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when you want to eat a whole bag of powdered sugar donuts

5-1-5-0 somebody call the po is all crazy up in here ya’ll.  I am just this side of loco..all up in here in this mind of mine which we all know affects the heart.

The calendar is ready to turn..the list of TO DO’s is growing faster than the check marks.  Ushering in the school year brings with it school activities that lied dormant during summer.

 The list of home projects is growing and pulling at my pants like a incessant toddler

 when there is more weeds than grass only because we’ve been in a drought..thank you Jesus for no grass as you know it is one less thing I have to check of the

TO-DO list amen

{Here is the scenario} I am engrossed in work.  There is a deadline.  If that deadline is missed it is your behind.  Your reputation is ruined.  There is no money.  You have 10 projects of varying degrees of completion and the child yells down the stairs….MOM – you need to get 15 dollars for the art fee .. I need it this morning.  The dam of my heart breaks…inside.  I walk upstairs trying to compose the urgent need of a straight jacket for myself.  I didn’t want the poor thing thinking I really had gone crazy this time.

After dropping her off at school I drove home.  Looking in the rear view mirror and as if God were sitting right there behind me.  Our eyes locked and I knew.  I know Papa…i know

I have lost my focus haven’t I?  lost sight of who I am serving.  Lost the bigger picture.  With that comes less time really spent with You.  A little less joy that isn’t contrived.  I see a little less of the beauty in the everyday moments.

and so I sat down and opened the LIVING know the one?  when in Nehemiah 8:5-6 it was only the word read with no music, no big fancy building, no children’s programs to keep our children..nothing and it brought AMEN’s with hands raised and dropping to knee’s and I want that back.  I don’t need super sizing or the fancy customization’s.  I just need Jesus.  I need His presence in my everyday.  I need His trust.  His love.  His direction.

and this is what I later read that put some flesh on the bones of what He reminded me of.

“whatever truth God shows you, you are meant to become it, but you have to allow time to become.  

Don’t get so busy doing that you forget to learn how to be!  

You’ve got to have time to process truth and to establish it in terms of your thinking, language and behavior

…..Graham Cooke

see a recurring theme here? too

So to get back on track here is what I am currently doing…

::Drinking lots of water.  Sometimes with lemon.  I.HATE.water!!  I was living on tea and Dr. Pepper.  A habit I had broke for over a year.  How sneaky is this addiction

so now instead of my morning Dr. P/half cut tea I get a large water with fresh cut lime or lemon

::I bought a Ninja and began drinking a smoothie once a day

{ I find that taking better care of myself and my appearance helps my heart to be more focused too }  eating out a little less

I find it funny how I often have to re-assess my life and adjust.  When I was younger I just didn’t think about it when something wasn’t working:/

I am cooking more dinner at home.  My kids are happier when I do.

::Taking time to step back and look at the places in my life that need balance.  I have to make time in my life { and my heart & mind } to learn to become

after all…isn’t what this is really all about I ask myself…

::I say the truths God has shown me over the last year to myself…daily..ok all of the time

being reminded that I am truly REDEEMED..I no longer am a prisoner..God has set me free

and I AM NOT who I used to be….

I offer my trust up to Him each day { and throughout the day as needed } as an offering because sometimes that is all I have to give and it is my most

treasured possesion.

and when I heard this song…I too knelt with hands raised and cried my eyes out making signs the other day.  What a sight that must have been had one of the kids


Redeemed {Big Daddy Weave}

I pray these words bring your heart to its knees in love and gratefulness as it did mine.  If you find yourself in the midst of wanting to down a bag of donuts..ask why?  what is going on that you may

need to re-focus

have you…like me…forgotten your purpose just a little

let the dream lessen

we are so human aren’t we..we really don’t have it all together like we think we do sometimes.  God knows that and He loves us in all of our humanness.

One of my favorite books Jesus Calling.  I meditate on it everyday.  She makes it like a donut that you just can’t wait to eat.

girls…I love ya!  Sorry I can’t always make posts be feel good and perfect…I just don’t play that game well.

this is just the real me

and I’m happy to say I haven’t eaten a bag of donuts…yet

one day and moment at a time

is there anything that you do when things are piling up that helps you re-focus



7 must try fall recipes

 Football ‘s football game was event full..we got spit on..meaning rain.  Dakota played offense and defense and ended up becoming dehydrated and the trainer and doctor were out there ripping his pads off and jersey off after the end of the game while Nana and I nervously watched.

Scared this momma but he is good…and he played good.  Isn’t that what they and then let everyone know something isn’t right?

 Football sets an alarm of in me that Fall is just around the corner.  The high today maybe 93 but in my mind it is a perfect 55 with clear blue skies a light breeze


I’ve been pinning some Fall recipe’s so I am prepared for parties and get togethers.  I want to taste test them first AND I want them all in a convenient place with the click of a mouse.

Not asking for much am I?

I broke down and bought a Ninja blender yesterday and couldn’t wait to try the Pumpkin Smoothie.

It truly is easy and fast but what stopped my eagerness to throw it all together was you have to

FREEZE the pumpkin pie filling.  DRATS!

That being said it is all downhill from there.

“Thanksgiving all wrapped up in a jar”…it really is a must try.  Not overly sweet which I loved.  A perfect blend of pumpkin and cinnamon and frost.

Pioneer Woman’s Pumpkin Smoothies



and ours…wouldn’t you just figure the photo uploaded sideways and it reminded me so much of how life works that

I just left it this way.  It doesn’t have to be perfect .. sideways pumpkin smoothies rock! (I fixed it mom… love Nikki)

You really do have to try the recipe’s.  I have made some that have been yuck….

It gets Grace’s seal of approval or can’t ya tell from those eyes?:)

Makes ya go “oohhhh”

Here are the other 6 recipes that are next in line.  

side note:  I am making the slow cooker applesauce today.

 Fall gifts - crockpot apple butter - 1 dozen apples, peeled, cored, cubed; 1/2 c water;  1/4 c brown sugar;  1/2 teaspoon cinnamon;  1/2 tsp all spice. Gotta make!!!

Crock Pot Apple Butter.  She got the recipe from The Cake Student

Fall Treat - Easy Mini pumpkin pie croissants!!!

Shaken Together

This recipe had me at lust…

Sweet Treats and More

this is the original source of the recipe Pumpkin Spice pull apart bread.  Willow Bird Baking

The photo I pinned ( it is a pretty photo:) is from The Farm Girl

Mommy Makes it Better Crock Pot Applesauce

mini pumpkin spice donuts!  I have never made donuts before but these look

like little bites of pumpkiny heaveness

Blue Eyed Bakers

Have you tried any FALL recipes off Pinterest yet?  Choosing 7 to start with was HARD!

We are being inundated with pumpkin”ness” on Pinterest lately aren’t we?

I know lots of you are FALL girls…let join hands and pray for some nice fall weather which brings to mind

( and I have no idea why ) Sandra Bullock and Betty White chanting around that fire in the movie ” The Proposal”

I know the song Sandra’s character sings is inappropriate but I laughed so hard

anyways….I pray your Monday is what it is.  My new favorite saying from the Disney movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

that we are going to see this Friday.

much love….xoxotiff




wrapping up the week and weekend plans

hey ya’ll:)  has your Friday started off good?  I sure hope so.

We are ready for the weekend.  Tonight we kick off the weekend with Dakota’s first football game of the season!!

so wishing he would have had his haircut for these…ugh!!  BOYS!!..gotta love them

I got my hair colored on Wednesday.  I am in the mood for fall changes…you too?  I went choclate”y” underneath

but kept some blonde highlights.  Just made it richer.

Fall brings change out in me…I guess each season change does.  Ah well…

Yesterday Nik and I did some shoppin

had to have this little apple lunchbox for Grace.  It never hurts to have a spare right?

found some adorable flowers on clearance for 1.99.  and some ribbon.  I am working on some headbands for Grace and the shop.  Will share next week:)

 I picked up some yellow coloring and some candles for my step dads cake I am baking tomorrow.

I thought I’d bake on Saturday and decorate on Sunday.  I did find a pineapple cake recipe…yeah!!

I will let you know how it turns out.

and some fun bright towels…

you have to go read Becky’s heart for her hubby.  One of the sweetest and most beautiful things I’ve read

Spin On

Cross your fingers..we hope to have all of the paneling tore off come Monday…

What about you all…busy weekend planned?

Stay not be can do it:)

love you all



conquering my fear of piping…

My smile was ear to ear….

Now I know it really pales in comparison to Sasha’s…but I DID it!  I conquered the fear of piping!  I have never piped in my life and I was filled with fear and trepidition

begging someone to help me but since

there was no one I threw caution to the wind and squeezed the bag.

And away I went.  I admittedly got carried away and made it a little top heavy and on the sides I went up and down but who cares right?

oh…and the best part was the cake mix.

I used this cake recipe and it was out of this world good.  I got the French Vanilla like she suggested.

You need two boxes for a three layer cake.  I used Wilton 8″ cake pans.

How do I know this you askf?  At first I baked up one box and one layer was itty bitty.   I baked up a second box and used just one of the two layers

equaling three.

Grace LOVES aqua so Sasha’s icing color was perfection! and she is correct when she says you need a tiny tiny amount to color.

I also used Sasha’s frosting recipe.  OH my goodness..WONderful:)

I purchased the piping bag and coupler she suggested as well.  AND the edible stars:)

our little star HAD to have the stars;)

I had to wing the 13 though as I only had little time since we were packing and leaving for the lake.  I used glitter glue and freehanded the

numbers and used icing to hold them onto the straws!!  It was all we had…I forgot tape or glue…lol!

 I am officially crowned baker and cake decorator of any family function from hence forth..{ I nominated myself….shhhhhh}

the piece de resistance is my sisters wedding in November…bet ya can’t wait for THAT post…hee hee!  That oughta be something to behold for years to come!

now for a pinapple cake for this Sunday.  It is my stepdads birthday and he LOVES pineapple.  Any suggestions?

The Lake and Cake and a 13th birthday with family was the best birthday so far miss Grace shared.

Cake Boss I am not but you know what?  I had a blast doing this.  AND I found something else I enjoy doing.

Walk through that wall of fear girls…you never know when you will fall in love with something new.

Even though I had a fear of measuring up to Sasha’s and often we just won’t try because we feel we are

not as good as someone else { and that may be true in this case; } but we don’t know until we try and practice

makes us better!!

Now go ahead and tell me how awesome I am….lol!  You know I’m kidding right?  My weird sense of humor..I might have

had to much of Keurig’s Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K cups this morning….oh well.

Now go out and have a splendid Tuesday OK?

Seriously Sasha – I am so grateful you shared this with us.  It made it easy to replicate and it was so pretty and Grace loved it.

You rock!!:)…xo

big hugs



DIY lotion everyone will beg for!

Hey girls–how did your weekend go?   I have been fighting an awful cold for a week now.

I feel horrible:(  The kids are off to school now so I am hoping to get into a new routine this week.  What about you?

I am a lotion freak.  After every shower I lotion.  I have for years.  Last year I was in a rut though because I couldn’t find a smell that I really loved.

While perusing Pinterest I found this recipe that I am sure you all have seen.   Wondering if it was really as good as it said I gathered up the three ingredients

and mixed up a batch.  I am not a big fan of baby lotion..on me.  On babies yes–so I tried a baby lotion that did not smell like a baby– Johnson & Johnson’s Natural lotion.

I LOVED loved it!  I loved how it soaked into my skin but left it soft for hours.  However I did not like the smell all that well.

This summer I used it in lieu of sun tan lotion…this time I used Nuetrogena’s Sesame lotion.  Now we are getting somewhere.  Funniest thing on vacation

one morning over coffee I was using it and my sister asked what it was.  I explained and she swiped some creamy goodness and put it on her feet…lol!  We have a family history of

dry heels.

Then my mom used it and upon return from vacation Nikki put it on Karalina and Khloey after their bath.  Chelsee asked what that smell was:)

Everyone loved it I said I would do a post about it.

Seriously – it is wonderful.  It is a thicker lotion…much like Eucerin.

Next I am going to try going back to Bath & Body Works or Victoria Secret to see if they have a new smell out that I might fall in love with for the fall.

Fall lotiony smells….ummm.  Do you have a favorite lotion?

My sister thought it would make sweet little gifts so when I saw these baby mason jars I thought ” what a perfect size for giving “

You could put scrapbook paper in the lids…so cute!

I picked up an inexpensive glass jar and applied a chalkboard removable sticker from Martha Stewart.

You can write whatever you wish….:)

Have you tried this recipe yet?  If not—DO!


Your favorite lotion 8oz.

Vaseline 8oz.  This time I used the Cocoa butter Vaseline:)

Vitamin E comes in a two pack at Wal-Mart.  I use one jar.

Mix it all together and decant it into a pretty container and enjoy.

Here is to a beautiful week … Happy Monday … xoxotiff