a Fall Mantle to conceal a tired old fireplace

hello..how was your weekend?

isn’t the beginning of autumn delicious?  

we made homemade caramel corn to kick off the first weekend of fall..
made pumpkin muffins, put a few fall touches on our mantle, watched high school football, went junkin, bought pumpkins,
snapped some pictures, perused Target, Grace spent the weekend with Nana on the farm,
we are busy planning family outings to the Carolyn’s pumpkin patch & Shatto Dairy next weekend

we all have fall fever around here

nikki & I were sooooo blessed reading everyone’s grateful comments..there isn’t anything better than hearing hearts of thankfulness!

The grateful sign giveaway is open all week so be sure to stop by and leave a comment to enter to win…winner announced a week from today

This will be the first of many House Giveaway’s!  Be watching for Octobers giveaway on October 24!  wonder what it will be?:)))

We are putting a whole new face on this tired fireplace soon .. in the interim we gave it a white coat of paint and put an old barn door up we had.

For simple and inexpensive easement into fall we re-purposed ok…stole a mirror from Grace’s room and placed some produce on either side

and hung a wreath and called it good – for now.

Cause you know why?  In blogland people are like a kid in an ice cream store..they put everything on their sundae and eat every last bite

and then are bemoaning that they ate so much…so fast.

I don’t want to be that little kid..I have learned this about myself that if I put holiday decor up so soon – I am sick of Christmas before Thanksgiving is even here

So we are taking it very slow around here..I want to enjoy the season and not live in the next one..just yet:)

last night we did buy a big bucket of yellow mums that we put in a galvanized bucket and put inside the fireplace so it

isn’t a gaping black hole!

look at what my mom made us — that sweet little chevron throw…what do you think?
it is adorable… it is lined in a creamy flannel and edged in ruffles.
It would make a perfect blanket to lay little babies on for tummy time.
Looking at these pictures I am going to have to budget for two rugs before winter…those new floors look naked!

we are realizing our little house is starting to look like a home…at least in these two rooms.  Soon the green dresser will be replaced with some shelving that I

am going to build and we need to slipcover the furniture and mud the walls and repaint…but you know what?

it is a start!  we are moving forward..

tomorrow is the day!! oh my..it is going to be SO hard but if I can make it — this time next week I will feel good!!

now do tell….

what 2 things did you do/or not do this weekend that you enjoyed down to your toes?:)

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tara Lowry - Tiffini,
I LOVE it. Your house is so beautiful……I love the “skirt” you made for the mantle. Very clever!!!

Is the sofa new, friend? I love it. I’d love to see a wide shot of the whole room to see what’s in front of the leather sofa…..nosey, right? :)

your mom did a wonderful job on that throw….thinking she could sell them!

Jennifer - OH my heart. I love it! So cozy and welcoming and beautiful; looks fantastic!

Kim - I love it. I did simpler this year, too. I really can’t quit looking at that cute cow painting in the next room though.

Sarita - Looking at the last pic thinking how your house is becoming a sweet home. Good work!

Patty Page - I love your signs–love your decorating—love the chevron throw! I just started following your blog last week and I was so surprised today when I read you were going to Shatto Dairy! That means you must live somewhere near me, so I checked your Etsy shop—Grain Valley—your practically a neighbor—I live in Bates City.

Ter'e Crow Lindsay - That fireplace does NOT look tired. It looks like HOME! I just love it.
My eyeballs want to see some red in the living room tho…….I love that lil red-almost-lamp in the dining room! So dawg-gone cute!
Looks like a wonderful home to me………..not TIRED at all.
It looks happy…………………

Suzanne - Tiffini, you house
already looks like
a beautiful, warm,
cozy HOME! Anything
else will just be icing
on the {pumpkin spice?}

Two things over the
weekend that I enjoyed
were eating lunch
outside at NapaStyle
in Napa Valley….75
and sunny perfection…..
and returning home
to my kids and my
mama, who was here
holding down the fort!

Happy Monday,
xo Suzanne

Glenda Childers - Your weekend sounds wonderful, Tiffini.

What a great start to your fireplace.

Happy Autumn.


Gloria - I love this simple yet beautiful fireplace. Don’t know what your plans are to change it, but I really love it as it is. Your home reminds me of the Gilmore Girls’ house, just cuter.


Laura @ Finding Home - I think you are well on your way to looking like a “home”. Two things? Picked up an old rickety picket fence from a friend that was throwing it away, and bringing fall to my front door.

Take care, Laura

Claire - Your barn door backdrop is amazing! We are currently trying to decide what to do with a non-functioning wood-burning stone fireplace in the basement so I’m soaking up all the beautiful ideas in blogland. The last word I would use to describe your fireplace is tired!

The wider shot makes me want to go nosing around further. Such loveliness!

Erin {Home Everyday} - Hi, I just saw this post on Centsational Girl, and wanted you to know that this mantel is so simple and beautiful that I don’t think I could ever get sick of it. The barn door is awesome. Thanks for the inspiration.

LLH Designs - I love the barn door above the mantle! So creative and unexpected! You’re doing an incredible job with your home, Tiff! xoxo!

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