Dining Room Reveal {Feminine:Farmhouse:Fun}

oh happy Monday sweet sweet friends:)  How was your Mother’s Day?  Ya’ll never cease to amaze me with your comments so full of love and encouragement to this weary momma:)  You fill my heart bucket and I am bursting with excitement to share with you the beginning of our home transformation ~ the Dining Room.

Oh girls we have so many more ideas and things to do in here but we are just thankful to have this much done knowing baby steps are good!

8 long months ago we moved into this neglected old house and to be totally honest I wondered how we would manage to redo anything and more than that just WHERE would be start.  Everything needs lovin!


where does a girl go with no interior design degree or even a small knack of putting things together that GO?

to her daughter and Pinterest…lol!

We laughted last night watching E Hollywood’s story of Melissa and Joan Rivers.  They were saying how Joan is like Z to left field to D where as Melissa is ABCDE…

and every time I read the story of Moses and Aaron I think of Nikki and I.

She is the peanut to my butter

the cheese to my macaroni.

we work well together.  We each bring what is needed to the table and I couldn’t be MORE thankful:)

Together we are like one sane person…lol

Ever so slowly our style is emerging and we’ve named it


Feminine::Farmhouse ::Fun

I do know one thing.  I know this deep in my soul.

This home that I am told to DWELL in the land and cultivate faithfulness..Psalm 37:3

is a emotional home.

I am decorating it around a feeling.  Crazy?  maybe but it works for me.

I have a way I want it to feel

I want it to breathe the way I felt when I was with my grandma..the inhale a big ol farm where you can run all day in freedom

and find sprawling trees to lay under and daydream while big cotton puff clouds float lazily by.

F is for feminine.  I’m not an overly feminine girl.  More tailored if anything but the curtain material I picked that reminds me of a vintage sheets

that the breeze moves ever so lightly makes my heart swell..it seems feminine to me.

and F is also for Fun.  I no longer want to live safe.  We are ready to walk on the wild side in life.

I want to explore outside the box…really smelling the flowers

color .. words that inspire and build up.. pieces that bring me joy

these are but a tiny bit of how Nikki and I are re~ making this house into our


A feelinghow do you decorate your home?  or are you like me and aren’t really sure you are muddling you way through or better yet..


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praying for each of you today that you grow in holiness and that you turn to God for grace for today..that you know you are not alone..ever!  That I rejoice with you that He is faithful even when we are not.  That God is doing a new work in each of your lives.  Causing the dreams He has planted to begin to grow..and to know you are perfect just the way you are..flaws and all.

love you much…

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Ter'e Crow Lind - Look at you!!!!! This looks so darling and HOMEY!!!!!!!! I love your simple "Give Thanks" board the best. Something so simple that just tugged at my heart. I love it.

This house is just waiting to be loved! So far – so beautiful.

I'm so proud of you!!!!!

Glenda Childers - Of course, you know I LOVE this room … with its beautiful shades of green against white. It is indeed, feminine, farmhouse, fun. Strong work.

Since we are made in God's image and he is the Creator … we are acting like Him when we are creative. And even more lovely when the creation is done in community. You and Nikki working together.

So proud of you, Tiffini.

Elizabeth - Love, love, love it! You are AHmazing in every way!

Kim - This is so charming. I love the colors and that light. Cute cute.

sarah beth - Beautiful! Where did you get those curtains? I just love them!!!

Sarita - I love reading the comments from you ladies. You are so encouraging to Tiffani. I like that you started ith the dining room. Whats better than sharing food with family and friends…also lingering around the table is great! After my husband died I started re-doing my house using a lot of white with blues and pink accents. After 3years i'm lost complete. Thank you for sharing the pics.

Becky @ Farmgirl pai - It's all gorgeous. All so bright and cheery. Love it all!

kristin - This room is just gorgeous tiffani, love every inch of it!



tara - oh my goodness….i love it so much i can't stand it!!!!

the colors are absolutely gorgeous and FUN!

Suzanne - WOW! WOW!

Can not believe

how much you have

accomplished in such

a short time while

also creating pieces

and running your business!

I love your FFF philosophy.

I have a feeling that your

home is an awfully great

place to be.



Marla - I love it! So bright and cheery and just so fun. Love the curtains. Is it fabric from the Nicey Jane collection? Beautiful!

sheri - I LOVE the room – the chalkboard wall is amazing – great job.

LLH Designs - I love how personal and creative your decorating style is. I wish I could walk through your home and "see" you in the things you've done there. I love what I'm seeing from afar!



Trish @Uncommon - Reading this post is like you are reading our own weary mama souls! Your dining room is beautiful and you words are even more precious. Thanks for being you!

Take care,


Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage - F is also for fabulous! Love your dining room and your writing style! Love the way you are telling a story.

You will get there – one room at a time. Looking forward to following along on the journey.

Liz Detter - Tiffini, you have put into words and images exactly how I feel. Beautiful and meaningful. Thank you for the prayer for each of us at the end and may God grant you what you need for each moment! I found you at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia and I’m so very glad I did!

ritajoy - Oh, goodness, Girl! Where have I been and why am I only now just discovering this beautiful blog? I just soaked in the beauty of this post (both the pictures and the words)…and then off to the side, I see your colors. You and I have 3 of the same favorite colors!! Anyway, you blessed my heart. I’ll be back…

Mary - i absolutely LOVE this!
so very beautiful! :)

Wendy - Visiting from Kristin’s blog. Your family, home and signs are wonderful. I’ll be back soon. :)

Tanya - What a beautiful space, I love the colors! Here from My Uncommon Slice…and now following you :)


Geneva - What a beautiful blog…I just found you at My Uncommon Slice and am now following you. “:o) Thank you for the inspiration!

Danielle - I love your kitchen! What is the paint color on your walls?

Danielle - I meant what color did you paint your dining room?:)

classic•casual•home - Your photography is inspiring me to read my camera manual!!!

deb ~ accessoryalamode - I LOVE your style. Your home is gorgeous. Your works of art are so beautiful. I will be a customer asap!! Your home is so inspiring! If you ever want to offer your customers a giveaway from my shop, I would be honored :)

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