you will see me no more

in your blog reader beginning in March.

Which maybe a good thing.  You may not care.  I don’t know..just kidding ya’ll

but just in case

you still want to know about this crazy girl named Tiffini

beach time..

( this is REALLY want I want to be doing as I type this ..and I mean BAD! )

you have several options

and they are

::1::  Follow me in Linky Followers ( located on my sidebar – to the right there:)

::2::  RSS feed

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I am in the process of transferring all of the blogs I follow over to Linky Followers.  I TRULY am liking it much better than Google Followers.

Sometimes change is good:) it is the learning it that is yuck

now off to paint and sew..gearing up for the March sale..already!  Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on…if I survive!

Now go enjoy your Monday ya!



Kim - I already subscribe to you by email and now I am following through Linky, too. I must keep up with what you are up to. Hope you will join my linky, too.

Glenda Childers - I will follow you … anywhere. :-)



tara - I totally don't get the new linky follower thing….I'll have to research it….

I'll follow you there and get your posts in my email. :)

I never want to miss anything from you… :))

Ter'e Crow Lind - Tried Linky yesterday and it did not work.

Hope I don't lose you…………………….

Will try again later today!

Inspire Me Heather - I just found you through Linky Followers and think that you have a fabulous blog here – I'm followin' ya now!

MorningT - Hi Tiffini- I hope you are well!!

I have a question for you regarding one of your 'word women' posts that I participated in last year (Feb- a day in the life). Do you happen to know the source for the moleskine photo you sent to us via email regarding the prep for this post? I've had several people ask me and I can't seem to find the source. If you're not sure about the exact photo Linsey has it posted here:

Thanks so much!!


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