do you find yourself longing for is one thing to do

“If you want to see things you’ve never seen before, you must be prepared to do things you have never done before!”

Graham Cooke

Is it my forties forced me inside out?  Can wallflowers really learn to dance?  I’ve never been a risk taker then why am I taking them now?

I don’t know all the answers but I do know this…my heart is longing for adventure.  To be a modern day adventurer..a warrior unbreakable woman

to no longer be held back by circumstances, childhood, my lack of’s but to use those very things to catapult me higher up and out of the pit and into the journey of my LIFE..

Miss Mustard Seed talked about risks in decorating our homes where she quotes one of the BHG ladies that said “it’s hard to find people who will take risks in their home”…and my heart lept in agreement!

I am ferousciously looking for mentor’s..role models if you will..people who are willing to take risks.


Let me let you in on a little secret…they are RARE!!  Hard to find but I am tenacious.  I long to become one so I can someday be a cheerleader for some other

searching heart and for my own children.

my thinking–if you can’t find one maybe that is a prompt to become one.

 TO live on the edge of the visible world right at the place where the unseen and seen meet.

For the first time I am taking risks in my home.  Willing to throw caution to the wind and just do fun things.  They can always be changed.  I’m tired of playing it safe.

in the process I am finding renewed vigor for a new way.  A way I haven’t ever.

ONE thing I am learning is the more risks I take the more alive I feel.  Dreams become bigger.  Doors open.  I meet new opportunity.

Risk taking is not just for home decor although I certainly am doing some risk taking in that area lately;)

Risk taking is also for the heart!

What if there are other hearts out there searching for grow up from a girl into a wild woman of God?  Free from worrying about what people think…

especially the Church and began to live audaciously surrendered to God?  Strong women..not subserviant women.  Women like Mary who took a risk when she worshipped Jesus

while wiping his fee with her perfume…

what if …

if you not a habitual risk taker { i’m with ya here sisters!}..start with baby steps.  Because that is where God is..outside the lines { the lines WE draw to feel safe }..waiting for us to take that first step of real faith

*say no today

*refuse to worry…just for one hour

*sit for 10 minutes in the early morning and listen..with your eyes closed

*believe that God is FOR YOU! and make it a conscience thought throughout the day

*wear that dress or outfit that you feel like a woman in and it feels uncomfortable..but deep down you look amazing in…go ahead

*say HI and smile at people who walk by you today

*ask for more of what YOU need

*start making your home a happy place with one thing..start with one room..begin there

*do something sweet just for you momma…it makes you a better mommy:)

and so on

very true

now it is your turn

what is one RISK you could take today?  it can be spiritual, practical, emotional, financial…..whatever

Are you too longing for adventure?  To live audaciously surrendered to God?

and know how thankful I am for each of you…

baby pictures tomorrow!!!

and remember FAITH stepping IS NOT a FEELING!  It feels scary as heck..



Elizabeth - First, I’m over the moon excited that you are quoting Graham Cooke! Not many would know about him.
Risk…turning 55 this August and just did something that’s been on my goal list forEVER! I wrote and submitted an article for a magazine. Don’t know if they’ll publish it, but I TRIED, which is a huge step for me.

Glenda Childers - I recently accepted a speaking engagement … which means I have to trust God to give me four messages.

I always tell my husband ….”marrying you was enough adventure for my whole life.” :)

So proud of you.

tara - I’m like you…I don’t take a ton of risks…..
Although, I think starting any kind of business is risky, so I guess I’ve played a little bit of a risk in doing that with our signs….

Now that I think of it…I also took a big risk a couple of years ago while we were in Orlando. I started counseling and put my whole self into it…longing for God to do a deep work in my heart. THAT is hard, hard, hard work. But, I can honestly say that Jesus had done such a sweet work in Andy and in me, which also means he’s done a super sweet work in us. :)

thankful for the risks I’ve taken….but still wanting to take more and more risks!!! thanks for the reminder!

Suzanne - I agree, the late 40′s,
especially, opens a gate
to inhibitions and worry
and I find that I let them
all go scurrying out into
the world….no time for
them anymore : ) !!

Love all the sayings that
you’ve gathered ~ I now
want to get riskier, too!

xo Suzanne

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