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how do you imagine yourself a year from now?

I saw this picture from Jeanne Oliver’s summer collection 2012 and it spoke to me.  Kevin ( Layla’s Kevin ) said the word means

“writing with light” in Greek.  At one point I set out to learn Greek…really?:/  Photography is learning to capture light and manipulate it…Kevin says.

Vintage Apron

via Jeanne Oliver {love}

Could we look at our dreams as adventures?  I believe dreams are much bigger than we are.  Dreams are stories of divine meetings, a silent cry of prayer

a note found that was meant for a year ago, being at the right place at the right time.

It is the merging of characters across continents.

so that His story can be

lived out until the final culmination of the last period is penned.

Unless we have eyes to see or ears to hear we often cannot see it this side of heaven but

I want to encourage you tonight to begin to LIVE your dream.  To begin writing your story in light.

If you could take one step today toward your dream what would it be ________________________________

what would it look like?  Much like this picture does for me by stirring my heart to imagine.

Vintage Apron

via Jeanne Oliver {love}

What stirs your heart to imagine?  maybe it is a picture like me

or an aroma from a past memory – words that were spoken – maybe it was a wound – a relationship.

::Writing with Light::

those words jumped right out and bit me!  The Bible tells us we are living letters .. as daughters of the king could the parts that I am letting him write

be written with Light?  Is that how our faces shine light so others can see?  I don’t know and this is a stretch to spiritualize photography and dreams

but I would like to imagine all sorts of adventure.

about writing with light wouldn’t you?  Capturing some fantastical dream while wholly opening myself up to Him to transform.

In our humanness we do struggle with trusting the process…at least I do.  Trust is H.A.R.D.  we want to know where we are going and what the “dreams” are right?

we do a lot of comparing…seems she knows what she is doing..look at her as we look around at our own deshelveled life we

become discouraged and just give in to the mind set that

this is all there is so might as well get used to it.

but what if…

Pinned Image

via Babble Voices

whatever comes to mind as you begin this quest I want to encourage you to do it with gusto!  

No more vacillating or excuses.

Birthing a dream is laborious for sure…I ain’t gonna lie but let me let you in on a little secret.

It is sweeter than sex ( now don’t go freaking out at the word ) hear me out.

Something about being part of the process with the Dream Giver is the passion that is exchanged.

Opening oneself up to be puts a spring in your step..a twinkle in your eye..

it renews your will to really be more LOVE more and deep..

to pursue HARD the purpose that has already been planted in you.

come on sweet friend..take my hand.  It is time.

Closing my eyes I am wearing my sweet little vintage apron and it is my turn to be in the driver’s seat

and I do believe my dream did have an old truck in it….xoxotiff

2 things before I go….

1)  We have emailed a smarter person than us to help us find another comment plug in so you all don’t have to jump through hoops to leave

comments…. they helped us fix it only thing is I won’t have the commentors email address to email back.  This will be a temporary fix at least.  You all are so sweet to go through all that just

to leave me some words of encouragement.

2)  Amazon gift card winner!  Used a random number generator and came up with the number 3!  Sarita you are the 3rd commentor.  I will be getting in touch with you to send

you your gift card!:)


easy soup for when your under the weather..

Is it Monday already? my how the weekends fly by.  I hope you got to enjoy some sweet moments or was yours crazy hectic like mine?

this just should not be so…

I am off to a rocky start this morning.  Not feeling well..maybe allergies and this throbbing headache that I’ve had off and on for the last three days.

To many things to do and little me is not wanting to participate today.  Can I pull the covers back over my head…wishing:)

I pulled this recipe out of my virtual box last night thinking it might just hit the spot PLUS it is a crock pot recipe which requires little from me.

thinking maybe you might be as happy to find something easy and comforting to feed your family as I was.

Grace has been sick all weekend as well.  Sore throat..stuffy so I started her in the red zone of her asthma action plan yesterday not wanting to end up in the hospital like we did a few months ago.

Vacation is just around the corner now…come on!!:)

5 Dinners in One Hour is a really handy little food blog.  I found it over a year ago and I often use this recipe in the winter because it is so simple and pretty darn good.

Nothing fancy by any means but who needs fancy right?  Since we aren’t feeling all that well I thought this would hit the spot and we do have A/C..of which I am so grateful for…

cause you do sweat when you eat hot soup..or at least I do.

I really really think you will enjoy her blog.  SO many helpful and easy ways to prepare menu plans.

I changed this recipe up a little by:

Click here for the RECIPE

~using all chicken broth and by that I mean when it calls for 1 cup of water I use chicken broth.

~I use 1% milk and the kids still eat it…just sayin…but you could use any milk.

~I do salt and pepper it some because it doesn’t call for that although not much.  It is easier to let everyone S&P themselves in their own bowl.

~I double the recipe because we eat it for leftovers the next day…like I did today for lunch.

~I was out of bacon bits…big BOO! but grated cheese sufficed.  Bacon bits really make it yummier:)

well - I think that is it for today girls.  I hope you have a good evening.  Stay within today with me…let’s don’t worry about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a new day right?

A new opportunity to start new.




Hey ya’ll!  Hope your Saturday has been fantastic so far?  I didn’t sleep well last night so I was up at 5am but other than that lots of work to do today and

errands to run.  I read Emily’s “currently’s” the other day and thought…this is fun and you learn about each other and I am all about that:)

So here is my list of “currentlys” …


my girl – who is about to turn 13 in a couple of weeks.  I’ve slowed my heart down enough to almost touch her changing…from a girl into a young woman.

She is fluttering her wings every now and then..her and I butt heads a little more often but I know that is ok..expected really.  It is a natural part of morphing.

She is the baby and I love her…I do

I have been busy planning her 13th birthday.

reading:  honestly?  my phone..Pinterest..emails..Facebook..research.  But..I am choosing 2 books to take on vacation.

That is a positive right?

waiting for:  more of the dream to come to life

excited about:  our lake vacation!

missing:  FALL…I love summer with it’s long lazy days for sure!  but fall is calling me already

trying to:  not think about school right around the corner.  I am dreading the morning rush.  In the last few

years I have not done this so well.  Age maybe?  refusing to be sucked into the hurry hurry so much?

working on:  trusting God in our relationship more.  Trusting the road I am on.  As much as I know how opening myself up completely to Him for healing.

trusting He knows me inside and out and he lavishes love on me anyway.  Just beginning to be ok with that:)  Daring to be different and be really ok with that.

I am going to Him like I would a spouse or best friend…oh and being thankful and mindful within each day.

enjoying:  Downy washer balls.  If I can tell you one thing to go get this weekend it is these!!  They are heavenly..

two frangrances..I love the Lush scent.

I just got our new business cards yesterday!  They are so tiny and adorable.  I just love them.  We got

them from Minted.  They are square and have chevron on the back!!

using:  the homemade lotion from Pinterest.  I tweaked it by adding my favorite lotion instead of baby lotion.  I don’t feel

womanly when I smell like a baby – next I am going to try making it with my favorite Victoria’s Secret lotion.  It really is my favorite lotion

for when I get out of the shower…I use it now before I go out to the pool and lay out.

wearing:  paint splattered clothes-hair in a pony tail or hat…speaking of hats… I just made this one.  Honestly – I am feeling slightly bummed

about always looking like this.  I am excited for sale weekend next week when I can actually wear clothes and makeup.

If I could choose out of my virtual Pinterest closet I would choose this to wear Friday ( image from Fashion Worship)



our vacation.  We are doing nothing.  Swimming and sitting and eating…maybe even some daydreaming.
Grace turns 13 while we are down there so I am working on making it sweet and special.

I will share all of it when we get back:)

singing:  I don’t.  When I do it is by myself in the car and I am so bad even I can’t stand myself.

needing:  to eat better.  cleaner.  less processed food.  less eating out.   more eating at home which is why we went and bought stuff to make this Simple Strawberry Green smoothie by

Hell If I Gnaw.

learning:  everybody has a story and when I judge .. I must remind myself that except for grace that could be me.  Everyone has hard places and struggles.  

The only difference is some are hidden and some are not.   

listening:  to the sounds of every day.  I have been amazed at the things hear by “seeing”.  Taking time in each circumstance to see.  

wishing:  sometimes I find myself wishing I would have made different choices in life.  Then I’m reminded that I wouldn’t be where I am today or

have the family I have today and truly you never know what other road I might find myself on and it could be worse.

doing:  working lots.  working on finding a balance and what works best for me and my health and my family.

praying for:  more than anything for eyes to see and ears to hear within each day.  To listen to God first and foremost and follow

where He tells me even if that means being different.

dreaming of:  one day living on an old farm with animals…and a pool for the grandkids:)  Puttering around creating and writing.

Driving an old aqua Ford truck…the really old cool kind OR a wood side Jeep Cherokee…on of those old ones that look like a surfer movie car:)

Look what we found at Goodwill today…of course we will paint the frame but I am going to hang it in the house.  It will remind me of my dream.

so this is me

want to play along?

off to shower..and maybe throw on some makeup;)…oxox to you all!


need help learning how to take a “good” picture?

” Mom!…oh my gosh!

I know you’ve heard those words a million times right?

I did not receive the gene for taking pictures of people, places or things.


my oldest daughter did hence the ” Mom…”  because often she can’t believe I put that picture on the blog

you see she has an comes naturally to her…she taught herself.

well..not me myself nor I.

{{on a side note..can I whisper this to you?}}

is it just being a parent or am i the only one that as my children have entered the amped hormonal stage and even into

adult hood that i am hearing about all the things i do that embarrass them or that i do that is ” oh my gosh MOM ” worthy?


I am assuming this the numero uno reason Nikki sent me a text telling me about this class for beginners wanting to learn is called

Shoot Fly Shoot


NOW–I am in a super duper busy season of life right now and adding one more thing to my crowded plate I wasn’t jumping for.

Later that day I went in and got some more info on this Shoot Fly Shoot…catchy name huh?

Unbeknownst to me…it was Kevin from The Lettered Cottage.  I have seen their photography so I sorta figured it would be a safe bet.

I knew I needed something simple.  A photography for Dummies kinda thing.  My attention span is not very long these days nor is my memory…remember pre-Alzheimers

well– when Kevin said there is lots of repitition I was hooked.

One of the main things I love about Keven and Layla is they take risks..they are all about following dreams.

They inspire others that nothing is impossible and they keep pushing the swing don’t they?
makes me want to push my swing a little higher.

That is the kinda friends I want surrounding me..what about you?

Sign me up!

I have watched a couple of the videos and they are EASY to understand..SEEING someone explain it to you.. to ME is HELPFUL…

so on my upcoming lake vacation I am going to sit by the pool and watch the rest of the classes…oh .. they aren’t tediously long either which I love

and I think that might be a good time to put into practice all of what I am learning.  I really do want to be a better picture taker and I do so love it

(even though I really suck)  I think this would be the perfect time to do so when there are not many plates spinning..

I will have plenty of people and things to torture…baawwwaaaahhaaaa can you hear the ornery laugh?

so as not to be an embarressment to my eldest any longer I will persevere at this photography.

AND I might be able to use a real camera instead of my phone camera in the very near future



you all might reap the benefit of it as well.

If you are a camera dummy feel free to join me in class…might be kinda fun.  We could pass notes..grab coffee’ at each other’s house:)

I say all of the above to say this — that is why when the post came out yesterday I wanted to be able to share them on our blog

so we joined their affiliate program….jump jump clap clap


I am going to have Nikki use random generator to pick a person from the book post.  There

were so many good suggestions I just couldn’t choose one…I loved them all.  Be watching to see if it is YOU who won the

Amazon gift card in the next post.

Still deciding on what to read but I will let ya know when I do.  Off to do some more painting of signs…this is the dreaded move in week.

Kill me now…no not really but you know what I mean….



DIY procrastination you have it?

Her words stung.  They went something like this…Mom you are starting projects and not finishing them .. what?

You know the old saying the truth hurts?  Even through the pain I knew it was the truth as

far as our home goes.

I’m sure we’ve come up with a disorder for this type of problem?  DIY disorder..??

I am sure there is a cure for it though…


In my defense.. now that I’m working I am finding it difficult to allot time to work on the list

of house projects I have–that is a real excuse right?

So I made up my mind that I am going to remedy that.  Truthfully – it was bugging the heck out of me

because I am not by nature a not is due to me being to busy.

that is like gravel in my mouth.

Maybe your not like me but have other areas like health and fitness, cleaning out and organizing where

you have been putting it on the back burner?

I think this would work for for those too?

With summer slowly…well-it feels quickly to me- winding down– it is the perfect time to take the bull

by the horns and get a few of these things checked of my list.

Will you join me?

 Here is my plan

 here is the verse I read 2 days ago…coincidence?  I think not:)

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity ( projects complete), but hasty shortcuts ( procrastinating) lead to poverty ( incomplete projects)

Proverbs 21: 5

Parenthesis mine and are not biblical…lol

I say this with a smile…not serious you know? but I am thinking I need to sit down and do some planning out of the

next few months.


In August we are going to the lake for 4 days.  I am going to take the 4 days leading up to vacay to complete these 4 projects.

No painting figuring out September space..zilch!

The 4 projects are ( a drum roll here would be nice:)

:: Finish taking of the bead board and painting Ashwood
:: Finish painting the fireplace and decide on mantle decor
:: Sew the other panel to the dining room curtain and buy a bamboo shade
:: Take on the refrigerator…that will be a surprise for you:)

Now surely in four days we can accomplish this right?

I can then go to the lake knowing that I tackled the beast of  procrastinating DIY home projects

if this works I am thinking I might just try this in September…

what about you?  do you have a list of DIY projects that are incomplete?

what is your plan on finishing them...or not;)

happy happy Monday….xoxo