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do you find yourself longing for is one thing to do

“If you want to see things you’ve never seen before, you must be prepared to do things you have never done before!”

Graham Cooke

Is it my forties forced me inside out?  Can wallflowers really learn to dance?  I’ve never been a risk taker then why am I taking them now?

I don’t know all the answers but I do know this…my heart is longing for adventure.  To be a modern day adventurer..a warrior unbreakable woman

to no longer be held back by circumstances, childhood, my lack of’s but to use those very things to catapult me higher up and out of the pit and into the journey of my LIFE..

Miss Mustard Seed talked about risks in decorating our homes where she quotes one of the BHG ladies that said “it’s hard to find people who will take risks in their home”…and my heart lept in agreement!

I am ferousciously looking for mentor’s..role models if you will..people who are willing to take risks.


Let me let you in on a little secret…they are RARE!!  Hard to find but I am tenacious.  I long to become one so I can someday be a cheerleader for some other

searching heart and for my own children.

my thinking–if you can’t find one maybe that is a prompt to become one.

 TO live on the edge of the visible world right at the place where the unseen and seen meet.

For the first time I am taking risks in my home.  Willing to throw caution to the wind and just do fun things.  They can always be changed.  I’m tired of playing it safe.

in the process I am finding renewed vigor for a new way.  A way I haven’t ever.

ONE thing I am learning is the more risks I take the more alive I feel.  Dreams become bigger.  Doors open.  I meet new opportunity.

Risk taking is not just for home decor although I certainly am doing some risk taking in that area lately;)

Risk taking is also for the heart!

What if there are other hearts out there searching for grow up from a girl into a wild woman of God?  Free from worrying about what people think…

especially the Church and began to live audaciously surrendered to God?  Strong women..not subserviant women.  Women like Mary who took a risk when she worshipped Jesus

while wiping his fee with her perfume…

what if …

if you not a habitual risk taker { i’m with ya here sisters!}..start with baby steps.  Because that is where God is..outside the lines { the lines WE draw to feel safe }..waiting for us to take that first step of real faith

*say no today

*refuse to worry…just for one hour

*sit for 10 minutes in the early morning and listen..with your eyes closed

*believe that God is FOR YOU! and make it a conscience thought throughout the day

*wear that dress or outfit that you feel like a woman in and it feels uncomfortable..but deep down you look amazing in…go ahead

*say HI and smile at people who walk by you today

*ask for more of what YOU need

*start making your home a happy place with one thing..start with one room..begin there

*do something sweet just for you momma…it makes you a better mommy:)

and so on

very true

now it is your turn

what is one RISK you could take today?  it can be spiritual, practical, emotional, financial…..whatever

Are you too longing for adventure?  To live audaciously surrendered to God?

and know how thankful I am for each of you…

baby pictures tomorrow!!!

and remember FAITH stepping IS NOT a FEELING!  It feels scary as heck..



a sweet & natural baby gift…

As this post is up I am being made to have yet another colonoscopy…double ugh.  It is nice though because now they give the Micheal Jackson drug propofol so I am not a crazy loon for hours after.

which is good because Chelsee went in at 7:30 this morning to have the baby!!!!  I am beyond excited to see this little missy…

Two days ago Chelsee and I made up some burp cloths.  Every little sweet baby needs a set of these.  No kidding.  We used boutique fabrics and sewed on top of some good cloth diapers.

They wash up nicely and really are better than most burp cloths at the stores.

Chelsee also introduced me to these…100% natural unbleached cotton cloth diapers from Econobum!  They have to be pre-washed several times but the feel of them…I can’t even tell you.  

They are a vintagy creamy color due to the unbleached cotton.  They are  a little more pricey than regular cloth diapers but I truly believe the value of the burp cloth is so worth it.

Long after the spitting up is over they would make darling cleaning rags…just saying:)

I will use the Econobum diapers from here on out on the burp cloths.  I am a stickler for comfort..softness and overall sweetness.  This diaper .. lined with pretty fabric is the whole package:)

she will definitely have the new mommies oohhh and aahhhing:)

If you want to make your own– here is the link we used.

I will post pictures of the baby ASAP!!  Hugs….xoxo


hang summer fun pictures in chevron frames…

ssshhhh…the house is free from children right now so I am sneaking on to share an idea Nikki came up with.

We are slowly collecting smalls to cozy up our home.  I have NEVER done that before by the way.  My home has always been bare!

We have so many amazing pictures Nikki has taken of our family but NO WHERE are they in our home.


We began making these 2′ x 2′ frames last month for our physical shop and they sold out within an hour and a half.

this month we have created some oh so FUN and CoLoRFul frames.  I will post them tomorrow or Tuesday

ANYWAY…here is the IDEA

Instead of the regular photos hanging in frames why not use SUMMER FUN pictures instead?

Just for SuMMer…change them up each season?

Nikki took some of the kids in our neighbors backyard…well of course I will order a print of these too…they are so stinkin cute!!

but we are choosing the sprinkler and popcicle pictures taken last night to hang in our frames.

love the abandon children have playing in water…

we have been spending each evening when the sun dips over the horizon to enjoy the summer.

priceless.  it has SO been worth not worrying about the July sale and if we will get done in time.  There are always sales…not times like these yes?

THIS one I am for sure ordering today for his summer picture.

We are painting our chevron frames gray.  That way it is more of a neutral color hanging with all of my greens, aquas and yellows:)

I put the frames in the shop and as always … we love custom orders.  I will be adding the polka dots and stripes in a day or two:)

and more of the color choices.

Are you faithful to hang family pictures or are you like me?  have them all on camera cards and not the walls?

We order our pictures through MPIX in case your interested:)

love to all of you….xoxo


collages.fedora’ weekends & football

The sun has been shining hot here in Kansas City lately.  I have been enjoying my grand kids and daughter being here with us.  Enjoying the comfortable early mornings before the sun rises hot and heavy just listening to the birds.  I am humbled by God’s goodness to us and His provision even in the midst of life’s circumstances.

We had a busy weekend.

  Here are a few of the prints I ordered and got last week.  I am saving them up for a collage wall:)  I also ordered this print from Sasha..I am working on a frame for it.

I also ordered this print from Sasha..I am working on a frame for it.  I am getting a pretty cool collection going.  I am also ordering lots of pictures from MPIX that Nikki has

taken.  We have SO many good ones I want them hanging all over the house.  I am immensely enjoying making our house a HAPPY home.

Old Green Truck print

Nikki picked up this pillow from Home Goods over the weekend.  Isn’t it darling?  She just HAD to get it…who cares if we don’t know where we will put it right?:)

We got yet another bed for Grace.  The twin was not practical for sleepovers we found out.  This is taken with my phone so the pink is PINK…not so much in person.  This is before the final coats were put on.  We have a really cool image we are going to put on the head or foot board.  Haven’t decided yet.  I will show you more on her room later.  We’ve been baby stepping redoing her room.  It is looking so tweenish.

This picture is for Tara…yes I went and got a fedora!  I loved Tamara in the OC Housewives…I keep dreaming of going to Bora Bora.  I looked it up on Expedia and it was 11,000.00!! for two people…and that was just for the hotel!!  a girl can dream…

 I took Reed to Mizzou to watch Dakota ( uncle ) play football.  His last camp..senior year!  Wow I just can’t believe it.  He wouldn’t let me take pictures.  I embarress him…”Mom! he says.  Ya’ll have that problem ever?

 It was 90 some degree’s.  Reed was a trooper.  He kept thanking me over and over for taking him to see uncle play.  He loved it…and so did I:)

 I did sneak a picture in…

oh..I found this picture and I wanted to share these blankets with you.  We got them for Chelsee’s baby.  They washed up beautiful and are nice and light for spring…good for swaddling.  In case your wanting a nice baby gift.  They are SwaddleMe muslin 100% cotton.

 Playing on grandma’s phone:)

eating his lunch auntie packed him…

i’m shoes

ok..back to work I go.  Sending out my love to each of you:)  love you all to pieces!

If you have time soon.  Won’t you leave me a little bit about YOU?  Tell me what your mornings are like?  What is your normal routine?

I will tell you about mine tomorrow…until then..xo


needing YOUR help with my kitchen floors…

 What a whirlwind of a week!  I’m still exhausted!!  We are still waiting on grand baby number 4.  Feeling like we are having a campout at grandma’s house.

I need your input if you don’t mind.  Here is a picture of my kitchen floors.  Plain ol’ ugly white tile with gray grout.  Looks dirty.

Here is a picture of our dining room to help you get a “feel” for the vibe of our home.

I have been pinning some floors that I like for ideas in my kitchen.

I will need to rip up the tile of course.  I am thinking maybe putting down some reclaimed wood flooring to distress myself?

I want our house to be fun and feminine so I am not afraid of trying something new but I also don’t want it to end up cartoonish…you know what I mean?


 just simple wood floors which I LOVE…but I would have to have the color matched to our current living room floors which are 40 years old


 I love the distressing on these.  Reminds me of our signs:)

pretty patchwork tile

 here is one I pinned with a fun mix of tiles???  could be feminine if I pulled colors from my curtains?

{love the painted checkerboard floors}

 LOVE love this green.  I use it a lot in our booth each month.  SO happy

love the floor!{VIA}

I also LOVE red!  I just can’t use it in my main rooms.  No red:( but I love the diamonds!

OK..there you have it.   What are your thoughts?   Suggestions?  Ideas I haven’t thought of?  lay it on me….

maybe we will have a baby to share on Monday?

here’s to a happy happy weekend and its SUMMER:)!!