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Bushel & A Peck Sign Giveaway!! and a winner

Surgically removing a tattoo ring..yeah.  I am watching Orange County Housewives.  Guilty pleasure:)  do you have any of those?  ok ok focus:)

Miss Kristin over @ Uncommon Slice of Suburbia is giving away one of our Bushel and A Peck signs…this 2′x2′ hand painted sign with lyrics that sung children to sleep for years would look adorable anywhere in your home.  This sign has grey lettering and grey framing.  All lightly distressed and is one of a kind.  That is the beauty of hand painting.  No two are alike:)

 Head on over there and enter to win.  Go go GO…

We’d LOVE for you to win:)

The winner of the vintage silverware is Kerri from !

so happy for you..I will send you a message to get your address.

Happy happy Wednesday girlies..



Dining Room Reveal {Feminine:Farmhouse:Fun}

oh happy Monday sweet sweet friends:)  How was your Mother’s Day?  Ya’ll never cease to amaze me with your comments so full of love and encouragement to this weary momma:)  You fill my heart bucket and I am bursting with excitement to share with you the beginning of our home transformation ~ the Dining Room.

Oh girls we have so many more ideas and things to do in here but we are just thankful to have this much done knowing baby steps are good!

8 long months ago we moved into this neglected old house and to be totally honest I wondered how we would manage to redo anything and more than that just WHERE would be start.  Everything needs lovin!


where does a girl go with no interior design degree or even a small knack of putting things together that GO?

to her daughter and Pinterest…lol!

We laughted last night watching E Hollywood’s story of Melissa and Joan Rivers.  They were saying how Joan is like Z to left field to D where as Melissa is ABCDE…

and every time I read the story of Moses and Aaron I think of Nikki and I.

She is the peanut to my butter

the cheese to my macaroni.

we work well together.  We each bring what is needed to the table and I couldn’t be MORE thankful:)

Together we are like one sane person…lol

Ever so slowly our style is emerging and we’ve named it


Feminine::Farmhouse ::Fun

I do know one thing.  I know this deep in my soul.

This home that I am told to DWELL in the land and cultivate faithfulness..Psalm 37:3

is a emotional home.

I am decorating it around a feeling.  Crazy?  maybe but it works for me.

I have a way I want it to feel

I want it to breathe the way I felt when I was with my grandma..the inhale a big ol farm where you can run all day in freedom

and find sprawling trees to lay under and daydream while big cotton puff clouds float lazily by.

F is for feminine.  I’m not an overly feminine girl.  More tailored if anything but the curtain material I picked that reminds me of a vintage sheets

that the breeze moves ever so lightly makes my heart seems feminine to me.

and F is also for Fun.  I no longer want to live safe.  We are ready to walk on the wild side in life.

I want to explore outside the box…really smelling the flowers

color .. words that inspire and build up.. pieces that bring me joy

these are but a tiny bit of how Nikki and I are re~ making this house into our


A feelinghow do you decorate your home?  or are you like me and aren’t really sure you are muddling you way through or better yet..


**don’t forget to click here to enter the vintage silverware necklace giveaway..I will announce the winner on Wednesday!


praying for each of you today that you grow in holiness and that you turn to God for grace for today..that you know you are not alone..ever!  That I rejoice with you that He is faithful even when we are not.  That God is doing a new work in each of your lives.  Causing the dreams He has planted to begin to grow..and to know you are perfect just the way you are..flaws and all.

love you much…

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My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Uncommonly Yours


My Favorite Things & A Giveaway!

Oh Happy Friday friends!  I love each one of you and I thought I would start the weekend off

with sharing a few of my favorite things..lately and a GIVEAWAY!

  yippee..who doesn’t love a giveaway right?

This little journal I picked up a Target 2 weeks ago.  I use it in my quiet times to scribble thoughts you keep a journal?

Allure has an app here that tells us the consumer the top beauty picks for 2011 and so I succumbed and tried the Burt’s Bee’s shampoo and conditioner.    I have to admit I am a shampoo snob..I have to use salon shampoo’s..ugh..I know:(   I do wait for the sales though and there aren’t any right now so hence..Burt’s Bee’s and I must say we all love it.  It is like 98% natural.  The only drawback it is an 8oz. bottle and with a family of girls with long thick hair it really isn’t cost effective at 7.86 a bottle.

I grew up with Lipsmacker’s and when I read last year that it stays on through exercise and sweat?  I had to try it.  Lipsmackers Vanilla … I’ve been a junkie ever since.

I hear ya Jeanne Oliver…I too have them everywhere.  I LOVE the smell too:)

No more messy caps full of dried gooey laundry soap!  I LOVE love LOVE Tide Pods.  They are easy.  Just throw them in and

go about your business and they smell wonderful!  Enough said..go buy some!

I don’t regularly buy magazines but when I do these are usually my top three.  Country Living  because it is my eye candy and for inspiration.

Martha Stewart’s Living and Rachel Ray..tons of ideas, recipes and such.  Useful:)

Oh and I love Real Simple..title says it all yes?

lastly a new little camera app Camera+ that I just installed on my iphone.  I love it because you can edit unlike the iphones regular camera.

There are frames, actions galore and you can share on Twitter & Facebook right from there…it also has neat little sound effects.

Papaya Art’s Luxe totes are the BOMB!  I used to have to change my purses up every 4 months but not with this.  I can’t tell you how much I love it. I often carry my drill and tape measure in it as well…lol

The longer you use it the more supple and broke in it becomes and they have HEAVENLY designs to choose from.

I stole this one from Nikki last year and I have been perusing the new spring line trying to decide which one to buy!  I know I love the butterfly one…hummm.  Which one would  you buy?

:::The GiveAway:::

I have the honor of working with Miss Claudia from Just Claudia’s Vintage Design and at May’s sale she brought these beauties in and we all swarmed all over them leaving her beautiful little tree bare.  Go over and give her some love if you have time:)

Peace~LOVE~Junk vintage spoon necklaces!!

Nikki and I love ours so much we wanted to share one with you! You can choose from one of these two lovely designs, so here is what you have to do…

Leave a comment telling us one of your favorite things that you are enjoying right now



dropping dreams into His hands..a little wringing of my heart

where did I put those stinkin car keys!…I could feel the heart racing and every blood vessel in my body squeezing tighter and tighter

Frantically rushing around the house .. from the car the steely eyebrows raised look..c’mon mom! we are going to be late! and right then and there I threw myself on the floor and the whirl of my chaotic life caught up with mesigh...

Ann Voscamp once said ” Hurry brings death ” I don’t know if it means physical death but hurry can sure cause spiritual , emotional and physical death.

taking those first steps into the darkness of the dream that has been beating away in your chest since you were wee little can be a lot like the meltdown above.

It is in bits and pieces that this builds.  A little less time here..more time there.

not so much of this anymore but a WHOLE lot of that

the oh heck why not’s

less sleep

eating begins to get sloppy…just overall NOT taking care of yourself


and STILL trying to please everyone around you so they will LIKE you..driving the little ones to every sport under the sun cause God forbid you are the only mom that doesn’t have a child in a competitive sport and to top that off you are going so far in debt you can’t see straight anymore just to support these athletic’s!!


you have to work more hours and time at work to support this habit and because you/I am working so hard we must reward ourselves with a new bag..or shoes

and then there is the icing on the cupcake..the role of ‘wife’ or ‘girlfriend’ OR just being a woman!

we have pressure to squeeze ourselves into what the American woman should be…oh and to be the best “bestie” to your on 3 to 4 committee’s at church and squeeze in nursery duty when they ask cause gosh darn you can’t say NO!

i could sure use some of this right about now:)

who in the heck am I?  Is this what I am meant to do?  is my lifestyle..attitude bringing others to God’s heart?  bring Him glory?  spending my days on this earth in a frenzied jumbled mess all while I cover it up with a pretty smile and say ” everything is great!”  thanks for asking { insert big smile }

when deep down inside you know it isn’t

Is any of this hitting home with you?

It did me and here is where I started

To Let GO of the gift of the dream He planted long ago because while it is ‘my’ dream it is really His.

and all of these LOUD desires I AM NOT at their mercy because really..really way down deep is where I want to listen.  Deep desires are often quiet desires aren’t they?

To let all of it fall apart so that I could begin to pick up those pieces that He showed me and IS STILL showing me.  Lots of things fell that day.

SOME stayed right where they landed.

SOME I am chosing to pick up…for now

OTHERS I am willing to have closure on and move on.  Thankful for the time they were in my life because they were used to bring me to where I am today.

and still OTHERS I picking up and putting back down..still not sure

amanda gilligan

but as for this dream He gave me a little more clarity since my last post.  You see..Grace has been on vacation and by divine whatever I had some time to really sit still and listen…and He talked…and I talked…and He listend.  It was good.

He showed me to drop my dream in His hand..those words stuck I gotta tell ya!

When we were done that morning I dropped this dream back into His hand because I was losing sight of it with all life’s clatter and I lost it much like the car keys

laying in His arms .. the only arms that can meet the deepest needs I have.  Little by little He is winning my heart and consistently showing me He is my soft place to fall.  That I no longer have to suck it up..suck it down deep and survive but that I can LIVE in the shadow of His love wings.

and I gotta be honest in saying this is a lifelong process.  I didn’t wake up one day and wham!  I had it all together..I don’t!

and it is “trusting” the process and that is is polar opposite of the world’s frantic pace..His pace is SSSLLLLOOOOWWWWER!  I am slowly;)

learning that.

for all of us stepping into darkness...:)

and if I can YOU can!

SO ~ have you had a meltdown moment that woke you up and changed the course of your life?  If so ~ we would love to share


images from my Pinterest Solitude board:)


in training to trust

Today woke me going a million different directions..none of which were to sit in one place and talk with God.

wide open spaces

so without “feeling” it I hopped on my bed and propped myself up on some pillows with my Bible, journal and Jesus Calling and began talking with our Father telling Him the things I was thankful for and how much I loved Him while all the thoughts of

she has…



so many things to do I just want to quit thoughts…

swirled around in my head..vying for my attention

but I pressed onward opening up to I Samuel and began reading

tire swing

Hannah carried a burden of wanting something so badly..she was oppressed and sad

what have I or have you been carrying for years maybe..something that seems to want to ruin our lives

Hannah went before the Lord and poured her heart out

I have poured my heart out many times have you?

After many years the Lord remembered Hannah

after many years I am ready to learn to trust.  To allow my circumstances to train be used for good and not evil.  Just like Joesph.  In God’s time…not mine...”Everything YOU endure can be put to good use by allowing it to train you in trusting ME.”…Jesus Calling

So this Monday I am reminded that I am in training.  Training to trust.  The very thing I struggle with.  Funny how God works isn’t it?  I have been held hostage by fears all of my life.  God wants to set me free to begin being ME!  To begin playing the hand I’ve been dealt and quit trying to play someone else’s.  The choice is mine..better or bitter?


After all…I kinda like who I am.  I’m ready to learn more.

How has your Monday started?  Like Hannah have you been carrying a burden for years and have yet to see an answer?

Today take a little time to ask God to give you a peek into this..maybe the answer is right in your circumstances?  Know you not alone.  He is always there even when you don’t acknowledge Him and don’t forget we are in this journey together!!

Now I have peace to start my day.  One thing at a time…and not to worry about anything but with all things say thank you

happy Monday my friends:)  love ya!

I’m in training..yay..I’m in training..oh yeah!..focus on one thing girl..I’m here with you..your circumstances are right on schedule..I will use them for good but you gotta trust..I’m in training oh yeah..I’m in training ( my little Monday mantra:)

Images from my Solitude Pinterest boards..check them out for the source of these images:)