my story..your story..and keeping it real

no more pretend stories, dream stories, blame stories, quitter’s stories or even vicarious stories..

just MY story

I’ve had a fascination with story since I was 9 and when I heard Jesus say to Peter “‘ as for you’”

my heart caught and  trembled.  I too…was being taught.  That is one thing I feel strongly about is always

being willing to change AND then teach my children out of my life.

Peter turned around and saw behind them the disciple Jesus loved—the one who had leaned over to Jesus during supper and asked,
“Lord, who will betray you?” Peter asked Jesus, “What about him, Lord?”
Jesus replied, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? As for you, follow me.”  ( John 21:21-22)

I wonder if story is mysteriously planted at conception?  My birth through childhood until now has been the ‘”soil of my story “where characters were introduced and plots and story lines around me played out

it was in this environment-my unique environment that my story began…

I can remember loving to read and write..I have a passion to help people realize they are not stuck..they are not a victim of their fight help others know that God loves them are just a few but what if these passions I’ve had since I can remember are really…not so much “characters” as gifts..meant to help me write or be the inspiration to create?

To become my story within Your Story?  To think I could decorate a house or build and paint signs…I laugh out loud thinking of it.
It seems otherworldly..surely not in my previously written story and I wonder if that is why Sarah laughed?

Because what if I finally dug deep enough into the center of my soul..where holy and human touch and something mysteriously happened that once for all

the veil has been torn away from my eyes and I can see!  Do all epic stories originate here I wonder?

All the past .. all the wounding and pain ..  it all can be used as a catalyst to bring us to the breaking point of breaking away

And the day came

when the risk to remain tight in a

bud was greater

than the risk it

took to bloom

-anais nin

I am learning ( key word! ) that to begin to write my real story..the story I am meant to live I had to acknowledge my reality.  Remember no blame stories, no pretend stories, no quitters stories, no dream stories and no vicarious ones either.  I think that pretty much takes care of it doesn’t it?:)…ugh!

I can be a victim for as long as I want…if I wanted.  But I don’t – I’ve fought for years trying to figure out what was keeping me stuck.

For years that became my identity but deep down I wasn’t comfortable with that..I knew in my heart there were bigger things..healthier things..if I could just trust and step out into an unknown and say goodbye to the victim identity and embrace

the woman that God knitted together in my mother’s womb and believe all that the Bible tells me of who I am

believe believe believe and when I fall down to get back up again..and I did that only His grace hundreds of times.

I can so shout this from the rooftops

that when I began to trust who I am in Christ..that I am loved past present and


and practice that in my daily life..things began to change.  Inside and outside of me.

and what just brings me to my knees time and tie again is God’s love..His faithfulness  is that my children

have seen God work miracles..todayi..not just those written in the Bible but in our everyday lives.  THAT makes everything worth it that they see


I had to be able to acknowledge the truth about my life to receive grace, strength, joy, patience and so on.  God gives grace for truth not lies, blaming, pretending or quitting

does that make sense?  I’m rambling….

it was then that the process

of my grace adventure began.  It was still some years until I was at the point to be willing to give it all up so as not to remain tight in the bud

Looking back over the landscape from where I’ve..we’ve ( the kids and I ) I can see more clearly some purposes in things.  God has honored me.. honored my heart.  It hasn’t been the god awful

end of the world letting go that I feared for so many years.  Someday I hope to share…I am sure there is a purpose in this time too.

God gave us these stories and you know what we do?  We look at everyone else’s don’t we?  We

wonder why our story isn’t like theirs and our story just doesn’t matter like theirs therefore I must not be as special.  Some of the most amazing gifted and giving people stories are

from hearts that lived horrific brutal stories..the difference is they didn’t let those stories ruin them..they redeemed them.

and that is my heart if for nothing else that my children are able to be free from some of the unhealthy family dysfunction.  History tends to repeat itself that is why I believe it is so important that as I learn what is healthy that I teach it to the kids because when you don’t know you can’t do something different.

I pray they see that God is still very much alive and

 longs to and and give them a new life so that they can make good choices and not have to walk down painful paths like their momma.

This is the home we now live in.  If I were able to go buy new furniture .. have contractors come in here and just get all of this remodeling done in a few months I betcha!

I’m not ever going to have that kinds of my reality.  And that is ok. ( most days .. wink!)

As long as I am open for the adventure ahead and not missing what God has for me..not missing MY story..that is what matters for eternity

that is something my children can take to eternity too..

so if you take anything away from this post at all..if you get this far:) is

live YOUR story!  there is a reason..even though you may not see it..for the why of things in your life right now.

Heck!  I am learning to love where I’m planted and trust God has a darn good reason for it and in the past I’ve tried to help Him out

only to end up making a huge mess of things.  He really doesn’t need me to be HimHe needs me to trust..boy has that been my word this year!

Stop worrying about Susie, Ann, Joe and Jack’s stories..that is wasted energy that could be used on your story.

Someone needs your story!

Father God enlarge the place of our tent .. stretch out the curtains..spare not!
Lengthen the cords and strengthen the pegs.  Spread us abroad to the right and the left that
our children and our descendants will possess the land and resettle desolate cities…amen

thank you for listening to my ranting:)

will you join me in becoming a wee bit more comfortable in our own stories?:)


sheila payne - I have just recently started following you…thank you for sharing this post with us all.

Smiles & Blessings,

Elizabeth - I love what God is doing as He writes His story in your life. It’s been amazing to see via your blog.

Jennifer - You are such an inspiration; beautifully written!!

Patty Page - Thanks—I really needed to hear that today!

Dawn - You are very insirational.thank you for sharing.God is amazing i have been on the journey back.and to know he never leave me and loves me is amazing.bless you on your life journey.;)blessings to you.

Laura @ Our Prairie Home - Beautifully written. He breaks us down, so He can rebuild us into the image He intended. I too need to stop fighting it and let Him do His good work in me. I need to embrace my story and recognize that in that story He has given me a testimony of His power and grace… A light for others to see and to follow to Him. And I need to realize how blessed I am in that! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! You’re an inspiration to us all!

Sarita - Amen and amen.

Kristin - I can’t tell you what a timely post this is for my life. I just posted today a piece of my story and how God’s timing was perfect. I got chills reading your words and felt emotions bubbling up to the surface. I struggle so hard with wanting to write my own story the way I think it should be written, but in reality if I would just accept that God is in charge it could be so much easier. Thank you so much for sharing this today.

paige - wow! fantastic , beautiful, raw post
thank you for opening up & sharing
i love to encourage others to tell their story….bravo!

Suzanne - Hey girlie, FINALLY getting
some computer time and
ran here first after your comment
on my current post! YES! We
shared a common wavelength
when composing our posts.
YOU are the hero of YOUR story,
and I am the hero of MINE, and
when we remember that and
don’t compare or judge, that
my friend, is when we enjoy
true grace, I believe.

Love your heart and love
sharing the journey with

Big hugs,
Suzanne xxoo

kristin - Everytime I get to know a little more about you I realize even more what a wonderful person you are! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

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