for this child I prayed

checking my temperature each morning

charting it

and praying

this pretty much sums up the beginning of each morning as we were trying to conceive our 5th child.

after 4 kids I was DONE with a capital D.  I had hard pregnancies…sicker than a dog the first 17 weeks.  Dakota was 4.  Perfect.  I had more ‘me’ time

then out of the blue

our good friend and youth pastor at the time said one evening, ” You should have another baby “…what?  In my head I am thinking..are you crazy?  Four kids…three of which were self - sufficient!  I had absolutely NO heart to do it a fifth time.

BUT when Jedidiah said something I knew I should ask I did.  I knew if this was something God wanted us to do I better go to the only One who changes hearts and pray for Him to change my heart and give me grace to do it a fifth time and I prayed this prayer.  I BELIEVED this prayer..over 12 years ago.  And not only did I pray believing this prayer I prayed for a GIRL.

and He so graciously answered.  And she has been the JOY of our lives ever since.  She was an easy baby or maybe it was because I was a seasoned momma:)

We created this sign in remembrance of that time in my life when God answered our prayers for a baby girl.  We painted it in a neutral color combo of gray & yellow…perfect for a nursery or you may customize it in any color you would like.  I am hoping this can encourage another momma somewhere:)

Such a sweet memory to look back on and know this child was literally prayed into existence…did you pray for any of your babies before they were conceived?  If so – I would LOVE to hear your story:)

Praying a Sunday of peace and joy~



P.J. - I am not ashamed to admit that I literally begged God for my 2 children. Every Dr. that examined me said it would be difficult for me to conceive & deliver a baby. It took us over a year the first time & even then I almost miscarried early into the pregnancy. After that crisis, the rest of my term was normal (except for dealing with what was probably a BIG foot under my ribcage in back for about a week) & I had a completely natural delivery–9.5+ lbs. heathly boy. We waited until he was 2 to have another baby, & again had trouble conceiving. (I know many who would think 1-1 1/2 yrs. would be 'easy', compared to their years of trying. But all the other women in my family were 'fertile Myrtles'–got pregnant in 1-3 months.) When I finally did conceive, everything was fine until I fell a couple of weeks before I was due. Rather than go into labor, I had a massive hemmorhage (partial placenta abruptio) & was in the hospital 3 times in 3 weeks. The Dr. tried to induce labor the 2nd time I hemmorhaged, but it didn't work. The 3rd time I went (same situation, but in labor) I ended up having a C-section. Having taught childbirth classes, at first I felt like I had somehow failed by having to have so much intervention. After a couple of days I realized that the main goal was to have a healthy baby, & that our beautiful baby girl was worth all the drama that surrounded her arrival. Our kids are grown now, but they have been the joys of our lives. I would never take having been blessed with 2 wonderful children for granted & am soooo thankful God allowed us to be their parents. :-)

tara - Hi there…we prayed for our babies, too. They were each blessings from God.

I'm like you…hard pregnancies….sick for 20 weeks and 23 weeks. Three kinds of medicines and dehydration and catheters in my leg feeding me meds non-stop. miserable.

Going to china for Lydia was a no-brainer for us!!! I'll tell you…that "pregnancy" was the hardest one for me because the wait was so long and the ache became so deep. Also, we were trusting God for the financial provision of her adoption, so our faith was tested in ways like never before.

God is good. I love how he builds our families.

I'm in process on emailing you back with our update. :) haven't forgotten. :))

sheri - I love this. I wanted a boy first and got it. God truly blessed us. I have one sister and I wanted my dad to finally have a boy. We named him after my dad and my husband's dad. He was the first grandson on both sides of the family and my husband is next to the youngest of 10 …… it was all girls until Robert came along. Hope your having a great weekend. See you soon!

kendal - i prayed for these boys in advance. of course i thought that prepared me for being their mom. 17 years later and i still feel clueless!!!!

LLH Designs - I love your new sign (and the colors!), but I especially loved reading the story of how your youngest came to be. What a gift of a story!

love and hugs to you!


Kara @ The Chuppies - Oh I love this one…

Interesting thing is–though we have 3 biological kiddos, this took my heart straight to the praying that happened both times we adopted. All 5 very much prayed over and a gift from Him.

Beautiful piece.

I need to GET OFF the computer…so will just comment here :)

But wanted you to know the latest update made me care about you and feel connected. I can very much relate to the needing-relationships-too-much.

My prayer for you this morning is that He will truly be your all-sufficient…your comfort-safety…your full-strength…the source of hope-unbroken.

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