no glass slippers for this Cinderella:)

It is a beautiful morning here in Missouri..I walked outside with my cup of coffee this morning and the birds were just singing and the air had a touch of coolness to it.  I could just feel God:)

We got our booth all set up yesterday.  We had many “thank you Jesus moments” to say the least!  It was so much work but for the first time in 5 months we are at peace with where we are at.  We moved to this space this month.  It is a big rectangle so it is easier to stage.  Here are a few pics…

  I have been so busy I  forgot to tell you I am going to a ball!  Unlike Cinderella there are no glass slippers at this is all cowboy boots and belt buckles and can cans!

Here is some pictures of inspiration that Nikki and I are using to create our Junk Ball outfits for Saturday.  Taken from my Pinterest Boards

Outkast and Big Girl Clothes

That hat

Junk Gypsy Chiffon Petticoats, $58

boots & glitter @Caroline Lanclos

 I am so last minute but I found a dress yesterday from my friend Tamara.  I don’t have a picture yet but it looks similar to the picture above.  I am looking for a pair of boots and a belt.  STILL dreaming of having this belt for the dress.  It would be so sweet!  I am getting my hair colored tomorrow and will finish up finding something for my hair.  Nikki will take lots of pictures so I can share with ya’ll:)  The Junk Gypsy’s started this whole junk movement and the time has come for our West Bottoms!  Our First Annual Junker’s Ball and Restoration Emporium is hosting it.  I only sense big things to come?

There is whispering of a rumor that Matthew Mead is coming to the West Bottoms too:)  I will keep you in the loop:)  Did you know that Carol Spinski is our neighbor in another shop down there called Bottoms Up?  Yeah.  It is a junk girls dream:)

Here are a few yummy pictures from her trip to California…




FACEBOOK…if you don’t yet like House of Belongings Facebook Business page…please DO!  I will become increasingly busier on that page as we continue to expand;)  I love you guys and want you to come with me!!

Well off to work on orders and gearing up for our big sale weekend and Junk Ball…what is your weekend looking like?  Have you ever been to a Ball?  what I’d really like to do is go to Cabo and nap and lay in the sun and daydream….



sheri - ahhhhh – it looks amazing. i want to come shop. good luck and i hope you sell every last item in your shop – God bless you BIG my sweet friend. xoxoxo

Glenda Childers - Tiffini ~ You shop looks so inviting with simply stunning stuff. How fun. And after all that hard work … a ball. Perfect.

Danielle - I would buy that sweet fabric hoop with the little yellow roses in a heart beat! The one right behind it is really cute too! Are you going to put any of this stuff in your etsy shop? I’m all the way in WA and can’t make it to your shop:( By the way your booth is beautiful! I have told my husband that I want two signs from your shop, the “He is Jealous for me” cause I love that song and the “I prayed for this child” sign. We are in the process of an adoption and I hope to hang this in his room some day. Love your work, God has blessed you with a great gift:)

Kim - The booth looks fabulous. Looks like you will have a fun weekend.

tara - love the look that you’re going for at the ball….take pics, PLEASE!!!!

your booth looks amazing, friend…so proud of you guys! Praying God sends people your way….he is such a wonderful provider!


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