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for when other’s dreams are coming true and not yours..or so it seems

Good Morning ( insert your name here ) its Friday!  Can you believe it?

Do you ever feel as if everyone else’s dreams are coming true and not yours?  You feel guilty because your genuinely happy for them but quietly you are sad because you so much want a dream…I have felt that way.  A lot sad to say.

these words are for you today.

God uses ALL things…even things I rolled my eyes at.  Like going to Home Depot with my husband.  I used to sit in the car.  I HATED it.

Looking back God is now using experiences that at the time I had no idea would play such a pivotal role in my future.

In beginning to live out my dream

I didn’t even know I HAD a dream.

I can remember the deep heartache of wanting things to change…wanting him to change, circumstances to change

ME to change ( this part is begins with one else we can change but ourselves:)

and the years would go by and the insanity continued..

doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results

BUT God had a plan.  He waits on us.  Time is of no importance to Him.  He has the VERY best for us and He will wait until

all is lined up but the funny thing is….ALL of that was part of the lining up.

So don’t discount all your circumstances today.  Lean back into His arms and KNOW all of this..

can be used.  Things you once rolled your eyes at can become the LOVE of your life.

Our Papa is the best at writing stories and taking broken things and making them whole and beautiful again

chips and cracks and all.

SO friend…don’t give up.  Keep going today ok?  I promise there is Light!


We can turn our can’t into cans right?:)

I’m praying for you today.

Today is the first day of MOVE in for April Sale!!  I take down our first load.  Today is about 50 signs!!

We have gotten a separate website for our shop that will be up and running next week.  SO much going on and I am thankful to our Father that He waited on me to “get it”.  Now that miss Nikki is here more we can get down to business!  Now off to load my truck with these beauties.

Each one of your comments about YOU were so fun to read.  Thank you for taking time to share with me.  I will be responding to each of you over the weekend.

this one to make you smile:)….scary!  I always wear safety glasses when using the chop saw!

hugs and love









a few questions answered…your turn at the end & pictures

What a beautiful Wednesday.  The birds are singing outside my window as I type.  It is time I sit down and address a few questions ya’ll have asked me.

This is me.  I’m in the middle with my two youngest kids on either side.  Oblivious to their antics while Nikki ( my oldest daughter who is 26 ) was shooting the picture.


 I will be 44 this April.  Yeah for the 40′s!!;)  I have 5 children.

Nikki 26 who is not married and lives at home with me.

Chelsee who is 25.  Married to Phillip.  They own a donut shop an hour and a half away and he is a part time youth pastor of a church a mile from where I live.  They travel up here on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s.  They have 3 children and one on the way this June.

So I have 4 grand children.  One grandson Reed who is 4.  And three grand daughters.  Karalina – 3.  Khloey – 1 and Kynzie still in mommy’s tummy:)

 This is Reedster’s.  He is our sensitive boy.  Sweet and the first born so he corrals his sisters.  Not sure he is liking being the only boy though.

They took him to the sonogram and he was upset to say the least:)

This is the fierce Karalina who has a little froggy voice and demands attention upon walking in the room.  Her voice is…LOUD:)

Chelsee says our sign that says ” even though she be but little she is fierce ” is a perfect match for our K.  We are waiting for her to grow some hair.  She is so tiny for three I think Khloey will catch up to her by next year.

She is our sweet quiet one.  Until she has a temper tantrum…full blown throwing the head back..laying down and kicking kind.  Yeah…remember those girls?  She then is not so quiet.  She is quite deceptive.  She has a very loud cry.  And this girl takes after her grandma in that she LOVES to eat!!

Auntie Nikki made mashed potatoes last week and this girl said..mmmmmm after every bite.  She comes to anyone who is eating and opens her mouth.  Adorable!

This is Nikki.  My first born.  My cohort in crime.  My best friend.  We are alike in so many things and opposite in the things that are needful.  I think that is why we work together so well.  We started our sign & furniture business at Restoration Emporium in February.  She is going part time at the insurance agency she works at starting next week.  I will have her on Thursdays and Fridays!!  I am so excited to hit the business even harder.

We have so many fun ideas that we will be implementing so stay tuned!:)

Plus begin remodeling our house that we moved into this last November.  More on that further on down.

Then Reece who is 21.  Sadly he is off doing his own thing.  I haven’t seen him in several years.  Praying is what I do.

I found this picture of all of us from the Fourth of July 2005.  Reece is on the far left.  Wow have they all grown up!

and then

There is Dakota.  He is a junior this year.  All of the senior stuff will begin very soon.  I can’t believe this little boy is 17!  He is a good kid.  He was a mama’s boy growing up and I know I spoiled him but I think a few years ago I began to cut the apron strings:)  Just wishing I could get him to clean his room!!  I stopped doing that for him and funny thing is they don’t care!!  They live in the mess.  Boys!

He plays football.  LOVES his car and his girlfriend.  I love her too.  They are going to prom April 21 and I am super excited.  I want Nikki to do a photo shoot of them.  Her name is Elise and she is everything I’ve prayed for.  Now I don’t know if they will get married.  WAY to soon to think about that because she goes to college at MU this fall.  BUT I’m just saying.  It is hard for a mama to love her son’s girl/wife….you know what I’m saying mom’s of boys?

This is Elise.  He is 6’3 and she is 5′ 11 I think.  They fit together perfectly.  She loves it that she can wear heels and still be shorter than him.

 Last but not least is our Loubert.  Her nickname.  Lou became her nick name because one of her middle names is Louise after her Nana.  Her full name is Grace Kerrington Louise..

She is the baby but doesn’t act like one at all.  She was a competitive gymnast at GAGE for 4 and a half years.  She quit in December 2010 right before getting her very own floor routine at level 8.  But we understood.  She worked out 30 hours a week and her body showed it:)

This is a picture of her first weeks after starting level 4.  The coach of the team where she was cheer leading at was watching her and asked her if she would like to join the team and the rest is history.

 Grace and her bestie..Sydney.  They were going to a Father Daughter dance on Valentines day.  Crazy pipes!!  Crazy girls

How I miss all those girls and their mama’s some days.

Her is her posing for Nikki on the beach in Florida at her Aunt Amber’s wedding.

she was beautiful on the floor and beam…a big sigh:(

and we live here now.  In Missouri.  We moved here this last November.  It is my husbands mom’s house.  She lived here for over 30 years.  My husband and his siblings grew up here.  His mom moved about two hours away.  She bought a house with some land.

Here is the verse God gave me before we even moved here and after moving in it made more sense.

DWELL in the land and cultivate faithfulness

God knows our hearts.  We have moved about 20 times in the same area over the last 15 years.  Pure crazyiness.

I believe God is showing me that now is our time to settle in.  To make a home.

Are you separated?  Yes and no.  We have been separated several times.  This last time I moved to a house and he moved to his moms.

And here in is where God intervened in such a way that I STILL can’t believe it.  If you would have told me a year ago all of this would have happened I would have laughed.  I don’t talk about it much on my blog for obvious reasons.  It is personal.  On the other hand it is my story and my reality and I believe in the future I would like to write a book on it.

I know crazy abusive relationships exists everywhere.  They aren’t limited to just poor people or scary looking people.  And they aren’t just all cases of hitting the woman.  They can be so crazy making.

To make it short…my husband owned his own business for years.  Handled it poorly.  After separting this last year God opened a door for him that has taken him to another state.  A job that has insurance!  which we never had AND pays pretty well.  After talking to trusted people I thought it best to move us into his mom’s home since he is never home anymore.  He has been back twice since October and only for a few days each time.

I had given up hope of things EVER changing!  The funny thing is now his checks come to me and he is not in control of the money anymore.  So things are SLOWLY…becoming more routine.  There is so much more on all of this but to answer your question if he were living back here yes we would still be separated.  As of now we are married and his checks are coming to us.  I don’t know what the future holds and honestly I don’t go there.  Right now the kids and I are happy.

On my end God has opened a wide door for me.  I am creating..loving..trusting..meeting new people.  Coming out of my shell.  Coming into WHO I am purposed to be.  Living my dream.  I am happy and at peace and I am doing my best to live in the present moments.  Staying away from negetive manipulative people and being attentive daily to what God is doing around me.  Being thankful for every little thing I can.

Is it HARD?  You bet it is.  Growing is going out of your comfort zone.  It is stretching and that hurts.  But I am doing just that.  God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect.  Would you do it again?  Yes…12 years of HELL to get here..where God has me now?  Yes..I would.


tell many children you have?  grandbabies?  what state you live in?  just something about YOU:)

I want to know about YOU….



finally!…the kitchen overhaul begins

 This is our inspiration picture.  The problem is we couldn’t find the paint color.

Enter Chip It.  Sherwin Williams color match tool.  Have you heard of it?

love the colors...idea for her island color

 It matched the top cabinets to Arcadia White ( SW ) but I don’t think that is close.  That’s ok though.  I’m not real picky I just wanted a white that had cool gray undertones.  So I got a sample of it.  NOW for the bottom cabinets.  The FUN part:)

 We chose 4 colors

Rainwashed ( SW )

Palladian Blue ( Benjamin Moore ) I think I am using this in my bedroom

Silver Strand ( SW )

Carolina Blue Inn ( Valspar )

They all looked very similar but we chose Carolina Blue Inn because it seemed to have a touch more gray in it AND because it is my grand daughters name:)

Nikki and I marked the calendars for April 12 & 13 and are going to tackle the kitchen.  We have been collecting so many ideas and being down in such a creative environment working at RE: … has our minds racing.

SO – what is on your Spring project list?


 p.s.header coming soon:) and I will answer questions this week too…I haven’t forgot:)




homemade baby gifts..and leftover balloons


 Come sit with me and have some iced tea..will you?

My mind is running faster than my body:)  Just got home on the first sunny day after 4 long days of gray and rain getting Grace home from school.  I want to show you what I made last weekend for my brother’s baby shower.  Nothing new mind you..just pure fun.  Something I enjoy.

I have lots of cute fabrics piling up and I have had this pinned for months and now was the perfect time to make a batch

Click HERE for her tutorial:)

Grace wants me to make her a Tshirt with a mustache…might be cute:)?

My daughter Chelsee is expecting in June and I have some really cute ideas for baby Khynzie Grace Ashlee Scott that right Chel?

but ssshhh….I am calling her Gray…wink wink.  I sometimes wish I would have called Grace “gray” for short.  Weird I know

and then my sweet friend Chrysy..owner of Restoration Emporium.. is going to be a grandma for the first time this September and we are

ALL so excited for her.  

That being said I will have LOTS of opportunity to create baby stuff.

The theme was Sock Monkey’s.  They are so popular right now.

Do you love sock monkey’s?  Wishing I could have another piece of that cake.  It was moist and good!

 Ever wonder what to do with all those leftover balloons?  Well we got them all together and wrote STRONG character words on each one we prayed or wished for the baby.  Words like HONOR, integrity, KINDNESS, gentleness, SELF-CONTROL and so on.

Then we had mommy and daddy hold them while they cut them and let the sky swallow them up.  It was precious.

Lots of work to do so down to the basement I go.  Sending all of you a balloon filled with TRUST & THANKSGIVING





are you taking ownership of your story?

Nikki & I have decided on ~our theme~ for April’s Sale

{Coloring Outside the Lines with Warrior Words}







Rules of a Creator

rules of a creator’s life found here

only speak words that make souls stronger wrote Ann Voscamp December 21, 2010

Spring has sprung in my heart and Easter…with the Resurrection of life..rebirth..the smell of has a smell you know but transferring that “idea” into spring – bringing forth life everywhere..yes everywhere

green buds popping through wood

specks of green pushing up through dirt

things hatching, animal mama’s having babies and the smell of the air changes … after the rain falls and washes all away there is a fresh..clean..earthy .. organic smell that follows that catches my breath

turning the page of my story I chuckle looking back over the last pages…

seeing that the colors I am using are brighter..happier

my hand rubs over the dried tear stains that on some days fell

closing my eyes I offer up gratefulness to the One Who knows

as a gift of worship

WORDS that make souls stronger becomes that “song” that you can’t get out of your head!

Souls are if I am using my words and my art then maybe they can have an eternal impact??

When you take ownership of your story and become co-creator

of it you can color any way you like:)  fun right?:)

now that sums up my love for signage and my deep prayer is that when they find their way into a home that whenever

someone passes by

those words strengthen them

::be watching for new signs.  I have about 20 to put in the store…at least!  Oh my!!::

word color really does change things

at least I am finding that to be true on the pages of  my story

what about yours?

I will be answering some questions this week that I am often asked in emails so stay tuned:)

much love to each of you for taking time to leave words for my heart that really do make it stronger…xotiff

PS…might I do a GIVEAWAY soon?  I would really love to!  Some of my sweet sisters are and I too am in the giving mood..maybe one of my new April signs..or a hat since spring is here?  please do share;)