“I purpose” to not be stronger and kill myself…

One thing I love about a new month is that it gives opportunity for a fresh start and girls .. I can’t put into words how I need one.

I have gotten so upside down with this business that I have lost vital pieces of my life.  And by golly I want them back.  

Searching for nourishment has led me to several things

May purposes look a little something like this


I purpose to spend just simple time with God every morning .. SIMPLE .. a letting go of my plans & wants..CONTROL and STRIVING and let go and relax into me following Him.  Back to remembering ONE day at a time.  I am setting my clock a little earlier but I refuse to beat myself up when I fall short…cause I will.

I purpose to do my dishes, laundrybasically maintain a tidy home.  NOT a perfect one.  One that is lived in and since I do work from home I will cut myself some slack but NO MORE of the business holding my home and family hostage

I purpose to complete {being the key word} 3 of my projects on MY house in the month of May!!…tall order {sigh}

I will purpose to cook dinners at least 4 times a week.  SIMPLE ones.  We are eating out way to much = to much money + grease = not good!

I purpose to ENJOY my calling..to listen to GOD’s leading..take all concerns and complitments and suggestions to HIM first.

I purpose to put my family first.  My work was taking priority over all of these areas.  I have not been able to take a weekend off…go to the movies…I’ve missed going to causal lunches..communicating with friends..

to be really honest sometime I would like to take a whole Sunday and sit in my PJ’s in bed and just watch TV!  just ONCE in awhile


I don’t want to live striving and surviving and miss moments in my life that I will never get back.  LIFE is to short.  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I’m doing.  What GOD is doing…I trust there is so much more ahead but before He can move forward I feel led to get a handle on this chaos because it is not true

that what doesn’t kill you  makes you stronger…sometimes it really can kill you!

June 1 I will report back here and let ya’ll know how I’m doing…and in the in between days too;0

Now it is your turn:)

Have you been?  Am I crazy here?  the only one that is going through this?  Do you feel like you have a zillion balls in the air and can’t seem to find time for the really important things?  If so ~ what are you doing to change it?:)

I’ve got some fun news to share next week.  I smiling ear to ear just being able to share our hearts here.  Thank you for listening to mine.  I would love to hear yours as well?



marlece - Tiffany, you have a full plate FOR SURE! You always make it seem like so much fun. I know the work and perseverance it takes to complete a TASK. I am always, "once I get this done….I CAN…." Oh, my family knows when I get on a rampage about whatever….WATCH OUT FOR MOMMA! So, yes, to keep these goals at the front of our to do's is most important. Jesus, family, friends, the rest? It's hard not to be a Martha.

Great goals for the month of MAY!

joanne nixon - sometimes we miss the forest for the trees. by the time we get older and our children are grown and even the grandkids are approaching adulthood, we learn that there is nothing that takes the place of spending time with them, telling them how much we love them….we never stop appreciating our spouses or significants….and we are profoundly grateful to the almightsy for everything EVERYTHING He has given us.

many blessings to you tiffany…..i love reading your blog postings….keep going….

tara - oh girl.

i'm feeling this post.

i have been consumed by this pain and the move and the decisions on the house…

i haven't spent good time with the Lord..

i haven't cooked as much.

i haven't cleaned as much.

i haven't called friends as much.

i haven't been as present as i can be with the kids.

it starts to take a serious toll, doesn't it?!

praying for you as you slow down and take time for you and God and you and your family. praying for your business to boom!!

love to you.

Suzanne - I totally agree, too

much can sometimes

just be TOO MUCH ~

not a challenge,

not a mountain to be

scaled, just TOO MUCH.

Spring seems to be

the worst time for this,

although all in all, I

have had a crazy busy


Like you, I find that

the stuff that matters

rises to the top of my

brain like cream….and

I am learning to let the

other stuff sink to the

bottom, to be dealt with

{or not}, later.

Good luck with all of

your purposes, but above

all, be gentle and

forgiving with your self.

You are wonderful!

xx Suzanne

Sarita - A short comment From me. You HAVE to do what is right for YOU and

your family.

becky - yes. yes. yes.

LLH Designs - I have very much been there! I think anyone who turns her passions into a business has. It's hard…because you love what you do, and that's a good thing! But when loving what you do becomes all consuming and controlling, it's not such a good thing. {Can you tell I know this well?} The gift is that you're seeing it early. I'm celebrating that for you! And I love your PURPOSEFUL approach!

Happy weekend!



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