needing YOUR help with my kitchen floors…

 What a whirlwind of a week!  I’m still exhausted!!  We are still waiting on grand baby number 4.  Feeling like we are having a campout at grandma’s house.

I need your input if you don’t mind.  Here is a picture of my kitchen floors.  Plain ol’ ugly white tile with gray grout.  Looks dirty.

Here is a picture of our dining room to help you get a “feel” for the vibe of our home.

I have been pinning some floors that I like for ideas in my kitchen.

I will need to rip up the tile of course.  I am thinking maybe putting down some reclaimed wood flooring to distress myself?

I want our house to be fun and feminine so I am not afraid of trying something new but I also don’t want it to end up cartoonish…you know what I mean?


 just simple wood floors which I LOVE…but I would have to have the color matched to our current living room floors which are 40 years old


 I love the distressing on these.  Reminds me of our signs:)

pretty patchwork tile

 here is one I pinned with a fun mix of tiles???  could be feminine if I pulled colors from my curtains?

{love the painted checkerboard floors}

 LOVE love this green.  I use it a lot in our booth each month.  SO happy

love the floor!{VIA}

I also LOVE red!  I just can’t use it in my main rooms.  No red:( but I love the diamonds!

OK..there you have it.   What are your thoughts?   Suggestions?  Ideas I haven’t thought of?  lay it on me….

maybe we will have a baby to share on Monday?

here’s to a happy happy weekend and its SUMMER:)!!



paige - i love the vibe of your home my friend!
diamonds or distressed or red or whatever, it’ll be cute.

personally i love those dark woods at the top. we did the same & my downstairs is all white & cream. i love it.

happy weekend!!

Ryne - I love the big (15 inch maybe) black and white diamonds. My favorite! I can’t wait to see what you choose!!

angela - I love the green and white painted wood…my favorite!!!!!!!!

becky - Love them all. The mixed tile was FUNKY. Never seen that before. The first dark wide plank was probably my favorite.

Liz - The black and white distressed floors have such character, but I also love the distressed wood. Decisions, decisions. You have that gorgeous dining room and always seem to make the right choices. What are you leaning towards? So exciting about the baby! Hope all goes well.

Kim - I love the idea of reclaimed wood floors, but not sure you can match the stain to your existing floors. I think you are taking on a huge project. Painted wood floors would be so cute with your style and probably much easier to do.

Suzanne - I love the idea of
reclaimed wood, but
no idea how expensive
it is? Our floors our a
more formal wood {came
with the house ~ not my
pick} but I prefer a
relaxed vibe where the
floor is already dinged
and one more scrape
or ding just adds more

I must say you are the
cutest grandma around!

xo Suzanne

tara - I love those first floors…absolutely gorgeous. :)
I love all the painted floors, too, but I’m way too practical. I tend to always go with something a little more classic.

Whatever you do will be amazing. :))

Ter'e - I love the wood plank floors. Gorgeous.
Of course, I love the painted floors too – all of them. But it is in the kitchen. You’ll be mopping and cleaning it on a regular basis. Lots of travels with little feet. I have to wonder how practical that wold be in the kitchen.
Always too logical – that’s me.
Whatever you do will be fab!!!!! We have no doubt.

Glenda Childers - Praying for that babe to arrive … but have no idea on the floors. One area where I can offer no help.

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