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overalls from a men’s bathroom ~ junk drunk & HOPE

**blog under construction still:)**

 Happy LOVE day to you sweet friends.  It was fate using the men’s bathroom by mistake last weekend.

I walked out to the older ladies laughing at me..who knew right?  Anyway – hanging in there were these old overalls.

I’ve been wanting a pair real bad..remember when overall’s were in?

I came out with them asking if they were for sale.  They had seen better days for sure.  The lady laughed even harder and quickly rang the owner of these farmer overalls.  On the other end she asked..what does she want them for?  The white haired lady chuckled and said, ” I think to wear them!”  and so I am.  Today just for YOU:)  to make you smile and me feel fat.  They have lots of room;)


 Can’t tell much from the pictures but I had some blond put in my hair.  A little more than usual to try and perk myself up from the winter blahs!  But hey – at least the gray is gone right?

To give you another laugh is me this morning. after my shower drinking coffee and talking with Abba and wearing Grace’s silly glasses!

Sometimes I just crack myself up and there is a good picture of the zit I told you about Friday!  Ugh.  It is going away thank heaven!


Nik & I were JUNK DRUNK on Saturday.  Bottom’s UP girls…God blessed us with a truck load!  We even loaded it all ourselves.

Girls ROCK!  Now we are busy repurposing it all.  Making it pretty and boy is it looking PRETTY:)

 and last – something that has been on my heart after hearing from some of you

DON’T give UP HOPE.  I know you have season’s off despair and years can go by but don’t ever think God does not have a plan and an appointed time for YOU.  Pick it up fresh and new today will you?  Begin by shutting up that inner critic that says all that negetive mumbo jumbo and stop listening to negetive people who don’t believe in dreams.

Let God breathe a fresh word into you heart today.  Take His hand and start today.  This day of LOVE.  Start walking with Him.  His hand is always there.  Take it will YOU?  I will too….xoxo



warrior woman

**blog under construction**

My grey has grown out 2 inches girls!  Holy cow – I am going this afternoon to have it covered and let me tell ya..I’m stinkin pumped.

I will post a pic.  I am going a little crazy this time…and I’ve got a zit on my face.  Not a little one either.  Ugh!  Maybe Nikki can edit the zit out?

I am leaving my house looking like a bomb went off.  I’ve had sick kids as I”m sure many of you have had.  We are gearing up for March’s sale already and I am trying to finish orders up so I can open my Etsy shop again on Monday.  But I just had to share my warrior woman necklace with you that my go to word jewelry girl created just for ME

I told her what I wanted it to say and she asked me some questions and this is what she created?  Beautiful right?  There is something about wearing words…especially ones that God speaks to me…on me.  If I was into lots of tattoo’s I’d have my whole body tattooed….hhhhuummmm..jk

SO – if your wantin to have something special and created just for you go see my girl will ya?

Have a beautiful Friday evening.  We are going to see The Vow.  Channing Tatum..need I say more;)

and cleaning the whole house and then getting down to business on some new sign designs and some WAY cool furniture this month so stay tuned.  Hugs and love



don’t laugh at God dreams

You know this verse…Genesis 18:12 … So Sarah laughed to herself as she thought, “After I am worn out and my master is old, will I now have this pleasure?”

In some small way a year ago I sensed God encouraging me to go for something .  Honestly – I couldn’t tell you what it was.

and you know what I did?  I laughed.  I’m not kidding.  Really God?  I’m old.  I’m a housewife.  a mom.  no career, no college  no marketable skills that I could think of


Don’t ever give up on that dream.  Take it out and dust it off.

Take it out of the box that you’ve had it in and allow God to choose the direction.

God doesn’t work in boxes very well.

Let Him call out the dream that He has planted in your heart will you?

This past weekend was humbling to say the least.  It began with a downpour in rush hour to get there and frankly I wanted to turn tail and run.

A few times I just wept with gratefulness

and wanted so badly to offer it all back to Him feeling so unworthy.

But knowing He desires to give us the desires of our hearts.

It is His doing.

OH – and I met a friend.  Barbara!  isn’t she cute as a button?   She reads my crazy heart spilled out all over this place and shares her heart here too.  I got to meet her in person!!  It was beautiful I tell ya!  hugs for coming:)

Sarah wasn’t to old for God was she?  I wonder if He is searching for hearts that are at the end of themselves so that

He can fully engage them in pursuing His dreams…

getting ready to open my Etsy shop again here in a couple days with some of the things that were in my booth:)

Things went so well that Nikki and I are moving to a bigger space in April or May whenever they open the downstairs!

And yes..Nikki is redesigning the blog to be cohesive with the House of Belongings Shop…it will take a week or two to be finished.

I have been reading and re-reading Psalm 91 lately…praying it for each of you today




No. 1 & No. 2 chairs with chalk paint recipe

good afternoon girls and happy Monday…

I am overwhelmed with gratefulness & exhaustion from the weekend and I can’t wait to share it all with you but first I have to help a friend out.

In the week ahead I will be stocking the store with some new things.  One will be my debut of HOB’s infant/toddler Spring line of vintage textile clothing..pieces meant for gifting and blessing.  Another will be a  way we can help momma’s and kids and families who need a place to stay for a bit and get back on their feet.  Something that is near to my heart. for the barstools! ( pictures from my iphone…ugh)

You all know Becky over at Farmgirl Paints.   My go to girl for my word jewelry;)  more on that later.  I think she saw these on my Instagram and now she has gone and got herself a set of IKEA stools and wants to make them crazy cool – so I will share what I did.  Nothing HARD..VERY easy:)

I am going to make this short and sweet cause I am by no means a how-to blogger..wink wink

I had a set of Pottery Barn Aaron bar stools that looked like this

Aaron Barstool


We no longer can use them because they are to tall for our bar now and besides we won’t have the bar once we rip it out.

So I repurposed them into No. 1 & No. 2 chairs and put them in the shop.

::Here is how I did it::

I mixed up a batch of chalk paint – RECIPE found HERE.   My friend Valerie from 2ndEssense who is a fellow vendor at RE: uses this recipe.  She creates the most amazing pieces!  Now SHE is one to go to for how-to’s.

I used Sherwin Williams Creamy but you can use any color you love.  That is the cool thing about homemade chalk paint.  You can use any color you want!  Cool right?

I put on two thin coats of the chalk paint letting them dry in between

Chalk paint does dry very quickly..another bonus!


Then I took sand paper and distressed them.  Mainly concentrating on the edges and where there would be normal rubbing.

After they were sanded to my liking Nikki found a font and I printed it out in the size of the back of the barstool.

I then cut around it

taped it to the back of the stool and traced it lightly

then I painted it in with black paint.

Let that dry and do a little more sanding..matching the distressing of the letters to the chair.

Last – I applied 2 light layers of MinWax paste buffing in between layers.  You can get the Minwax at Lowe’s or Home Depot for under 10.o0.

And that was it!

You can’t screw it up.  Paint is always repaintable.

And Becky – I want a post when your done:)

now I’m off to finish my Etsy orders so I can start on all of March’s stuff!!!

Loving each one of you…more to come!



” my resolution ” and I will not apologize

A RESOLUTION : A formal expression of  intention..

after watching Courageous night before last my soul was shaken deep.  So deep that I am moved to action.  Like so many families today ours does not have a daddy or a husband other than a in the form of a flesh body – to lead us like the movie BUT when I went to bed that night and cried to Abba saying with understanding..this is why I crack and break under the weight..I’m not designed to bear the load of raising a family..standing up to the world

and you know what He said:  trust Me.  trust My Words.

Isaiah 54:5 says ” For your ( my ) husband is your Maker;

Whose name is the LORD of hosts

Right then and there I took His hand and said YOU & me..He will shoulder the role of Daddy & husband for me and the kids.

At then end of the movie my heart was applauding and my spiritual hands were in the air…saying with him ” I WILL “

DISCLAIMER:  I am learning..I am willing but I have NOT the answers to getting out of abusive relationships.  On how to make one whole and healthy. I have a LONG way to go and I have come a loooong way.   I will tell you it has been a 12 year process up to this point.  Years of stripping my heart naked.  I sure can listen without judging more than I used to.  Life has a way of teaching that if I let it.

I can say this:  watching Beverly Hills housewives and Taylor’s story…minus the hitting –  hits home hard.  This life leaves you without friends, family& loose everything..your sanity..your health..even yourself.  Eventually even your kids resent you because you just can’t figure out how to get out and stay out.  I SO get it.  So many people are UNABLE to understand.  Hang in there.  Keep breathing.  Keep seeking Abba.

Here is one thing I’m going to do.  Nail it down on paper so at the end of the year and everyday in between I can go to it.  There will be times when I fail and don’t want to get back up and I can read over this.


of which I am doubly accountable.  Before God and before YOU…my friends. ( some of these I have been practically doing in my everyday life and I have to share that they are helping…a lot! )

::To get healthy – spiritually, physically and emotionally

::To be a Brilliant Woman!  see here for this list.  I printed it and read it almost everyday.  And not only read it…I DO it!

::To be only “needy” for God

::To lead my family to wholeness

::To spiritually lead them with God as my husband and as my Abba

::To say NO more and not “feel” mean

::To be self sufficient by the end of the year

::To no longer allow unhealthy people into my inner circle

::To love God and to love others as my lifestyle

::To follow my dream to be called out by God and then call that out the dreams in my children

::To use the Bible as my compass.  To go here use what is shown me

::To be grateful every.single. day for all gifts – big and small in my life and those around me

::To live ” within ” each day..not in tomorrow.  Being as present as I can be that day acknowledging that I am growing

::To focus on Abba – not on fear, anxiety, our sick marriage, on what could be & on past mistakes.

this habit makes these things gods in my life

::To restore what I’m led to restore and let go of what can’t be.  Still learning how this practically looks

like in relationships with narcissists.

::To let go of regimen in my time with God.  To freely go where He knows what I need.  Letting go of study guides, studies

and such.  Needing Bible, Jesus Calling/devo and my journal and a pen.  Writing all He is wanting me to know and practice.

::To grant myself grace when I fall, fail, get angry, whatever….and to immediately pull close to God instead of pulling away

showing my trust in His love for me.

::To say outloud throughout the day ” I choose to trust YOU in ………………….. whatever circumstance it is. ”  Saying it outloud is helping


There is a great freedom here as He bids me to come where things are most needful.

February’s verse

” Look to the LORD and HIS strength;

Seek His face always.

Psalm 105:4

This is my resolution and is where my life is at right now.  Your’s will look totally different.

Just know YOU are never alone

OUR greatest victories are ahead.  GOD IS ABLE..I just haven’t trusted Him to be.

much much love to each of you today.


**soulography by my Nikki and the beautiful kiddos are my precious grand babies:)