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no glass slippers for this Cinderella:)

It is a beautiful morning here in Missouri..I walked outside with my cup of coffee this morning and the birds were just singing and the air had a touch of coolness to it.  I could just feel God:)

We got our booth all set up yesterday.  We had many “thank you Jesus moments” to say the least!  It was so much work but for the first time in 5 months we are at peace with where we are at.  We moved to this space this month.  It is a big rectangle so it is easier to stage.  Here are a few pics…

  I have been so busy I  forgot to tell you I am going to a ball!  Unlike Cinderella there are no glass slippers at this is all cowboy boots and belt buckles and can cans!

Here is some pictures of inspiration that Nikki and I are using to create our Junk Ball outfits for Saturday.  Taken from my Pinterest Boards

Outkast and Big Girl Clothes

That hat

Junk Gypsy Chiffon Petticoats, $58

boots & glitter @Caroline Lanclos

 I am so last minute but I found a dress yesterday from my friend Tamara.  I don’t have a picture yet but it looks similar to the picture above.  I am looking for a pair of boots and a belt.  STILL dreaming of having this belt for the dress.  It would be so sweet!  I am getting my hair colored tomorrow and will finish up finding something for my hair.  Nikki will take lots of pictures so I can share with ya’ll:)  The Junk Gypsy’s started this whole junk movement and the time has come for our West Bottoms!  Our First Annual Junker’s Ball and Restoration Emporium is hosting it.  I only sense big things to come?

There is whispering of a rumor that Matthew Mead is coming to the West Bottoms too:)  I will keep you in the loop:)  Did you know that Carol Spinski is our neighbor in another shop down there called Bottoms Up?  Yeah.  It is a junk girls dream:)

Here are a few yummy pictures from her trip to California…




FACEBOOK…if you don’t yet like House of Belongings Facebook Business page…please DO!  I will become increasingly busier on that page as we continue to expand;)  I love you guys and want you to come with me!!

Well off to work on orders and gearing up for our big sale weekend and Junk Ball…what is your weekend looking like?  Have you ever been to a Ball?  what I’d really like to do is go to Cabo and nap and lay in the sun and daydream….



DREAMing BIG while cooking in pajama’s

I am busy prepping for our company this afternoon and I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet:/ or gotten out of my jammies!   I have so much to do today.  I spent time this morning offering thanksgiving in honor of our freedom in this country.  I was humbled because honestly I do not do that often enough.  Thinking of the families today that have lost husbands, fathers, brothers and sisters and mom’s to securing our freedom.  Thank You doesn’t seem enough does it?

I have so much to share with YOU..shaking your shoulders I am!!  Lots of posts coming this week.  We  have to get through tomorrow which is our last work day to make our space a room to shop from.  Hard HARD work I tell ya!  Anyone watch Junk Gypsies on HGTV this week?  Yeah – that is what we’re all about:)

( I waaaant this belt..bad )

The recipe’s I am making today I will share with Becky this Friday at Feed My Family…

Our Menu looks like this

Honey Lime Grilled Chicken and some Hebrew National Hot Dogs for the Grayce:)

Basil Avocado Pasta that we made here

Grilled Corn on the Cobb

Cottage Cheese Dip with carrots/potato chips

Real Homemade Potato Salad

Robby’s Sweet Tea

and for dessert?

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes…this one scares me a bit

Well girls..I will catch up with you very soon.  I am dying to stop in and say Hi to all of ya:)  Just gotta get through today and tomorrow:)

Wishing all of you a happy day…drink in the air where you are today.  Enjoy it.  Enjoy your family.  Think on things you are thankful for


I gotta whisper this to ya…I am getting ready to DREAM big..I am going for it!  Gotta wait for it;)

talk soon



we will work & have some FUN:)

Geesh! it is move in weekend already.  I just picked up the 16ft. moving truck to haul our things down to the shop.  We will be loading up the sweetness and heading down later this afternoon.  Last time I rented a truck the brake lines went out!  I am a teensy bit nervous…fingers crossed:)

But I wanted to touch base with you before the busyness of moving and holiday partying took over.  I told the kids since Sunday and Monday work is closed that we can pick something from our chalkboard door to do…

Thinking maybe the new AMC theater downtown and then out for a dinner at someplace we’ve never been before??

Even though we have to work all weekend I wanted to throw in some FUN

what about your weekend? .. are you having to work or are you planning some FUN fun FUN?

Be back Monday with loads of pictures of the Feminine Farmhouse Fun and our NEW BIGGER space at RE!!  woot woot:)

::BEFORE move in weekend::

So much to catch you up I will talk more about the dining room and the couple of new things we’ve done in there since.

can’t wait:)

hugs and love ~xotiff


my Monday ” means “…

adjusting to new lenses can be hard sometimes can’t it?  As I have been praying for new eyes to see more than my own pain of circumstances..the shifting of position if you will.  Blogging sometimes frustrates me because I am torn between pouring out my heart everyday for just balancing what is helpful and what should be left between God and I.

I read back over where I was a year ago today and sitting back looking at where the dream is today and I marvel at God’s dealings with me.  I have been reading through I Samuel slowly over the last couple of weeks.. just started 2 Samuel.  It is a biographical account of a man whose frame is dust, but a man whom God would later say was a man after His own heart.

And I think..I too am a woman whose frame is dust and I yearn to be a woman after God’s own heart.  I know many of you feel the same way.

Often I have to step back from the dream…from my circumstances and lay them out before Him.  I have done that today.

Things are way fun around here lately but there are things you don’t ‘see’ on everyday on my blog.

My truck’s transmission has been out and a couple of weeks ago it just didn’t start and it maybe the fuel pump.  I have no truck to haul for our work. I am stuck as to what to do about it.  Thankfully Nikki has been sharing her car with me.

There is a trash heap of past consequences that to this day…I am left dumbfounded dealing with things he chose and still will not accept responsibility and blame shifts it all on the kids and I but there is that funny place I am in with money and attempting to be at a place where I can support the family myself.  Just not there yet.

The whole house is old and needs updating.  No garbage disposal.  No dishwasher….I can complain and be very ungrateful if I choose.  It all is minor things but together can fall apart in a moment when the straw falls and breaks the camels know what I mean?

Nikki and I are working so hard to establish our business and by God’s grace it is growing and we are LOVING it..

looking at the landscape on Monday…I see HILLS…and you know what the Bible says about hills right?  Hills always have valleys.  My eyes do look today at the hills where my help comes from.  My help comes from the Lord.  If I had the MEANS to accomplish my dream on my own it would not make me into a woman after His own heart.  ALL of the above circumstances I am choosing to put into HIS hands today and everyday..every moment.  He will do miracles!  I just know it.

I humbly ask you this morning to always keep at the back of your mind that while there are so many blessings I have .. many things I am thankful for that someday I hope to write a book to let the whole story out but I can’t right now because I am still living it and I do not know the ending.  This a learning process for me.  Learning to trust Him to be my means.  I have tried for the last 13 years to do things myself in a myriad of ways..none of them worked.

You know what has?  Letting go of control and learning to trust Him to do what is best for me.  Learning to trust that He really loves ME.  That He is not out to punish me..take good things away from me.  God is not an earthly parent!!  

My heart wants to share with yours today that if you do not have the means to get see any way the children at the Red Sea..God DOES make a way.  HE desires us.  God desires YOU.  He wants to be our means.

My hearts lays my trust at His feet today in worship.  I want to honor Him today with giving Him my trust that He will work all things out for my good and His glory.

and that is how my Monday is starting off.

how is your Monday going friend:)??  I really would love to know.  Only grace here…xoxo


a quick & easy summertime dinner {Avocado Basil Pasta}

Hello Sweet Summertime!  School is out at my house and I am over the moon HAPPY!

honestly?  I can sleep in more..not pack lunches everyday and not drive back & forth twice a day to take Grace to school

there I said it!

Lot’s of work to do with our SHOP and remaking our HOME so with purposing to eat at home more I have found grilling

& easy Pasta dishes to be an excellent option.

It is light fresh easy & FUN

I omited the basil because it looked wilted at the store but other than that..we made it just like the recipe

oh..we did add extra parm at the end…that is a must!  We are Parmesan freaks at this house:)

It only took 30 minutes!  We added some sliced cantaloupe and voila!

and girls…it was immensely delish.

It got a thumbs up from Grace and Dakota…

if the kids eat it…it is a keeper right?

Enjoy your Friday.  Know I love and value each of your hearts.

I am linking up with my favorite Farmgirl for Feed my Family Friday ..come join us?

thank you from the deep places in my heart for all of your kind comments on our dining room.  I will be posting the sources and some how-to’s next week.

Other than fast food..what is your easy summertime dinner routine look like?