question? how do you nourish your relationship?

dreams love messy.  they thrive there.

When something is growing it needs nutrients to grow properly and lately I am feeling stunted.

I need a change..some know when our human relationships sag a little we might go buy some lingerie

get our hair done – something that pushes it out of our “normal” and “routine”.

That is what I need I ask

What are you doing lately that is helping nourish your relationship with God?

Don’t be shy…I am really looking for some ideas:) so SPILL…

geesh it is messy around here and I am just wanting to change my routine up a little .. I need some meaty nutrients if you know

what I mean…smile:)  Any of you feeling this way..go through this?

It is absolutely beautiful here today…90 and sunshine…and I pray you are having a day FULL of beauty


“I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?” – Psalm 121:1


Glenda Childers - Hanging out with other believers … helps me realize how much I care about God and His people. I often see something in myself that I miss when I am alone. (good and bad)

Having a casual time in God's Word helps, too. I have been wanting to do a post on my favorite way to read the Bible.

marlece - I am beginning a bible study in my home next Wednesday. Do you want to come? When I put an email out there for those that I knew thinking I might get a few, "yah, sure ok" but I ended up getting almost 20 people to commit with enthusiasm. I am excited, I am ready to dive into the word with girl friends. I wish we lived closer to one another (smile)

Sarita - I love Bible study's and just finished re- reading "amazing grace". It helps me open my eyes to how God is working in my life -and how He has worked in the past. I don't drive so am not with a church now. I just think take the time to stop,look around and say aaahhh thnk you Lord for my life. No one has perfect life but we can be thankful for hat we have and say thnk you out loud!

It,s just what I do.


tara - worship.

i crank up my favorite worship songs and let them wash over me.

i also love to go for a long walk or a long drive…good for my soul.

and, of course, there's nothing like his word. wish i was more diligent about spending time this way…it makes all the difference.

Sarita - I always forget something! When I think God for what He's don in my life ith sink him for the hard parts too. In this hard parts there can be life growing times. Ok I'm done!

Suzanne - I'm with Tara….

Either it's being in nature

or driving somewhere with

my favorite Christian radio

station on and singing loud

and proud!!!

Of course, with 90 degrees,

you might not be in the

mood for a walk : ) Yowzer!

Stay cool….and SING!

xo Suzanne

Rhonda - Get up before the sun comes up, set outside with a cup of coffee and your Bible and watch the sunrise with the Lord…..your day will be full of blessings….I promise!

Robyn Q - What a challenging and intimate question! There sure isn't one recipe for this is there? I love your analogies though. My conclusion is – it always starts with us. We must seek. True for any relationship.

I love the Psalm that says my heart is like a weaned child toward you. Passionate people (I'll raise my right hand) have to be aware that we can be emotional junkies and sometimes God is chill with some stillness. He is big enough to hold us and tender toward our hearts that we can TRUST the silence.

Remember the chapter in One Thousand Gifts where she goes over seas? The quietness that preceded a most personal and cherished revelation. Always God hunting.

I'm moving this question around in my circles. I just can't stop thinking of it! Simply inspiring.

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