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DIY gone wrong..painted striped floors

How to kill your family in their sleep.  We all laughed thinking of all the funny blog posts one could do with DIY’s gone really wrong.  Hence the mask. This was taken in my bedroom late at night while we were all huddled in there bemoaning what in the world we were to do. Here […]

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2 {must haves} from Target

 Savoring  weekend mornings before the house wakes up..the sound of the night turning into morning.  Have you noticed night sounds different than day?  :) me too! Taking in the swimming moments..eating watermelon..the smell of sunscreen..just the overall slowness of summer AND finding these fun little things at Target. My weekend was something like was […]

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let me give you a gift for YOUR favorite reads:)

Emily @ Jones Design posted on 5 of her favorite reads and it got me to thinking about our upcoming vacation. 4 weeks girls and I still have no idea what I want I am going to read. I haven’t sat down to just read in several years.  I am forcing myself to chill out down there. […]

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