getting to spend this beautiful fall day with them!

Kristy - So very thankful beautiful days spent enjoying creation and my family!

Michelle K - I’m thankful for being humbled every day at my job as a CT technologist. We tend to get so caught up in our everyday troubles… “I woke up late”, “the house is a mess”, “the bills are due”… and we forget that there are people out there fighting for their lives. There are days I walk in the building feeling sorry for myself (as we all do), and God plants a real live angel fighting the good fight in my care. I’m immediately reminded of my blessings and how small my troubles are. We truly are so blessed… I don’t ever want to forget that!!!

Debbie - I am grateful for my family, friends, and faith. Thanks so much for the opportunity of winning this awesome sign.

Anita - I am thankful everyday for everything I have. Makes life much more enjoyable once you realize the small and simple things are the best of everything.

Vanessa Gross - I am grateful for my families good health.

Amy J - So grateful for my family and friends and these sweet years I am able to stay home with my children.

ria - The many things God has given me, life, love and family.

Renae - I am thankful not only for the worldly blessings I have been given but also the promise of what awaits me after my time here is done! Fantastic giveaway!!

Jill - Sooo thankful for my family. They love me just as I am.

Jennifer - Thankful for times when Christ reminds me that HE is enough.

Rachel - I am thankful for God’s Grace and all He has given me!

Glenda Childers - I am grateful for our adorable daughters that love Jesus.

Jenna VD - I am so thankful for my husband and our two adorable and funny little boys!

Debbie - God & Family…thank you for the fun giveaway, love it!

Charlotte - I’m thankful for my health, children and husband, and my God.

Kimberly Breier - Grateful for the kisses I receive in the morning and the ones I give each night to my boys. Grateful for each and every single day. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

Pam Ballard - So grateful for family and friends.. So grateful that my mom who has cancer after two years is still fighting… So So grateful!!

Leslie - I am grateful for a healthy and happy family!

Cathy Allen - I am thankful for being raised on a farm and experiencing the bounty of hard work.

Jen - I’m thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, my husband, and my family.

jennifer pellegrino - First things first- Love this sign :-) My hubs and I have been looking for an inspirational quote to post in some cool way on our wall for the kids to remember every day. This is it! They are 8 and 10 and need to know this NOW and never,ever forget it.

One thing I am grateful for is my health. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I am here for my kids and husband. I have degenerative disc disease and every year or two I require surgery on my spine. It’s been challenging and scary having gone through 5 surgeries so far but we got through it. I try to take advantage of the days I feel good because I never know what tomorrow will bring.

Thanks so much for inspiring me with your site :-) It’s the little things that mean the most <3

Rachael E. - I’m thankful that even though my daughter is in Boot Camp for the United States Coast Guard that she’s been raised to know when to ask for prayers on her behalf. Makes a mama’s heart weapy yet happy.

Patty Page - What I’m most thankful for is God’s grace! It makes me want to extend grace to those around me.

Amber B. - I am grateful for today and hopeful for tomorrow.

Laura - I’m grateful for my family. My husband and I have a big move ahead of us and they are all willing to help in anyway they can! Makes this move that much easier!

Liz Stephens - I am grateful for the opportunity to enter to win this awesome sign!!! I am also grateful for my sweet family that I am blessed with and I’m grateful for my talents in photography and making crafts to sell out of my home so I am able to stay home with my girls everyday!

Anonymous - I LOVE the sign!!! I’m so grateful to Jesus for His love and grace, for my Hubs, for my daughters, sons-in-law, grand babies, my church family, oh so many blessings to count!

Elizabeth Stewart - That was my comment above. LOL! I forgot to fill our my name and all.

I LOVE the sign!!! I’m so grateful to Jesus for His love and grace, for my Hubs, for my daughters, sons-in-law, grand babies, my church family, oh so many blessings to count!

Jenn - I am thankful for Grace (God’s that is) and of course, my mom. and…

Janice - I’m grateful for God’s grace :)

Lisa - ………for having enough!

Cat G. - I am grateful for the love I receive from my family.

Rachel Booth - I’m thankful for so many things but this year, especially, the birth and continued healthy growing of my beautiful premature baby girl! :)

jane - I am thankful for Redemption…

lisa - definitely family……and good health!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - So grateful that God followed/led us right to where He sent us. (Not sure why I ever doubted.)

I LOVE this sign!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - PS – Just re-pinned. :)

Wendy - I am so grateful that God blessed me with my husband and three wonderful kids. ♥

Trudy - I’m blessed beyond belief! I’m thankful for my family and friends!

Kasey Ferguson - God’s grace and mercy. This beautiful life, wonderful husband, two sweet little girls that I totally don’t deserve!

Cindy A. - Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I am grateful for my mister. Without him I would not be here… he literally saved my life in a car wreck.

Beth P - I am grateful for health, God, my sweet family. Cute sign!

Elizabeth Stewart - I pinned about this!

Katie Probandt - I’m sooo incredibly grateful for my family and the love and grace of my savior…simple enough, right?! I’m blessed!

Megan Lindsey - The friends that make up my family.

Jaime Richter - I am thankful for sleep. With the newborn phase slowly fading my son is starting to sleep through the night :)

Heidi Brown - So thankful for my Lord and Saviour, my two sweet little girls, and my loving family!

Shirley - So very thankful for a wonderful husband, children, & grandchildren! Five grandchildren here on earth with us, and three that are in heaven ahead of us. Grateful to know that we will be with them again some day, and….I LOVE THIS SIGN!!! If I don’t win this sign, I will have to just figure out how to make my own! Thanks for the chance!

Kelly Jones - 18 years of marriage to my MIDDLE high school sweetheart!! :D

Teri - I am greatful for my home. For the warmth and love that we share within it’s walls.

Lisa Springer - I find I am grateful for the little things as well as the big ones – like my husband, daughter, and doggie. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful sign! XoXo

tricia - My job working with premature infants and pediatrics makes me grateful for having healthy children. Parenting is hard enough. I can’t imagine how hard it can be when you have a child with a chronic illness. We never know how blessed we are until we imagine walking in someone else’s shoes.

Nicki - I’m grateful for everyday. Living somewhere safe and having a family that loves me so much. I’m grateful to have a job and to be able to take care of my self. I’m grateful to be able to live and have so many blessings that others do not.

Marie - I’m grateful for grandchildren. They’ve truly changed my life!

Sarah - So much to be grateful for. Love the saying. Trying to teach my 5 year old this concept!

Melanie - I am grateful for family first and foremost, blue skies & beaches of Florida, the lush green of the northwest and and amazing sunset and great friends on both coasts.

Lisa - I’m grateful for every trail that comes along because I know its possible to conquer it with God.

Karen - Jesus

Deb - I am grateful for my 3 amazing kids!!!!

Mary Dunnahoe - Greatful for my Lord and savior, he had lead me threw so much and has given me the strength to overcome so much and to be so thankful for all that has been to my lovely family.

Nancy W - I am grateful for my family, my health and the fact that my new grand daughter is now within driving distance instead of living in London!

Raine - I am most grateful to have such a wonderful, amazing mom. When my boyfriend of 11yrs (fiancee) & father of my 2 children had a heart attack right on my lap-I couldn’t function. My mom was by side through everything, supporting me, handling all of the details following a death, taking care of my kids when I just couldn’t. She was and still is my rock. She’s my best friend, role model, and sometimes my ‘partner in crime’ :) Thank you for this giveaway-I would love to gift this beautiful sign to her!

Courtney - I am thankful for a secure job, wonderful friends, a supportive husband, and University of Georgia Footbal!! Go Dawgs! This sign is beautiful – thanks fo rthe awesome giveaway!

Jerri C. TN - I am so grateful for my God,husband, kids, family, friends,health, employment & a home.

Hillary Mondragon - I am grateful to be able to give my all to my children. I am grateful to greet them off the bus, drive them to dance/soccer/tumbling, to cook them healthy meals and to floss their teeth at night. Grateful for th little ones that are such a huge part of me.

Brook Hayes - I am grateful for my happy health children who make me laugh everyday and keep me young…Oh and coffee!!!

Courtney - I am grateful for my family and all that we have been blessed with!!!

Wendy - I am grateful for my 2 nephews. Even though we don’t live in the same country, they are my blessings and I treasure what time I do get to spend with them.

Ter'e Crow Lindsay - I am extremely grateful for one Bible verse in particular. It’s my favorite verse to fall back on, every single day, no matter what has happened ——- good or bad. In fact, I HOPE that someday you make a sign out of this!!!!! I’d buy it!!!!!!
It’s simple. Read Jeremiah 29: 11-13. My go-to verse of all time.
The sign you are offering would be a perfect compliment to my verse.

Amy - I’m thankful for faith, family, and friends!

Heather - I’m grateful for my sister!

JoEllen - I am grateful for my two beautiful children I was told I’d never get to have.

Janice - I am thankful for your reminders to always come up higher, come in closer and realize just how blessed we really are.

Sally P - I am most grateful for my wonderful family. Not just my husband and two precious daughters… but for my parents, my husband’s parents, our brothers and sisters and all of our nieces and nephews. I am so blessed to be able to say that I absolutely adore every single member of this crazy clan!!!

jody S. - I am thankful that life isn’t fair.

Danielle - I am thankful for God and His never ending mercy and love in my life!

Liana Garmon - I am grateful for my Saviour Jesus Christ. By His finished work on the cross I am able to live a better life than I deserve with my amazing husband and 3 healthy, beautiful daughters!!

JO - So thankful for all i’ve been given even though I’m not deserving of any of it!

karen - JESUS…just Jesus encompasses SO much.

mary - Oh what a wonderful giveaway! Thankful for so much- God’s unconditional love in my life- my family, and today for the 50 pounds of honey I harvested from my bees!!

Katie - The promise that God is faithful! He was, and is, and is to come!

cassie h - I am grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ for a second chance at life. I have brain and ovarian cancer and he is blessing me with the most awesome surgeons that are taking care of me and by God’s grace he will heal me!!! I have faith!!!

Amy L. Sullivan - Hmmmm, let me think. Wait a minute, oh, I’ve got it. Y-O-U. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll, lady.

Off to share.

Jes - My three daughters. They are a constant blessing, fill my heart with insane joy, and are truly the easiest kids a parent could ever dream of raising!

Cathy King - I’m grateful that I have the ability to be happy with what I have, even during times when I’m having to make do with next to nothing…

Kimberly Lawellin - I am grateful for being blessed with a husband that can put up with all my crazy adventures and two beautiful children that give me love, laughter, and laundry! <3

Katie - I am currently starting a new gratitude journey…here’s my list in progress: http://theterpblog.blogspot.com/p/1000-gifts.html

Janie Fox - That I have a Savior who loves me always and unconditionally.

Crystal Aiken - I am grateful for the peace that I have each and every day knowing that God is in control of my future………He has blessed me every step of the way, even when things were hard. I can see these times as blessings now! Your sign means so much to me and I would be honored to hang it in my kitchen so that I can point to it each and every day when my three girls get a case of the “me-me-mees”. God bless you Tiffini in all that you do. You are making such a visible stand for Christ and I know He is smiling!

Jennie Simison - I am grateful for my God & my husband. After a 26 month separation, caused by overseas tour and deployment, we are committed to each other and our marriage. Although we are re-learning everything there is to know about living together (VERY DIFFICULT) along with our 23 month old son, God has kept the fire alive in both our souls for the existence of our family. Army life is not easy. BUT I am grateful.

Mindy - So grateful for my babies!

Cate - Family!

Susan - I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who has given me so much…..a loving husband, two wonderful kids (and one terrific son-in-law) and a rich godly heritage!!!

Jennifer - so many things; too many to list just one; but my funny, crazy boys top the list this morning; my heart is so full because they are in my life!

Rebecca - I am so thankful for my Lord and Savior and for my healthy, loving family.

Greta - I am grateful for my family, my dear friendships, and most of all God’s never ending Grace!

amity - Grateful everyday for God’s blessings, my husband of 19 years and our children!

Lynn - the health of my family.

Jodi M - Grateful for my kids and hubby!!!!

Heather Null - My children!

Ariean K - This sign is what led me to your blog last week! I’m from the KC area and was (secretly) hoping you might have it in your booth at RE in October. We’ve been meaning to check out RE for months now and YOUR work is reason to go!

Ariean K - Oops…Forgot to mention I am thankful and blessed everyday that God gave me 3 little boys.

Sally - I am so thankful for my amazing family.

Mae - My amazing family!

Gloria - At the moment, I am grateful for my fake electric fireplace that I like to call tacky, as it takes the chill from the room. Of course I am grateful for my husband, children. Our peaceful home, and for Jesus our Savior. There are so many more, but you asked for one, and I’m already over my quota!

cynthia pickett - i know it’ll sound weird but i’m grateful for learning the art of gratitude in this,the half decade of my discontent ~ which is actually a misnomer b/c in all honesty, i’m poorer than i’ve ever been materially but my soul has been enriched to mega portions. it would be difficult to explain w/o writing a novel but suffice it to say all is well w/my soul and therein lies truth, happiness, contentment, etc. <3

Michelle - I am thankful for my children,family and friends…I lost my daughter this year,just 19,and realized how quickly a loved one can be taken away,these people,esp.my children, are the most important things in the world to me,and it is because of them that I continue to survive…xoxo

Erikka - I’m grateful for my family.

Judy Parsons - Cooler crisp weather!!

Christy - I am thankful that our son is wonderfully healthy after battling an autoimmune disease and severe malnourishment from his first two+ years of life in Ethiopia!!

Cindy Evans - Thanks for the chance to win this awesome sign!

Cindy Evans - Oops…forgot the most important part…I am thankful for a forgiving God!

Becca B - my family, fall and new baby coming

Julie Bradley - I am grateful for my sweet family.

Jenny Tavernaro - Im great full for the amazing Drs that found my aneurysum and took care of it in May. My family is even more great full!!!

Jennifer Jones - I am grateful every day that I get to stay home and raise my kiddos!

Maria - the love of my children and husband

Tashlyn Webber - My husband, daughter, and daughter to be!

Stephanie - Thankful for so much – my relationship with Christ, my family, friends, my home.

Alaine - the best husband ever! so loving, supportive & encouraging :) A wonderful home, family!
family74014 at gmail dot com

Greta - The power of forgiveness

Pam Mcd - I am SO thankful for my family and for the friends who serve as family to us!

SKroll - Thankful for coming across a godly woman’s blog just when you need encouragment. Your sign is great just the message I needed.

Aubri - I’m so thankful to be a mother. What this sign says is true, and it would solve a lot of problems in many of our lives if we really lived with gratitude in our hearts each day. LOVE this sign!

Amy W - I am thankful for my Jesus who loves me. Everything else pours out right from that one big thankful.

MimiG - I’m grateful the good Lord allows me to wake and see the new day every morning. And the rest follows beautifully.

Karen - My salvation:)

Jenny - LOVE the sign! What a beautiful reminder that we are so blessed.
I am so Thankful that my Lord has brought me through so many storms and holds my hand during them!

Jamie - I am grateful for my amazing family!

ashley - I am so very grateful for my husband. Praying he gets healthy and is able to come home soon!

Laura - Oh, I am so so so thankful for all of the Good Lord’s provisions! My godly husband, my healthy, beautiful son, our house, and, above all, my salvation that was purchased with the precious blood of Christ!

Melanie - Amazing husband, wonderful kids & 3 adorable grandkids! Thanks!

Stephanie Stevens-Cox - My health. My husband and I were just married 4 months ago and today we received my pathology from my ovary removal and it wa negative. So, I am looking forward to many more years with him and we now can move forward with egg retrieval. Before, we were looking at me only being able to carry the baby now it will be part of both of us! Looking forward to my 36th birthday with lots of hope and love!

Darcy Vandenberg - I am so blessed for a healthy and happy family! T love our sign!! Great daily reminder!;)

Heather - Im greatful for the trials that I’ve had this past year. They have helped me see the what’s most important in this short life.

Cheryl A. - I am thankful for my kids and that I am on an extra long maternity leave so I can spend all fall with them!

Emily - Steady jobs and a healthy family.

Dana - My family, my friends, and sunshine.

Heather - I am grateful for the fact that me and my husband both have good jobs:)

Kristen K - Thankful for grace.

Ellen Breth - I love, love, LOVE this sign…need one! Thank you for all your inspirational stories, thoughts, creations!

Diane - The joy of waking up every morning healthy and loved.

Julia Gross - So very grateful for Honeycrisp apples right now!

Jen - I am grateful for my husband and my two beautiful healthy boys at the end of the day that is all that matters!

Tara Carlson - I am thankful for the opportunity to be a mom to 3 healthy, beautiful miracles, a husband who is the love of my life, true friends who I can count on to really walk through this life with, and most of all my Savior, who pours out His love on me.

Tina Anzivino - I am grateful for so many things in my life and I recognize ever day how fragile it can be. But today, and lately, I am most grateful for my wonderful parents who are still in great health at 84 and 91 years old! So grateful!

Debbie Reed - I am grateful God takes care of me and he does not need my help! :) and im grateful for JOY..never let anyone steal that from you!

Patty - I am grateful for my health and the ability to still be a participant in a variety of activities that are good for my body and soul.

Tracy - I am grateful for all of the simple things in life; namely my ability to move my body. My best friend’s husband is now a quadriplegic after a car crash almost two years ago. I am ever mindful of my abilities and am grateful for that. I love your sign!

Jackie - I am so grateful for a Saviour that loves me in spite of all my failures! I am so blessed!

Kate - I’m grateful for my sweet, funny son, Henry :)

martha grage - Just one word, Forgiveness.

Carisa Mae Webb - Grateful for each day, because I choose to be.

Elizabeth - Breathing deep in the remembrance that His mercies are new every morning.

Kelly - Jesus! And that sums it up!

Marissa - I’m so grateful for God allowing me to experience motherhood.

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