Monthly Archives: June 2012

what’s in my heart..not on my coffee table

Emily shared with us what was on her coffee table and as much as I’d like to share what is not on my coffee table because I do not have one…it is on my kitchen table…I am compelled to share what is in my heart today.  Whether you love home decor blogs, mommy blogs, foodie […]

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slowing down to be grandma

We lived and came out the other side!  My very pregnant daughter stayed with us for four days with the three kiddos.  It was EXhausting to say the least but the most amazing thing happened… it hit me!  I AM A GRANDMA!  I am still raising kids so I don’t feel like a grandma most […]

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crazy weekend & a toilet

Geesh…my Crohn’s finally caught up with me and I had to give in and stay home.  Couldn’t go to the ball:(  today I am catching up on orders and housework.  Here are a few pictures from Friday.  They are taken with my phone so not the best How was your weekend?  not as crazy as […]

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