how do you imagine yourself a year from now?

I saw this picture from Jeanne Oliver’s summer collection 2012 and it spoke to me.  Kevin ( Layla’s Kevin ) said the word means

“writing with light” in Greek.  At one point I set out to learn Greek…really?:/  Photography is learning to capture light and manipulate it…Kevin says.

Vintage Apron

via Jeanne Oliver {love}

Could we look at our dreams as adventures?  I believe dreams are much bigger than we are.  Dreams are stories of divine meetings, a silent cry of prayer

a note found that was meant for a year ago, being at the right place at the right time.

It is the merging of characters across continents.

so that His story can be

lived out until the final culmination of the last period is penned.

Unless we have eyes to see or ears to hear we often cannot see it this side of heaven but

I want to encourage you tonight to begin to LIVE your dream.  To begin writing your story in light.

If you could take one step today toward your dream what would it be ________________________________

what would it look like?  Much like this picture does for me by stirring my heart to imagine.

Vintage Apron

via Jeanne Oliver {love}

What stirs your heart to imagine?  maybe it is a picture like me

or an aroma from a past memory – words that were spoken – maybe it was a wound – a relationship.

::Writing with Light::

those words jumped right out and bit me!  The Bible tells us we are living letters .. as daughters of the king could the parts that I am letting him write

be written with Light?  Is that how our faces shine light so others can see?  I don’t know and this is a stretch to spiritualize photography and dreams

but I would like to imagine all sorts of adventure.

about writing with light wouldn’t you?  Capturing some fantastical dream while wholly opening myself up to Him to transform.

In our humanness we do struggle with trusting the process…at least I do.  Trust is H.A.R.D.  we want to know where we are going and what the “dreams” are right?

we do a lot of comparing…seems she knows what she is doing..look at her as we look around at our own deshelveled life we

become discouraged and just give in to the mind set that

this is all there is so might as well get used to it.

but what if…

Pinned Image

via Babble Voices

whatever comes to mind as you begin this quest I want to encourage you to do it with gusto!  

No more vacillating or excuses.

Birthing a dream is laborious for sure…I ain’t gonna lie but let me let you in on a little secret.

It is sweeter than sex ( now don’t go freaking out at the word ) hear me out.

Something about being part of the process with the Dream Giver is the passion that is exchanged.

Opening oneself up to be puts a spring in your step..a twinkle in your eye..

it renews your will to really be more LOVE more and deep..

to pursue HARD the purpose that has already been planted in you.

come on sweet friend..take my hand.  It is time.

Closing my eyes I am wearing my sweet little vintage apron and it is my turn to be in the driver’s seat

and I do believe my dream did have an old truck in it….xoxotiff

2 things before I go….

1)  We have emailed a smarter person than us to help us find another comment plug in so you all don’t have to jump through hoops to leave

comments…. they helped us fix it only thing is I won’t have the commentors email address to email back.  This will be a temporary fix at least.  You all are so sweet to go through all that just

to leave me some words of encouragement.

2)  Amazon gift card winner!  Used a random number generator and came up with the number 3!  Sarita you are the 3rd commentor.  I will be getting in touch with you to send

you your gift card!:)


becky - Wish I knew what a year from now looked like…that would be interesting.

Glenda Childers - This is a very thought provoking post and I need to think about some new dreams for this stage of my life.


sarita - since i’m older than you ladies, retired, a widow, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a friend, a card maker, a book reader, a babysitter of grandsons, a volunteer with a wonderful hospiceand a daughter of a King. i think that this time next year i will be doing the same as i am now. and i think that’s ok. my dreams are no longer earth shaking, thought provoking, or urgent. i have lived my dreams, and more than i ever could dream. it would take longer than i have to type tonight to explain the dreams that i’ve had come true. i am truly blessed.
and thank you for the gift card!! how fun!! this week my picture and a blurb about me was in the newspaper because of my hospice work. That’s someting i never imagined! :^)
thank you Tiff

Deborah Carlson - Beautiful and inspiring in so many ways!
Thank you…I also loved that photo of the apron and the truck :)
Have a wonderful day!!!

Deborah xoxooxoxoxox

tara - yay for a new and easier way to leave comments….. :)

i love that you’re taking the photo class with Kevin Palmer…do you feel like you’re learning how to apply some things to your picture taking abilities?

you’re on the countdown for vacation!!!!! yeeeeee haw!!!

Suzanne - I do have one particular
dream and it’s time for
me to delve deeper and
to push aside some road
blocks. Thanks for the
inspiration, girlie!!

xo Suzanne

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