DIY procrastination you have it?

Her words stung.  They went something like this…Mom you are starting projects and not finishing them .. what?

You know the old saying the truth hurts?  Even through the pain I knew it was the truth as

far as our home goes.

I’m sure we’ve come up with a disorder for this type of problem?  DIY disorder..??

I am sure there is a cure for it though…


In my defense.. now that I’m working I am finding it difficult to allot time to work on the list

of house projects I have–that is a real excuse right?

So I made up my mind that I am going to remedy that.  Truthfully – it was bugging the heck out of me

because I am not by nature a not is due to me being to busy.

that is like gravel in my mouth.

Maybe your not like me but have other areas like health and fitness, cleaning out and organizing where

you have been putting it on the back burner?

I think this would work for for those too?

With summer slowly…well-it feels quickly to me- winding down– it is the perfect time to take the bull

by the horns and get a few of these things checked of my list.

Will you join me?

 Here is my plan

 here is the verse I read 2 days ago…coincidence?  I think not:)

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity ( projects complete), but hasty shortcuts ( procrastinating) lead to poverty ( incomplete projects)

Proverbs 21: 5

Parenthesis mine and are not biblical…lol

I say this with a smile…not serious you know? but I am thinking I need to sit down and do some planning out of the

next few months.


In August we are going to the lake for 4 days.  I am going to take the 4 days leading up to vacay to complete these 4 projects.

No painting figuring out September space..zilch!

The 4 projects are ( a drum roll here would be nice:)

:: Finish taking of the bead board and painting Ashwood
:: Finish painting the fireplace and decide on mantle decor
:: Sew the other panel to the dining room curtain and buy a bamboo shade
:: Take on the refrigerator…that will be a surprise for you:)

Now surely in four days we can accomplish this right?

I can then go to the lake knowing that I tackled the beast of  procrastinating DIY home projects

if this works I am thinking I might just try this in September…

what about you?  do you have a list of DIY projects that are incomplete?

what is your plan on finishing them...or not;)

happy happy Monday….xoxo


Jessica - Yes! I don’t know if it’s due to being a not-finisher, or being busy (or a bit of both) but I have projects all over the house that need to be finished!
I’ll join you in this little quest!

Jennifer - YUP. My husband deemed it “O.S.S.” as in “Oh! Something Shiny!” Syndrome. LOL. I get started on something and something else “better” takes my attention away. So I’m going to join you in reclaiming the rest of the summer and getting my master bedroom FINISHED! Tanks for the kick in the tail! ;-)

Ter'e - I definitely have DIYD! No question about it. With decorating – I normally run out of money. Champagne taste and beer pocketbook. That’s my story.

With crafting – I find I am bad at finishing – because I never think my crafts are “good enough”. So I put them off and set them aside. Remember, I am a hooker. I have about 6 unfinished rugs right now. All of them beautiful (even I admit that) – and all of them unfinished because I doubt my ability to finish them well enough.

For me —- I know it really helps to “see” what I have to finish before me. I like having a board I can post my ideas and my needs. The more I “see” what I “need” — the better I do to accomplish the mission. I like checking off the things I have finished.

Your house is looking GREAT! Where did you find the drapes – with the green print in them? Love them. Just delicious color.
Sounds like you need to tackle one room at a time. Then your brain doesn’t get too scattered and you won’t seem so overwhelmed!

I’m with ya baby!

Becky - uh hear ya loud and clear. you should see how many unfinished projects sit in my art studio. it’s sad! SAD I TELL ya. you go girl. you can do them. i have faith in you…not me, but YOU;)

Glenda Childers - Our family rule is … work hard when we work and play hard when we play. It sounds like that is your plan, too. But don’t be too hard on yourself … you have a lot going on.

marlece - yip, I am right there with you. I can go and go and go….and then BOOM Marlece starts moving at a very high intense speed. But, it takes, I call it, ‘pulling the sheets up over my head’ until I make a decision. So, good for you for having a plan of attack. I know you can do it!

jackie - I have the same problem, and working on tackling it right now.
Working on clearing the clutter first, then finishing the small things that are unfinished, and moving on to bigger projects.

sarita - My problem is my craft room. I “organize” it. It looks great until I make,a card!! Then it’s out of control! I could get rid of paper everyday and still have too much! Love those white chairs!
Also know that nothing is ever finished!

Rachel - I can totally relate. In fact, this post is exactly what I needed. We gutted our bathroom a little over a year ago and while it’s been functioning for quite some time now, it’s still been missing the little things. So, I took your advice and have made a list for myself: Hang the artwork, finish painting the closet door, finish making the drapes, and spray paint the door knobs oil bronze. All of these things should have been done for ever ago, but I just kept putting it off. Not anymore. :)
Thanks for the inspiration!

JoAnn - Is this the cure? Set the goal, set the time, and set yourself in motion????
Always easier said than done and a struggle this is for me. Vacay is also on
my horizon, I think I will pick one project to complete before we go. This and all the to do;s and wrap ups that happen before a trip will be victory for me. Love the verses
you brought to the fore front as well. I remember them and probably should say them hourly as I go about my business. Thanks Tiff for raising the bar!
Blessings and prayers being sent your way.

tara - I have a list, too.
You’d think with this being a new house that I wouldn’t have any house projects, but I do!

I want to make it more “us.” But, the projects that we want to do will definitely take time and Andy, so they’re gonna be a while.

Enjoy that lake time when you get it…lake time is a favorite of mine.

Suzanne - Girlie, you are talking
to the Queen of Unfinished
Projects!! I hear ya!

I like your approach and
think it’s very DO-ABLE.
Blocks of time are the best.
Know you’re gonna knock
it out of the ball park!

I have had too much coming
and going this summer to
commit to anything big. Either
I have been out of town or
someone has been here {like
this weekend, a friend arrives
this afternoon.} I tell myself
that in the grand scheme of
things, it’s the people things
that are the most important.

Of course, that’s also a handy
excuse : )

Lake time sounds lovely, too!!

xo Suzanne

Becca - I’m really late to this post, but I’m wondering where you got the fabric for the curtains? I love it! Thanks, Becca

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