real life isn’t always pretty blog posts:)


I was going to share Grace’s room but sometimes life throws us a curve ball.

 Real Life isn’t all pretty blog posts.


Real life has :in the blink of an eye moments: when your skin turns inside out…ups and downsdays of the same old thing…valley lows and mountain highs…

In the light of “little walking letters” here

at a children’s hospital my eye opening moment was mild and my heart is softened by other’s storys tonight.

His plan happened today and I released the part of me that tries to control to I feel safe and I abandoned it to freedom. At least for today~ for I don’t know what my eyes will open to tomorrow.

Grace is doing marvelously and we look forward to coming home tomorrow..fingers crossed

and I look forward to sharing our progress on Grace’s bedroom remodel..

I totally related to Jeanne’s story..and don’t ya just love that barn??…sigh

 I too am learning I can do anything but not everything

today I am trusting and relaxing into taking care of  Grace and all else will just have to wait:)

xoxo to all of you who have prayed and shared so many encouraging words to our hearts on Facebook

blogging from the hospital and loving you girls so much…




Glenda Childers - Good for you … it is hard to trust in a hospital.

Brenda - Why are you blogging from the hospital? I missed something.

Amy - So nice to meet you, I enjoyed my visit :)


sheri - Hang in there sweet friend. Praying for you and your girl. xoxox

Sarita - I deactivated my Facebook account so have no idea why you are t hospital ith grce. Will pray that God puts His healing arms roun you.

Robyn Q - Man I love this today! I confess it's been a bit since I've actually been HERE. Catching glimpses of your life in Reader, Facebook, etc. I really like the new layout & what you are adding to it.

Grateful that Grace is doing better. Rest & recoop, taking in the present, as I know you are doing. Hospitals can be windows, ya know?

Much prayer for good nights sleep…

julie - I missed the story about Grace in the hospital… but I am praying that all is well.

LLH Designs - So sorry to hear Grace is in the hospital. She is blessed to have such a loving, prayerful mommy to help her heal.



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