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what’s in my heart..not on my coffee table

Emily shared with us what was on her coffee table and as much as I’d like to share what is not on my coffee table because I do

not have one…it is on my kitchen table…I am compelled to share what is in my heart today.  Whether you love home decor blogs,

mommy blogs, foodie blogs or a hodge podge of them all one thing we all have in common as women –  is our hearts.  


That is the energy behind all that we do = heart energy.  We love our homes and our families and I’d likely bet we’d do just about anything for them.

I know I would.  It is of utmost importance that we take care of our hearts because it is from the overflow that we live our daily lives out of.

I want to keep this short and to the point as I can so maybe .. like me .. this can simmer in your soul all day

Last night I watched Oprah’s interview with T.D. Jakes.  I don’t know a whole lot about him but something he shared last night stuck and answered

a question I had been asking


Abba…what do I do?  I don’t have the meansI trust YOU do..I don’t know is all I keep hearing myself say

( and by the way this has taken a looong time to be at this point in the don’t give up! )

You all know the story of the 5 loaves and 2 fish right?

If not you can find it here

Jesus took the 5 loaves and 2 fish the boy brought to feed thousands .. and you know what He did?

He gave thanks for not enough

and then He broke it..

the blessing is in the breaking


and then HE BROKE it

( to me being broken isn’t a catastrophe or scary thing it is a knowing of my can’t to His GIANTness and His can..God’s ableness

my unableness…His lavish love for me and what He did on the cross when I didn’t deserve it..desiring me..ME..YOU to be His child forever and loving me in spite of all my ugly..ugly!  It is His patience towards me..He waits for us as long as it takes and I could go on and on but I am trying to be short…lol! )


ME HERE:  today I am giving thanks for not enough and in trust I am opening myself up to all He is doing new in my heart.

in honor of Father’s Day I am reminded that my Father is the God of more than enough.  As I learn to trust Him for a safe place

 I am able to turn to Him first more and more in my everyday circumstances.  I am finding Him faithful.  I am falling in love

more deeply.  

the blessing is in the breaking .. and in the end there was more than enough to feed all those people.

He is more than enough for you too prayer today for us is that we let these words sit atop our hearts like dew and

slowly seep inso that with awe inspiring mouth gaping open love — our lives are forever changed.

SO no matter your blogging preference … may I come along side you and remind you as T.D. Jakes did me last night to take

care of your heart?

now off to clean off my kitchen table…maybe I’ll show you that tomorrow;)

much love to you….tiff

images from my Pinterest Boards Words


slowing down to be grandma

We lived and came out the other side!  My very pregnant daughter stayed with us for four days with the three kiddos.  It was EXhausting to say the least but the most amazing thing happened…

it hit me!  I AM A GRANDMA!  I am still raising kids so I don’t feel like a grandma most days.  When that little boy was carrying a chair that was as big as him to sit by me and was saying…”grandma…look” something in my heart caught and took notice.  This little person has ME…for a grandma.

I am going to matter in his life.  In their lives.  So after that moment in the midst of hectic I slowed down and tried to take in all the small moments that you forget when your kids are grown or self sufficient.  Here are some snippets of our days.

got the hair from Orange County Housewives..yes I watch that show!!  Kinda fun…easy way to do my hair on a day I don’t want to wash it!

Chelsee and I outside the tea house.  We went to this little place inside a church turned antique store/tea room that my mom found.  Honestly we were a little skeptical cause we are BIG eaters and I didn’t want a little plate of fancy food.  It turned out to be very good.  I had a big scoop of chicken salad and a big slice of German chocolate something or other with cheesecake inside.  It was different and yummy.

  This girl is due in a week!  She can run circles around me with those kids.  I USED to be that way….those were the days.

We had kiddos sleeping in funny places…someday she will thank me for this right?

NO fancy schmancy firepits here!  We improvised with skewers and our Weber grill.  Don’t try this at your house.  Skewers are NOT long enough:)  The kids had so much fun though.  We tried the new mint marshmallows and it tasted like an Andes Candy smore…very good!

Grandma … watch me!  I heard over and over.  We liked to be noticed don’t we?  I think I feel that way about God.  Daddy watch…made me think.

we snacked…to much.  Reed LOVES yogurt covered raisins

I finally had the money to have the fuel pump replaced in the truck on Thursday and yesterday the first time out… it broke down on us on the way to work!  In the middle of stop and go traffic!

Craziness..thinking it is finally the transmission.  Pray for me as I ask what I am to do next.  Thankful for the trials though because I know He has the answer and I am waiting on it:)

was able to get off the highway onto the exit ramp and waited here for the tow truck:)

We did manage to get some work in.  Our newest sign is drying then I will distress the frame a bit.  I am in LOVE with the black.  It will be in our July sign sale.  I will be adding all of July’s signs to the shop this month as I go.

Nikki is working on a few furniture pieces.  Here is a little dresser we picked up.  Wait till you see our colors for July! fun.  

I think that is enough for today.

Did you have a moment where your heart caught and made you slow down life?

If so…I would LOVE to know

much love…tiff


are you a repurpose girl or a big box store girl?

Abba tucked me in last night with such good news.  Knowing that God dreams are the ones where He is THE ONLY means.  There is absolutely nothing we could do to make it happen.  We are fenced in by circumstances that force us to wait upon Him.  Honestly?  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Jeanne Oliver said this on her Facebook page today and I wanted to share it with you.

‎”…(Abraham) didn’t tiptoe around Gods promise asking skeptical questions.

He plunged into the promise and came up strong, ready for God, SURE that God would make good on what he had promised” Rom. 4:19-25 (MSG)

My heart is FULL of stuff to share with you from house things to heart things.  We will start with house today.  My neighbor Dale had this chair at the sale last week.  We had been looking for chairs on Craigslist and Overstock and IKEA.  Most way out of our budget.  Well…I asked Dale if he happened to have another one and you know what he said?  Why of course I do.  It is at my warehouse!  God right?  right:)  They were from a high end home and custom made.  Solid wood.  I am not a fan of the material but I can change that.  I see the wood painted white and chippy.  Guess how much?  90 dollars a piece.  So for 180 I got a pair of solid high quality chairs.    WAY cheaper and good quality.  I am a happy girl!  Now I have to decide what fabric to recover them in…more on this later.

OK…THIS is some BIG news.  Don’t laugh but we got a pool!  for free!  It is a God story but a short version is our neighbor has had this pool for 18 years.  She is now older and they don’t use it and were wanting to get rid of it.  It got back to me and we went and asked her and she said yes!  Fortunately for us she has kept it immaculate!  This picture is somewhat scary but the bones of the pool are perfect and I know the colors are not the best but you can imagine it with a deck around it and you won’t even see that.

Grace is excited to take the grand babies swimming.  I am sure it will get lots of use.  We will move it here over the fourth of July holiday.

At the April sale we bought this primitive piece from the owner of RE for 100.  We originally were going to get it for Grace’s room but it smelled “old” and was just to big but it fit in so well with our

Feminine Farmhouse Dining Room…don’t ya think?

I am toning down the green on my table this week too.  I used Annie Sloan’s dark wax but I think I may re paint it another green.  It is just a tad to bright.  That is the beauty of paint isn’t it?  It is inexpensive and you can always paint over it if you don’t like it or make a mistake.

I am head over heels for the movement of re-purposing things.  It beats buying out of the big box stores any day.  You get one of a kinds pieces that you stamp you soul into.  I am all over that.

What about you?  Do you prefer big box stores or have you been bitten by the re purposing movement?

and remember….PLUNGE into the promises He has given YOU!

big hugs…xoxo


crazy weekend & a toilet

Geesh…my Crohn’s finally caught up with me and I had to give in and stay home.  Couldn’t go to the ball:(  today I am catching up on orders and housework.  Here are a few pictures from Friday.  They are taken with my phone so not the best

How was your weekend?  not as crazy as mine I hope!

who knew this could make this girl SO happy?  A new toilet!! I am thankful thankful thankful…



our families must have dip recipe {cottage cheese dip}

 Just walked in the door from our first day of the sale.  It feels SO good to sit down. I am eating some mac and cheese and drinking a Dr. Pepper while I type this://  It has been sweet!  Nice encouraging!  I tell ya .. I love this:)

I know you all have lots to do to so I just want to leave you with our families  MUST HAVE staple hors d’oeuvres .  Sounds weird but just wait.  Once you taste it…you are addicted!  We had it at our Memorial Day BBQ.  I love it with carrots and celery…everyone else loves it with Ruffles..or some sort of riggy potato chip.  Let me know if you make it and what you think ok?  Love and Hugs to all of you.  Happy Weekend……xoxo

Cottage Cheese Dip

I carton cottage cheese ( we use small curd )  

1 Cup Mayo…has to be Mayo not Miracle Whip

1 package origianl Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix.  In those little envelopes you know?

Mix all together.  I let it sit in refrigerator for a couple of hours and voila!  

Dip dip dip away:)

   sharing with my friend Becky who has the daughter that is Student of the Year…woot woot:)