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Mark your calendars: a new linkup party begins on Friday 13th!

And the thunder rolls…I can hear it!  Almost 3 weeks of temperature’s in the 100′s and no rain.  It is a small chance but hopefully!  How have you been?  Hopefully not as crazy as us.  I will catch you all up to speed over the next week but I am too excited about Nikki and I’s FFF Friday Linkup ( we are thinking of a name for it still:/   Nikki has been doing furniture for awhile now.  Most of you know we have a physical space at Restoration Emporium in the West Bottoms in Kansas City, MO where we sale our custom signs and furniture and some handmade-re purposed junk etc at.


We were talking yesterday and we feel God is moving on our hearts to focus on mommies and kiddo’s.  Mom’s like me who really are on a budget.  Choose not to use credit cards for whatever reason’s.  Who want to have the “look” of high end furniture and accessories but really don’t have the money.  We want the pieces to be above all FUNCTIONAL and yet FUN.  A FRESH approach to bringing some HAPPY into our homes.

We will talk about all sorts of things on Fridays.  How to begin to add all the small stuff that makes a house a home.  Where to begin?  What room?..when all the rooms are bare?  It can all be so overwhelming when you aren’t a professional or have design background can’t it?  Maybe you aren’t into home decor but want to just touch up a thing or two?  That’s ok too.  Just jump in with us and help us learn what YOU know.

We hope to help YOU learn as WE learn how to take junk or furniture pieces and turn them into something that makes YOU and your CHILD’s space a place that evokes a sense of belonging…and brings ear to ear smiles.


( sorry for the crazy color in this picture.  Taken with my phone.  Not the best I know:)


each Friday beginning this Friday July 13…is that a good day;) we will share our projects with you.  The projects will from little to BIG-inside to outside and everything in between.  You never know what we will bring { wink..wink}

Mistakes and all girls.  We hide nothing….this might be SCARY!

YOU are welcome to link up your projects in hopes that this can become a place of encouragement to help each other grown in confidence to JUST START!

TO TAKE SOME RISKS in decorating YOUR home.  Our homes are where we want to come to to escape.  To cocoon ourselves all up into happy and safe and FUN!

WE want to teach you all we have been learning:)

I will give you more of the details later in the week…so be on the LOOKout!

WE were freaking yesterday when Nikki painted the piece for our first linkup.  BOY is it different…once we put the fabric with it just popped!  It is an amazingly sweet little piece that I am sure you will fall in love with.

It looks like rain so I need to go check our pool.  I am adding the initial chemicals this morning.  We finally got it filled–do you hear angels singing??  I will do a post on it very soon.  It was a HUGE undertaking.  While FREE…it was very HARD.  We are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel with it and I believe it will be a blessing for the rest of the summer.

Praying your Sunday be filled with deep breaths, a slowness of mind, eyes to see the beauty around you and a heart to take in the moments of TODAY




up ahead..just around the bend..freedom awaits

Worry implies that we don’t quite trust that God is big enough, or powerful enough, or loving enough to take care of what’s happening in our lives.

— Crazy Love by Francis Chan

I am re-posting a post today.  We are busy installing a pool in the 100 degree heat.  I will catch you up very soon:)  Until then….

Five days wandering down an old dirt road…sweat beads…my shirt is full soaked….words have tumbled round inside but they can’t seem to find a way out….as I walk…

the human spirit can withstand more than it ever thinks it could.  One more day.  One more step brings me closer.  I’m afraid to even lift my eyes .. that they won’t see anything ahead but heat that takes the breath away while wind keeps my hair over my eyes .. obscuring the view.  I sigh heavy..the deep kind..where I end and He begins and I travel back in memories as the faint sound of a bee lulls me there…

this first grandchild.  I will never forget looking into his eyes for the first time and seeing him way deep.  He is sensitive and sweet.  Last night he said, ” grandma, look at the stars!”  My grandson is becoming quite the beauty hunter.  I said, “yes Reed, they are beautiful – Who made those stars?”  he said Jesus – He made them green! I smiled and said yes He sure did! we smiled… looking into each others eyes.   And

I absentmindly swat at the sound that is that is imposing into my “place” beckoning me to pay attention to where I’m going.   Songs stir my memory reminding me.   Up ahead … just around the bend…even though I can’t see it or feel it…freedom awaits.  created just for us. I will wait.  Today I can wait and trust.

and I go on to the next thing.  He is big enough.  I look up and see the stars as night covers me like a blanket that seems to cocoon me on my journey.  With night comes coolness.  the closing of the eyes.  sinking down deep into His will and His words send me off to sleep…my eyes look to the hills..where does my help come from?…I’ll let you finish the rest

**this is July 18, 2011 post.  I was re reading it and it encouraged me in that I can see that I really have moved forward in

so many ways.  If YOU are having trouble seeing up ahead just stop and look to the hills today…He is where our real help comes from.

HE knows your heart and your pain..because up ahead..and around the bend..there really is freedom.  KEEP GOING..

never NEVER never give up…..NEVER….xoxo