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get em while you can…

Stopping in real quick to let you know we have some ready to ship signs available

We will be listing them in the SHOP later today.

Here are a few…

FarmGirl is our current fav.  She is sold already but would be more than happy to create another just for YOU:)

FarmHouse Dining sign is a really good size….10×53.  It is painted black on a creamy..with some red peeking through background.

 We also have a Life is Sweet sign.  In black and cream.  11×36

I have a Happy Girls sign almost finished.  It is in a really dark grey…almost black.  On a creamy background.  I haven’t framed it yet so you could still choose a frame color…or no frame:)  It is 2′x2′

Custom Hand Painted

We have a True Love Story sign in a pretty aqua…no frame.  I could put one on for you if you wish.  We will be putting a photo of it up sometime today on Facebook.

we also have a set of these….

We have some others and will be listing those today and tomorrow on our Facebook page so if you don’t follow us you can click HERE.

As always we can make a size to fit whatever space you need as well as colors of lettering and framing.

We will be listing these a a couple of others later today.


Enjoy your weekend

oh…we won last night:)  I hope your Friday Night Lights was a good one too!



house reno “sneak peek” finally!

” are you up mom?” text was my alarm this morning...5 minutes before I had to have Grace to school


no lunches and sleep crusted eyes while weaving down the road with coffee ( I did make time to put coffee in a cup ) in hand to drop her off

missing my 8:15 Dr. appt. ( cause I know I have a sinus infection )

loads of signs to finish by 5 to pick Nikki up to take them all down to the shop for next weekends sale

so as I sit here..kleenex in hand..wondering if your monday started off any better than mine??? I hope so:)

I am sooooo beyond over the moon excited that finally we have been able to

tear into this old house.

I can’t wait to share with you what we did over the weekend

TIP:  always set two alarms when you have busted your behind tearing into your house all weekend

lol….now off to pack and deliver lunches.

I love you all:)



5 handmade businesses I {heart}

Kerri Ann asked us a question last week if we remembered the mom on Leave it to Beaver?

doesn’t that cheesecake in a jar look yummo? pin it ladies…

do you?  I do too.  I watched it growing up knowing that is what I wanted to be..part of me wishes we were still like that.

 mom home cooking and cleaning and caring for the children all of which we do as moms


so many of us work away from the home.

Sooooo when I needed to go back to work I wanted to still be June Cleaver

but I needed to bring home the “bacon”

i mean c’mon do you really think June was all that “perfect”..wearing heels in the kitchen?


I wanted to work from home and let me tell you it is a whole new bag of tricks.  It is HARD

working out of where you live.

From experiencing this delicate environment comes my growing love and appreciation for hand made businesses.

a place where you can have it all…a mix of June and Ward if you will.

I share with you my current heart loves…..and

Here’s to you hand made business women and mommies.

We salute you.


Rustic Spinner Ring - personalized - recycled metal

Mothers Day Hand Stamped Stacking Rings Personalized Mommy Jewelry - recycled metal

One Monogram Ring with Initial Recycled Sterling Silver


Gratitude 8x10 Print

The Joy of the Lord 8x10 Print

Joy Makes the World Go Round (Red) 8x10 Print

dress rehersal

Which Way Did the ELF Go Shirt 12 18 24 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Pink Chevron Rhumba ruffle pants 2 19 24 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Orange and White Chevron zig zag peasant dress with bell sleeve 12 18 24 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Perfect for Halloween

little hip squeaks

Baby Blanket, Mustaches, Choose Your Color, Customizable Baby Boy Gift

Childrens Blanket, Chevron, Choose Your Color, Soft Organic Cotton, Chevron Kids Blanket

Childrens Blanket, Chevron, Choose Your Color, Soft Organic Cotton, Chevron Kids Blanket

Lacey Placey

18x18 Large Yellow Chevron Pillow Cover

1 18x18 Pink damask Pillow Cover

18x18 Green fancy Pillow Cover

I hope you take a look and find something you heart too:)

Have a super fun weekend….you might put on a pair of heels and do some cooking;)

you just might get a rise out of the family