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being true to yourself at 12 & Cali baby:)

Popping in to say hello:)  I am busy working on those 3 projects I purposed to finish in May!   Oh wait till you see:)  but I wanted to share a bit on what Grace is off doing.   Last week we helped our little preteen Grace get ready for a vacation..and no less to Cali?  We are getting all sorts of Instagram pictures and Facebook updates on all kinds of fun they are doing.

my baby is living a small dream of going to California…my little sister offered to take her with them on their family vacation!

I have a ginormous fear of flying and the fact that she thought of Grace wanting to see the world and her love to travel and her momma’s fear’s that the reality of that ever happening much in her life is what prompted her to ask:)  

anyhow…she wears the most amazing combinations to school.  I don’t know where she gets it!  She thrift stores shops..loves it!  I always buy things on clearance if possible.  Rarely will I pay full price for anything.  She goes against the grain of what kids in middle school wear.  She wears lots of skirts paired with sweet shirts..little cardigans/jackets..all funky prints mixed together but on her it looks so darn cute.

As crazy as it sounds she gets made fun of at school for it.  Funny thing is though..she doesn’t care!  not like her momma!  I would succumb back then.  Not now of course:) but at 12?  She doesn’t follow along with what everyone else is wearing.  She doesn’t look down on them in anyway either.  She is fighting for being herself and wearing what she enjoys and she is a voice for others .. encouraging them to be who they are.

Nikki and I took her shopping so she could spend some of her money for some clothes.  She can now shop in the juniors which we LOVE.  She can still wear girls stuff but I forget she is almost 13 and so much of it looks TO young.  She isn’t drawn to the inappropriate stuff so I am thankful for that.

here are a few camera shots of each dress.  She wanted to see herself to decide which one’s she was going to buy.  She only had SO much;)

She tried on lots of little dresses…and found a couple of cute shorts, some sunglasses and a really cute pair of neon yellow sandals.

She thought she could pair these with things she already had at girl:)

After an hour and a half of shopping we went to Planet Sub and grabbed some sandwiches..mine was the Green Turkey..guacamole,turkey,bacon, salsa, sprouts and cream cheese…toasted…yum yum

We got home and big sister Nikki painted her toes and she straightened her hair.  Oh..earlier in the day she got her hair highlighted and we had to leave the hair shop early so she didn’t get blown out so it was wavy…you natural wavy hair girls KNOW how ugh this is yes?

on the way to school the next day…crazy picture miss Grace:)

To wrap it upthe time coming into being a little girl to a young women is a time of learning who you are and being able to stand up to peer pressure with grace.  Not succombing to what everyone else thinks of  you.  I have been very vigilant in drilling this into her because after school she has to live with herself and I want her to be secure in who she is..and be TRUE to who she is.  

I enjoyed our time together and I am grateful for the opportunity my sister gave her in seeing a piece of the world.  You never know where this little muffin will end up???  Maybe a real Cali girl someday??;)

giving you all hugs..:)



“I purpose” to not be stronger and kill myself…

One thing I love about a new month is that it gives opportunity for a fresh start and girls .. I can’t put into words how I need one.

I have gotten so upside down with this business that I have lost vital pieces of my life.  And by golly I want them back.  

Searching for nourishment has led me to several things

May purposes look a little something like this


I purpose to spend just simple time with God every morning .. SIMPLE .. a letting go of my plans & wants..CONTROL and STRIVING and let go and relax into me following Him.  Back to remembering ONE day at a time.  I am setting my clock a little earlier but I refuse to beat myself up when I fall short…cause I will.

I purpose to do my dishes, laundrybasically maintain a tidy home.  NOT a perfect one.  One that is lived in and since I do work from home I will cut myself some slack but NO MORE of the business holding my home and family hostage

I purpose to complete {being the key word} 3 of my projects on MY house in the month of May!!…tall order {sigh}

I will purpose to cook dinners at least 4 times a week.  SIMPLE ones.  We are eating out way to much = to much money + grease = not good!

I purpose to ENJOY my listen to GOD’s leading..take all concerns and complitments and suggestions to HIM first.

I purpose to put my family first.  My work was taking priority over all of these areas.  I have not been able to take a weekend off…go to the movies…I’ve missed going to causal lunches..communicating with friends..

to be really honest sometime I would like to take a whole Sunday and sit in my PJ’s in bed and just watch TV!  just ONCE in awhile


I don’t want to live striving and surviving and miss moments in my life that I will never get back.  LIFE is to short.  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I’m doing.  What GOD is doing…I trust there is so much more ahead but before He can move forward I feel led to get a handle on this chaos because it is not true

that what doesn’t kill you  makes you stronger…sometimes it really can kill you!

June 1 I will report back here and let ya’ll know how I’m doing…and in the in between days too;0

Now it is your turn:)

Have you been?  Am I crazy here?  the only one that is going through this?  Do you feel like you have a zillion balls in the air and can’t seem to find time for the really important things?  If so ~ what are you doing to change it?:)

I’ve got some fun news to share next week.  I smiling ear to ear just being able to share our hearts here.  Thank you for listening to mine.  I would love to hear yours as well?